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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pryor seeks solution to close black market on cell phones, requests FCC to identify options to stop reactivation on stolen phones

U.S. Senator Mark Pryor recently asked the Federal Communications Commission to identify solutions that prevent wireless providers from reactivating stolen phones, which he believes will crack down on violent cell phone robberies.

Pryor said tens of thousands of cell phones are stolen each year, with many incidents involving violent robberies where criminals can quickly resell phones on the black market to make an easy profit.  Criminals are able to profit from these crimes because service providers are unable to differentiate between stolen and legitimate phones.  According to a recent investigation by NBC’s Today Show, a new technology is now available that would allow manufacturers and wireless providers to identify stolen phones and prohibit reactivation of service.

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  1. I am always concerned when a politician concentrates on such easy to create legislation that is designed to pass effortlessly through the hallowed halls of congress and afford them lots of photo opts. How about having Pryor answer the allogations against him for tax fraud? It would also be interesting to hear where all his assets have ended up. His current disclosure says he's worth $15K when two years ago it was 100x more. Can you say off shore accounts?