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Friday, October 25, 2013

Arkansas Highways for free

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) has received national recognition for its magazine Arkansas Highways.

The Department won first place in the category of External Newsletter at TransComm 2013, the annual meeting for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Subcommittee on Transportation Communications.  Attendees from Departments of Transportation in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia participated in the conference.

The annual skills contest in which the magazine won an award is conducted annually by AASHTO to recognize the outstanding work of its public relations practitioners and to promote an exchange of ideas.  The contest is considered the premier competition in the transportation industry and the awards have become a standard of public relations excellence among state DOTs.  Winners demonstrate the very best examples of innovation, planning, production, execution and evaluation of results and budget.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by our peers in the transportation industry,” said Scott Bennett, AHTD Director.   “Our magazine represents an opportunity to share our story and give our readers insight into who we are, what we do, and our Department’s accomplishments.”

The AHTD’s winning entry, Arkansas Highways, is published bimonthly for the Department’s employees and an external audience.  The magazine features timely articles on highway projects across the State, the latest in construction technology, travel in Arkansas, national and State transportation issues and more.  It is available free of charge online at under the “Publications” tab. 

It looks like murder in Hot Springs

On October 24 at approximately 8:30 p.m., officers from the Hot Springs Police Department responded to the Carmike Central City 10 movie theater, 909 Higdon Ferry Road in reference to a shooting in the parking lot. Once on scene, officers discovered a black male with an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital where he later died. Detectives and the Hot Springs Police Department crime scene unit were on scene collecting evidence and speaking with witnesses. The victim is identified as Carl D. Anderson, age 29, of Hot Springs.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Statement of Labor Secretary Perez on September employment numbers

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez issued the following statement about the September 2013 Employment Situation report released today:

“The economy added 148,000 total nonfarm jobs in September. With the addition of 126,000 private-sector jobs, that makes a total of over 7.6 million new private-sector jobs over the last 43 consecutive months of growth. The monthly unemployment rate inched downward to 7.2 percent and has been below 8 percent for a full year, following more than three and a half years above 8 percent. Average hourly earnings rose by 3 cents in September, with a 49-cent increase over the last year.  

“The economy continues on the road to recovery, but at a more modest pace than the American people need or expect. President Obama continues to push for an agenda that will kick the recovery into a higher gear. He is asking Congress to pass a budget that invests in important priorities like education, infrastructure and technology, while continuing to reduce the deficit over the long term. And he is stepping up the call to fix our broken immigration system in a way that increases economic growth. These job-creating initiatives should have been the nation’s focus over the last month; instead we were sidetracked by a divisive struggle that inflicted unnecessary wounds on the economy.

“This report comes behind schedule, as the federal government was shut down on the first Friday of this month. It does not reflect the adverse impact of the shutdown on the national economy, something we won’t be able to fully measure until more data are released in the coming months.  

“But we do know that economic uncertainty was already holding back growth even before this latest standoff. The shutdown and the threat to default on our nation’s debt unquestionably set back our recovery. Employers put hiring and investment on hold. Families delayed or cut back on spending. Banks raised the cost of borrowing for homeowners and small businesses. The financial markets reacted negatively, and we lost respect in the eyes of the world. This avoidable confrontation was exactly what an economy on the mend did not need.

“The economy can’t live up to its potential if it’s hijacked every few months. Businesses manufacture jobs, while Congress manufactures crises. Let’s move on to the task that Americans demand of us–working together to create jobs, grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.”

Day use fees waived for Veterans

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will waive day use fees for veterans, active and reserve component service members and their families at the more than 2,400 USACE-operated recreational areas nationwide on Veterans Day, 11 November. This includes all recreational areas in the Vicksburg District.

USACE does not charge an entrance fee to access its parks. The waiver covers fees for boat launch ramps and beaches but does not apply to camping and camping-related services or fees for specialized facilities such as group picnic shelters. State agencies that manage recreational areas on USACE lands are encouraged, but not required, to offer the waiver.

The Veterans Day fee waiver began in 2006 as a way to honor the men and women who have served our nation and the armed forces.

"This Veterans Day, we invite our veterans, active and reserve service members, and their families to spend some time together enjoying America’s great outdoors free of charge,” stated Colonel John Cross, Vicksburg District Commander.

