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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Duck in jail

Kevin Conway Duck, the alleged murderer of Hot Springs Village Police dispatcher Dawna Natske, appeared before circuit Court Judge Chris Williams in Hot Spring County on probation violations from a 2009 aggravated assault to which he pled guilty.

Judge Williams found Duck in violation of the conditions of his probation, specifically condition 1. Laws, 7. Residence and 8. Travel. Williams found the violations to be willful and, according to the Hot Spring County Clerk of Court, sentenced Duck to eight years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Duck is currently in the Hot Spring County Jail pending bed space in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Texas Tenors bring high energy and boundless talent to the Woodlands

I have spent many an enjoyable evening with guest artists of the Hot Springs Village Concerts’ Association series and last night was, without a doubt, the best.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to one of the concerts without someone leaving at intermission to beat the end of the night traffic flow. Last night, there was a full house at the end of The Texas Tenors concert, the highest compliment paid by Villagers, to stay to the end.

Marcus Collins, JC Fisher and John Hagen are the Texas Tenors, the trio discovered on America’s Got Talent’s fourth season in 2009. Since their discovery the trio has toured around the world including 63 days a year in Branson at the Starlite Theatre.

The Texas Tenors put on a spectacular show, there is country, gospel, opera, Americana and contemporary music filled with comedy bits and personal revelations sandwiched between each tune. All three are trained in classical music performance. All three have parents that are educators. Marcus, JC and John each have unique color to their voices making them great solo performers but even better when they blend together.

The three friends have careers of their own but have great fun performing together. John writes all of The Three Tenors arrangements, which are magical. He has taught on the college level and has a rich tenor voice reminiscent of Placido Domingo’s tenor/baritone range and fullness of voice. He considers himself “The Tenor.”

JC has several key opera roles under his belt but leans toward his country roots. It was JC’s idea to form The Texas Tenors. JC has a voice in the middle between John’s depth and Marcus’ lightness. I kept being startled by just how good his voice was, I expected him to be the fill between the two more extreme voices but he kept surprising me with his warmth and flexibility. He considers himself the romantic tenor.

Marcus has a light, clear tone with absolutely no vibrato. He brings the contemporary component to the group. Again, you can not pigeon hole any of these guys, Marcus was equally at home with high fill or with more meaty harmonies. Marcus spends the majority of his time acting when away from The Texas Tenors.

What an enchanting evening, I enjoyed every tune from Mountain Music to the finale, My Way. Highlights of the concert were of course The Texas Tenors’ signature song You Should Dream, Nessun Dorma, several Broadway showstoppers and so much more. If you get the opportunity you should be in the Woodlands tonight and tomorrow night to see the Hot Springs Village Concerts’ Association’s presentation of The Texas Tenors. If you can’t get in, don’t despair, The Texas Tenors will be on PBS in March, just look for local air dates.

The Texas Tenors have several CD’s and other concert goodies available in the Woodlands lobby.

Program Note: The final concert of the Hot Springs Village Concert’s Association, Paganini, has rescheduled to 2016 due to last minute problems with travel documents. Ed Pittman has promised the replacement show is something special but he was unable to disclose the upcoming artist until he receives the signed contract. I will give you the scoop as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police

February 12

A Reddina Lane man allegedly drove off without paying for gas in Bryant. The Bryant Police Department requested someone from the Hot Springs Village Police Department relay to the driver he had until 6 p.m. on February 13 to pay for the $45 in gas. If he didn’t pay a warrant would be issued for his arrest. His roommate said it was not the first time the man had done this.

A couple staying at Los Lagos had difficulty initially getting their key and finding the unit. An officer assisted in both.

February 13

A Pontevedra Drive man was lying in the street in 27 degree weather. A neighbor advised the man was on pain medication for his back. According to the officer the man smelled of intoxicants. The man at first was reluctant to go to the hospital. The officer gave him a choice of going to the hospital or being arrested for public intoxication. He went to the hospital.

A Campeon Way woman made it very clear she does not want her step children ransacking her house for treasures while she is not at home.

An Emanuel Drive man complained of unwanted guests in his home. His wife said he suffered from Alzheimer’s and often times saw people that weren’t there.

A multi-colored sofa cushion was found in the roadway of DeSoto Boulevard at Ponce de Leon Road. The cushion is at the lost and found at the police station.

A Justa Via Way woman advised she wanted a certain someone removed from her banking accounts. Officers informed her that was something she would have to do herself.

