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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police

February 12

A Reddina Lane man allegedly drove off without paying for gas in Bryant. The Bryant Police Department requested someone from the Hot Springs Village Police Department relay to the driver he had until 6 p.m. on February 13 to pay for the $45 in gas. If he didn’t pay a warrant would be issued for his arrest. His roommate said it was not the first time the man had done this.

A couple staying at Los Lagos had difficulty initially getting their key and finding the unit. An officer assisted in both.

February 13

A Pontevedra Drive man was lying in the street in 27 degree weather. A neighbor advised the man was on pain medication for his back. According to the officer the man smelled of intoxicants. The man at first was reluctant to go to the hospital. The officer gave him a choice of going to the hospital or being arrested for public intoxication. He went to the hospital.

A Campeon Way woman made it very clear she does not want her step children ransacking her house for treasures while she is not at home.

An Emanuel Drive man complained of unwanted guests in his home. His wife said he suffered from Alzheimer’s and often times saw people that weren’t there.

A multi-colored sofa cushion was found in the roadway of DeSoto Boulevard at Ponce de Leon Road. The cushion is at the lost and found at the police station.

A Justa Via Way woman advised she wanted a certain someone removed from her banking accounts. Officers informed her that was something she would have to do herself.

Officers provided traffic control for Village Shell to remove a car from the ditch on Barcelona Lane.

A Tenerife Way man told officers about a mail scam.

February 14

A Beana Lane woman told officers about a mail scam.

Officers were asked to keep the peace on Justa Via Way.

An Arias Way woman complained of a noise but no one was able to find the source of the low rumbling noise.

February 15

The noise was back on Arias Way, still no source.

There was a tree blocking the roadway at Perfecto Lane. Officers used a chainsaw to remove the tree.

Officers removed a small tree hanging over the roadway of Rubi Circle.

February 16

A Castellon Drive woman was warned of the Garland County Noise and Vicious Dog Ordinances. She also was warned her fence was not up to code.

An officer on patrol spotted a tree down partially blocking Plana Place. He went back for his chainsaw and removed the tree.

An Alina Lane man said he heard a noise, maybe it was from somewhere on Alina Lane.

A Frontera Circle man was warned that a passing officer could hear noise out on the street. The man said he would close his windows and turn his television down.

There was an accident at the intersection of DeSoto Boulevard and Seville Drive. One car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages. The driver was not injured but was issued a citation for failure to yield right of way. The second car’s driver and passenger were injured.  The car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages.  The driver was issued a citation for no drivers license. 

A Lazo Place couple was told its big white dog was barking and disturbing neighbors.

An argument about finances led to the arrest of a Cordoba Circle man and woman for domestic battery in the third degree.

Officers gave a man a ride to Alta Way. The man had been dropped off outside the gate after being released from the Garland County Detention Center.

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