Although the primary mission of Vicksburg District’s lakes and waterways are for flood damage risk reduction and logistics of commodities, millions individuals visit the recreational areas annually to enjoy the camping, playgrounds, swimming areas, several types of trails, fishing, boat ramps, marinas, and marina slips. They also contribute hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars into the local economies. The Corps is the largest federal provider of outdoor and water-based recreation in the nation. For more information on the recreation site

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is the 60's, wooo hooooo

Last night was the first night of This is the 60's, the second offering of the season from the Hot Springs Village Concerts’ Association. From the moment I walked up to the Woodlands and could hear the music piped into the lobby as part of the pre-show I was transported back to the 60's. Snippets from old 60's television shows' theme music surrounded me until it was time for the actual show to begin.

Once inside the auditorium the visual aspects of the pre-show added to the overall 60's experience. There was a screen toward the back of the stage showing 60's trivia. I was sucked right back into the 60's as were the rest of the patrons last night. This show is a slice of the past accessible to all Villagers and friends from the surrounding area. The majority of us remember the 60's, some with more accuracy than others. Although it is said if you remember the 60's, you weren’t there. Most Villagers were there.

By the time the band comes on stage I was primed and ready for the show. The show is divided into five parts, the early years, 1960 to 63, the British invasion, 1964 and 65, America fights back, 1965 and 66, then the intermission and psychedelia, 1967 and 68 and then flower power, 1969 and 70.

From the first strains of A Summer Place to the final chords of Let the Sunshine In this feast of 60's delights is truly wonderful. Not only are the band members extremely talented and quite versatile in instrumentation, the look of the show is over the top 60's. This is the first time I have seen the use of the Woodlands’ side panels as a visual stimulus and I liked it. The two dancers on raised platforms at each side of the stage added so much to the atmosphere of the go go dancer lifestyle of the 60's. The producers and creators of this show thought of everything to bring back the 60's and it worked.

As many of you know I like to sit fairly close to the stage so I can see everything up close and personal, for once, I am recommending you sit back from the stage, not because it is too loud like in the past, the sound system worked flawlessly last night, but because you want to see everything on the stage at once. I just didn’t know where to look, there was always something going on and I didn’t want to miss anything.

The band dons several vintage outfits throughout the evening and wigs that cemented each look. From the Brylcreem look of the muscle cars and surfer era to the long locks that ushered in the 70's, it’s all there. Lead singer Joan Burton aptly narrates our trip down memory lane. She is aided by historical film strips providing segues from one of the five musical sections to the next. Burton's golden voice easily mimics the style of the 60's female singers including Melanie and Janis Joplin.

The rest of the band are equally comfortable playing an array of instruments and singing in the style of the 60's. Band members include Scott Leftwich on guitar and vocals, Daryn Owen on bass and vocals, David Krol on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Eddie Darst on lead guitar, sitar and vocals and last but not least the always energetic Freddie Trumbower on drums and percussion. All of these men are very talented but their biggest asset is they work flawlessly as a team.

The two dancers that helped spin the evening in some awesome 60's attire are Anna Redour and Dara Creswell. These lovely ladies provided endless entertainment as they danced their way a la Beach Blanket Bingo a go go and the beautiful modern dance number to Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade of Pale, they kept things moving along with positive flow.

This is the 60's truly has something for everyone, even those like me that were children of the 60's. The 60's were a decade of so much change, loss, turmoil and accomplishment and this show touches on every aspect of the time. The music is at just the right decibel level. The films can be seen by everyone in the auditorium. The narration is excellent. The look is right out of the vintage closet. There is no down side.

If you are not already a Concerts’ Association member, join by going to, there are four shows left in the season including This is the 60's. If you need to get tickets to This is the 60's go to to purchase tickets and to exchange or purchase tickets. Tickets may be purchased on a space available basis the evening of the show in the lobby of the Woodlands Auditorium.

This is the 60's will be at the Woodlands through Friday night. Remaining in the season are The Highwaymen, November 12, 13, 14 and 15, The Texas Tenors, February 18, 19, 20 and 21 and Paganini, April 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Peace, love and out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This week at the Village Animal Shelter

Callie is a Husky Mix, spayed female, blonde; two years old, 55 lbs., very calm, easy-going so could be a house dog.