Officers provided traffic control for Village Shell to remove a car from the ditch on Barcelona Lane.

A Tenerife Way man told officers about a mail scam.

February 14

A Beana Lane woman told officers about a mail scam.

Officers were asked to keep the peace on Justa Via Way.

An Arias Way woman complained of a noise but no one was able to find the source of the low rumbling noise.

February 15

The noise was back on Arias Way, still no source.

There was a tree blocking the roadway at Perfecto Lane. Officers used a chainsaw to remove the tree.

Officers removed a small tree hanging over the roadway of Rubi Circle.

February 16

A Castellon Drive woman was warned of the Garland County Noise and Vicious Dog Ordinances. She also was warned her fence was not up to code.

An officer on patrol spotted a tree down partially blocking Plana Place. He went back for his chainsaw and removed the tree.

An Alina Lane man said he heard a noise, maybe it was from somewhere on Alina Lane.

A Frontera Circle man was warned that a passing officer could hear noise out on the street. The man said he would close his windows and turn his television down.

There was an accident at the intersection of DeSoto Boulevard and Seville Drive. One car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages. The driver was not injured but was issued a citation for failure to yield right of way. The second car’s driver and passenger were injured.  The car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages.  The driver was issued a citation for no drivers license. 

A Lazo Place couple was told its big white dog was barking and disturbing neighbors.

An argument about finances led to the arrest of a Cordoba Circle man and woman for domestic battery in the third degree.

Officers gave a man a ride to Alta Way. The man had been dropped off outside the gate after being released from the Garland County Detention Center.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

KVRE's Hot Springs Village Police Department highlights

January 29

A Cordoba Circle woman bought a Vintage Working Mid-Century Mahogany Ironite Cabinette for $255 on E-Bay. She was assured by the seller that the furniture functioned properly and it did not. Her attorney was able to get the purchase price back but not the $199 in shipping and handling. The Cincinatti Police Department requested she file a report here and forward it to the CPD for prosecution.

A Hot Springs man blowing leaves on Cantelejo Lane put a tarp on a traffic lane in the street to gather leaves. He blew the leaves on the tarp and removed the tarp from the road upon completion. Someone complained. He promised the police he wouldn’t put a tarp on the roadway again.

Officers provided traffic control for the Hot Springs Village Fire Department on Promesa Place.

January 30

Officers provided traffic control in the area of W. Villena and Huelva while Entergy personnel installed a transformer.

There is a lost POA identification card at the Hot Springs Village Police Department. The card was found at the east gate.

An Aquila Way woman said there was a varmit in one of her closets. Officers discovered evidence of a squirrel in her crawl space. She was advised to call a company specializing in varmit removal.

A Sandalo Lane woman accidentally called 911 and hung up before letting the dispatcher know there wasn’t a problem. Officers came to her door to see what was wrong.

January 31

A Barcelona Lane woman said her car had been gone through. The console was left open, items had been moved and items were missing. Her car had been unlocked. Missing items are valued at approximately $62.

Officers provided traffic control for the Hot Springs Village Fire Department on South Badalona Drive.

Officers provided traffic control while a man waited for a tow at DeSoto Boulevard and Ponce de Leon Drive.

An Alava Way woman said her car sustained approximately $800 in damages over a months time at different locations.

A Tomino Way man said he would shoot his neighbors dog if it ran loose in his yard again. The dog is very friendly and had jumped the fence. Officers warned the dog owner to keep the dog on a leash or in his yard. Officers warned the complainant that he would be in trouble if he shot the dog.

February 1

Several shoppers at a tool sale on Carmona Road and Fresno Road were warned to move their parked cars out of the roadway.

Officers kept the peace on Sanchez Place while a Cambre Circle woman removed some items from the house.

There was a small fender bender on Durango Way. There was minimal damage to both of the cars.

A Fonsagrada Way man reported a mail scam.

There was a fatal fire on Sonora Way.

February 2

A Longeta Lane man tried to drive on a suspended license. Officers pulled him over and cited him for operating while suspended. He was warned that if he did it again and was caught he would go to jail.

There was a domestic disturbance on Sanchez Place.

There were two dogs chasing a deer on Diamante Golf Course. The dogs were seen swimming in one of the ponds with the deer. The dogs and deer got out of the pond and ran off.

An Acambaro Place woman reported seeing the dogs and the deer in her yard.

Officers kept the peace on Peralena Way and Pego Way.