Cotton is a domestic short-haired neutered male, white with black spots; three months old; happy, very friendly, talkative kitten.

To adopt these or any other pets call the Animal Welfare League at 915-9337.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lots to do this weekend

I had a really long day yesterday but will blog more tonight after work. In the meantime, there is lots going on this weekend including the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and the Arkansas State Fair. In the Village the Pancake breakfast is tomorrow at the Coronado Center.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Christmas decorations going up next week

On Monday, October 21, Seiz Signs, who has donated the use of its bucket truck, will assist Parks Maintenance staff in decorating the Exchange Street Parking Plaza, 128 Exchange Street, Hot Springs.  Wreaths, garlands, bows and lights will be placed on the parking facility.  Motorists are advised to use caution when entering and exiting.  For information, contact Parks Maintenance Crew Supervisor Ken Edwards, 520-7364.  

More rabid bats in Garland County

A bat collected last Thursday in downtown Hot Springs tested positive for rabies by the state lab, bringing Garland County’s total number of confirmed animal rabies cases so far this year to 24.  An employee at one of the shops in the 100 block of Central Avenue, while sitting on a bench outside the shop, noticed something in the icicle lights hanging on the shop’s exterior, assumed it was a leaf and didn’t think further about it. The next day, the employee and the owner both noticed the same thing in the same location. Realizing it was a bat, they called Animal Services, who determined it was alive only when the bat reacted to being handled with tongs. There was no human exposure.

Pet owners are reminded to vaccinate all dogs and cats at least four months old against rabies. To report any unusual daytime activity by nocturnal creatures such as skunks or bats, contact Animal Services at 262-2091 in Hot Springs and Animal Control at 922-6547 in Hot Springs Village.

Suspect turns himself in

Anthony Burnell turned himself in to Hot Springs Police detectives yesterday morning around 11 a.m. Detectives had issued a murder warrant for his arrest in connection to the shooting death of Christopher Howard that occurred on October 12.

HSV POA board meeting highlights

The Village public works director, Jason Temple reported at the Hot Springs Village POA board meeting yesterday that the water treatment plant expansion is 47% complete. Workers are in the process of transitioning to one clarifier allowing the replacement of the other.

Temple added, the department is upgrading a pressure reducing valve giving operators additional control to send water to outlying areas.

Voting matters before the board resulted in the following decisions:

The appeals committee was created with members Angelo Parker, Rob Ferriman, Bob Cunningham, Sue Mefford and Ralph Turpin.

Lifenet's contract was renewed for another five years.

Gun signage will be removed at the Village gates. It will now be up to individual businesses to post notices disallowing hand guns in businesses.

The west gate restoration project will proceed with a fiscal cap of $400,000.

The Pro-10 plan was narrowly defeated. Director Harv Shelton did not attend the meeting and had he been present the outcome might have been different.

The 2014 fee schedule was approved.

The 2014 budget passed.

RASP this morning

The research and special projects committee, RASP, will meet this morning at 9 in the Ouachita room at the Ponce de Leon Center to discuss ways to make the HSV POA budget process more effective. The meeting is open to the public.

Pryor instrumental in Senate breakthrough

U.S. Senator Mark Pryor today took to the Senate floor in support of a Senate agreement that would reopen the government, prevent a default, and put our nation’s budget process back on track. Pryor was a key player in the bipartisan coalition of 14 senators that paved the way for the Senate’s common-sense solution.

Pryor’s floor speech can be found here:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

POA board meeting this morning

HSVPOA board meeting this morning at 9 a.m. at the Ouachita Room of the Ponce de Leon Center. This is a regular voting meeting.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Equipment changes caused power outage

A massive power outage inside and outside the east Village gate along Highway 5 was caused earlier today when First Electric Cooperative changed out switches. The equipment exchange caused five different outages impacting service to 932 households. The power was restored before 2 p.m. but was expected to be out until 4 p.m.

Postal service continues to accept passport applications

The Postal Service has been advised by the U.S. State Department that passport services continue to be provided for the American public.  Postal Passport Acceptance Facilities continue to provide passport services for our customers.  It remains business as usual.

U.S. citizens must present a valid passport book when entering or re-entering the United States by air. U.S. citizens entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda at land borders and sea ports of entry must present a passport book, passport card, or other travel documents approved by the U.S. government.

Information on the cost and how to apply for a U.S. passport is available at

Post Offices in Arkansas  that continue to accept passport applications include:

71601 Pine Bluff, AR
71653 Lake Village, AR
71701 Camden, AR  
71730 El Dorado, AR  
71753 Magnolia, Ar  
71801 Hope, AR  
71832 DeQueen, AR  
71852 Nashville, AR  
71901 Hot Springs, AR  
71923 Arkadelphia, AR  
71953 Mena, AR  
71957 Mount Ida, AR
72015 Benton, AR  
72023 Cabot, AR  
72031 Clinton, AR
72032 Conway, AR - Conway West Station
72032 Conway, AR  
72042 DeWitt, AR
72076 Jacksonville, AR  
72101 McCrory, AR
72103 Mabelvale, AR
72112 Newport, AR  
72114 North Little Rock, AR  
72143 Searcy, AR  
72201 Little Rock, AR – Main Post Office
72202 Little Rock, AR  
72301 West Memphis, AR  
72315 Blytheville, AR  
72335 Forrest City, AR  
72342 Helena, AR  
72396 Wynne, AR  
72404 Jonesboro, AR - Carrier Annex
72450 Paragould, AR  
72454 Piggott, AR
72467 State University, AR
72472 Trumann, AR  
72501 Batesville, AR  
72521 Cave City, AR
72542 Hardy, AR
72560 Mountain View, AR
72576 Salem, AR
72601 Harrison, AR  
72653 Mountain Home, AR  
72701 Fayetteville, AR  
72712 Bentonville, AR  
72730 Farmington, AR
72734 Gentry, AR
72751 Pea Ridge, AR
72756 Rogers, AR  
72761 Siloam Springs, AR  
72764 Springdale, AR  
72801 Russellville, AR  
72830 Clarksville, AR  
72833 Danville, AR
72903 Fort Smith, AR  
72936 Greenwood, AR
72956 Van Buren, AR  
72958 Waldron, AR

ADEQ meeting in Fort Smith

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) will hold a meeting and public hearing in Fort Smith on Nov. 12, 2013 to provide an overview of the remedy being considered for the site and receive public input on a Remedial Action Decision Document (RADD) that outlines remediation plans for soil and groundwater contamination in and near the Whirlpool facility.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Fort Smith Senior Activity Center, 2700 Cavanaugh Road. ADEQ staff will be on hand to provide an overview of the proposed remedies outlined in the RADD. A formal hearing will also be held to receive oral comments for the record.

The Whirlpool facility is at 6400 Jenny Lind Road, Fort Smith. The facility is approximately 153 acres and includes the main manufacturing building, adjoining warehouse and administrative offices, and approximately 21 acres of undeveloped land. Refrigerators were manufactured on the site before it closed in 2012. The manufacturing process included polyurethane foaming, metal fabrication, plastic thermoforming and assembly operations.

It is believed that constituents in the soil and groundwater identified in the facility investigation were the result of practices that took place prior to 1980. Before 1967, the facility used trichloroethylene (TCE) in the former degreaser building located near the northeastern corner of the main building. The use of TCE was discontinued in the mid-1980s. There are no records of spills or other releases from the degreaser building.

The Remedial Action Decision Document (RADD) describes remedies considered for the site along with ADEQ’s recommendation for the remedial actions to be implemented at the facility. The Department will ultimately choose which remedial actions will be used at the site.

Several remedies are proposed in the RADD. The document calls for covering the impacted soil on-site with asphalt and an impermeable coating. Any cover would be designed to prevent water from seeping through the contaminated soil. In addition, soil gas monitoring is recommended to ensure there is no vapor intrusion into indoor air.

The proposal also recommends treatment of on-site and off-site groundwater with a chemicaloxidant. Monitored Natural Attenuation will be conducted for the on-site and off-site plume, under the plan.
A copy of the RADD can be found online under the Hot Topics section on ADEQ’s homepage The document, along with those used to develop it, can also be viewed during normal business hours at the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Public Outreach and Assistance Division, 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock or at the Fort Smith Public Library, 3201 Rogers Ave., Fort Smith.