Officers blocked roadways where there were power lines down, Toledo, DeSoto Boulevard, Callela Road and Lago Drive.

A Lonjeta Lane woman wanted her houseguest to leave but there was no place to go.

Officers provided traffic control while a truck was removed from the ditch on DeSoto Boulevard at Los Lagos.

Officers provided traffic control while the Hot Springs Village Fire Department found a smoking heat pump on Ponferrada Way.

There was a tree down partially blocking the roadway in the area of West Villena and Villena Circle. An officer used his chainsaw to remove the tree from the roadway.

February 3

Officers served a notice to quit on Tomino Way.

There was a broken window on Caceras Way. The wind blew the cardboard covering away causing a passing motorist to report the breakage.

February 4

A Balboa Way woman lost control of her car on an icy area of Balearic Road just north of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. She was not injured and the car could not be towed until weather and road conditions improved.

An Adoracion Way man accidentally called 911 and hung up. Officers arrived at his door to see if there was a problem. There was not.

Officers blocked the roadway of DeSoto Boulevard between Carmona Drive and Toledo Drive. There was a hot power line down in the roadway.

A Palisandro Drive woman told officers Regions Bank called her and warned her of fraudulent charges on her credit card. The charges were in Delray Beach, Florida.

A Halcon Place woman had trouble with her generator.

A Sandalo Lane woman was given a ride to Village Inn. Her house did not have power and she was cold.

There was a structure fire on Reddina Lane. Everyone got out safely.

February 5

A large limb fell on a Cordero Lane home.

A large pine fell across the power lines on DeSoto Boulevard just west of Minorca Road. Officers provided traffic control.

There was a tree in the roadway at Santistaban Way. Public works removed the tree.

There was a car in the ditch on Balearic Road near Realta Way.

There was a Jessieville School bus stuck in the roadway due to downed trees at Fresno Road and Ponferrada Way. Officers removed the trees.

Officers helped a Ligero Lane woman open her garage door.

A tree fell on a Valls Lane home during the previous evening.

Officers provided traffic control while Village Shell removed a car from a ditch in the area of Balearic Road and Reata Way.

February 6

Officers helped a Rollo Lane woman open her garage door.

A Village woman lost her medicare card.

Officers helped a Coronado Lane woman open her garage door.

An Olmedo Place woman warned police that people had moved the barricade at Ponferrada and Fresno Road. Officers replaced the barricades and put up yellow tape across the roadway to keep drivers off the steep hill.

Officers provided traffic control for the Hot Springs Village Fire Department on Pizarro Drive.

A Ponferrada Way woman told police about a mail fraud involving the Suddenlink name.

February 7

A Hernandez Lane man told police about a telephone scam.

February 8

An Oliva Lane man said his car was sideswiped after he left it at the intersection of Los Lagos and DeSoto Boulevard.

An Arias Way man said his car slid off the roadway on Arias Way. He was given a ride home with his groceries.

An Entrada Way man said his car was crashed into after he left it on Cortez Road.

A Cortez Road man told officers about a mail scam.

A Collado Way woman lost control of her car on Fresno Road near Collado. The woman was driven home and her car was driven to the POA pipe yard and parked until road conditions improved.

Officers provided traffic control for the Hot Springs Village Fire Department on Carmona Road and Asturis Drive.

There was an incidence of battery on Polido Lane, an order of protection and charges are still possible.

February 9

A driver trying to enter the Village east gate without identification was cited for driving on a suspended drivers license out of Benton district court.

February 10

A San Sebastian Way man said a former girlfriend fraudulently used his debit card charging approximately $1500 in cash advances and purchases.

Officers provided traffic control while Village Shell removed a car from the intersection of DeSoto Boulevard and Saldana.

A Fronterra Circle man was cited with violation of the Garland County Noise Ordinance.

February 11

Prescription glasses were found in the back of one of the Hot Springs Village Police Department’s vehicles. Rides were given to several people on February 8. The glasses are in the lost and found drawer at the station.

Officers provided traffic control for Village Shell to remove a car from the ditch at Cortez Road and Baeza.

There was a roll over accident in the area of Carmona Road and Barcelona Road. The Delgado Lane driver had been picked up by a passing motorist. She said she lost control of her car. Damage to the car was approximately $4,500.

A Pandilla Way man said his window valued at $500 or $600 had a small hole in it. Officers checked for owners of BB guns on Tiburon Way

The Balboa Gate was damaged by a white vehicle. The gate is unusable. The cost to repair the gate is unknown at this time.