Oral and written comments on the proposed RADD will be accepted at the hearing, but written comments are preferred in the interest of accuracy. In addition, written comments will be accepted if received no later than 4:30 p.m. CST Nov. 18, 2013. Written comments should be sent to Tammie Hynum, Hazardous Waste Division Chief, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317.

After reviewing the comments, ADEQ will make any necessary revisions to the RADD and it will become final.

Whirlpool will be required to begin remediation of the TCE plume within 60 days of the RADD’s effective date. The company will also be required to submit quarterly and annual reports. A technical review of the remedial activities would be conducted two years from the effective date of the RADD and a decision will be made to continue or modify the selected remedy.

Up to 23 rabies cases in Garland County

A bat collected on Friday from Creekview Court, within the City of Hot Springs, was confirmed positive for rabies by the state lab today, bringing Garland County’s total number of confirmed animal rabies cases so far this year to 23. There were no human exposures to the disease.

Pet owners are reminded to vaccinate all dogs and cats at least four months old against rabies. To report any unusual daytime activity by nocturnal creatures such as skunks or bats, contact Animal Services at 262-2091 in Hot Springs and Animal Control at 922-6547 in Hot Springs Village.

Melinda's ribbon cutting Thursday

As promised, I am back for a few minutes this morning.

Coffee Corner
 Ribbon Cutting
& Open House 
Sample Gourmet Food and Coffee
Thursday, October 17 at 3:30-5:30 p.m.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police taps Hot Springs Police Chief for regional V.P.

Hot Springs Police Chief David Flory was recently elected Southwest Regional Vice President of the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP).

Other officers elected were: Chief Montie Sims of Dardanelle, President; Chief Gary Sipes of Jacksonville, First Vice President; Chief J.R. Wilson of Hope, Second Vice President; Chief Jackie Davis of Cabot, Secretary/Treasurer; Chief Russell White of Alma, At Large Representative; Retired Chief Kyn Flory of Clarksville, Retired Chiefs’ Representative; Chief Gary Kelley of Marion, Northeast Regional Vice President; Chief Greg Tabor of Fayetteville, Northwest Regional Vice President; Assistant Chief Ronald Scott of Helena-West Helena, Southeast Regional Vice President; and Chief Percy Wilburn of Lake Village, Past President.

A member of the association since 2011, this is Flory’s first time serving on the executive board.  He also serves on the association’s Best Practices Policy Development Committee and Law Enforcement Recognition Program Committee.

A graduate of the FBI National Academy with criminal justice degrees from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX and Tarrant County College in Hurst, TX, Flory is also a certified firearms instructor and licensed paramedic.  He carries 35 years of law enforcement experience and was appointed Hot Springs’ police chief in 2011.  His current mission is to make the Hot Springs Police Department the best police agency in the State of Arkansas.

Homicide investigation in Hot Springs

On October 12, 2013, at approximately 9 a.m., officers from the Hot Springs Police Department responded to the 300 block of Quapaw St. in reference to a possible deceased person. Once officers arrived, they observed a black male, lying on the ground with an apparent gunshot wound.  Lifenet along with the Garland County Coroner Stuart Smedley was on scene where the subject was pronounced deceased.

The subject was later identified as Christopher Howard, 21 of Mt. Pine, Arkansas.

Detectives are conducting interviews and following up on this homicide.

Pets of the week at the animal shelter

Sarah is a spayed female; Manchester Terrier mix. Sarah is 12 weeks old, will be medium size.  Sweet, compliant, friendly puppy (has 2 sisters just like her!)

Abby is a spayed female, domestic medium hair four year old brown tabby; friendly, loves petting - owner couldn't care for her anymore; great housecat/lapcat.

To adopt a forever friend call the Animal Welfare League at 915-9337.

Ballet Arkansas Nutcracker Banquet at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Ballet Arkansas Nutcracker Banquet
November 17
12 p.m. – Magnolia Room/Welcome Center

Back by popular demand! Last year's banquet was a sold-out success! Join us for a fun luncheon with the dancers from Ballet Arkansas cast of The Nutcracker. The characters from The Nutcracker, in full costume, will present a short performance and read a portion of the ballet for all to enjoy. Lunch is included in the ticket cost of this event. Make sure you bring your camera—this is a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss.

$35 members
$45 non-members
$25 children

All children must be accompanied by an adult. Advance reservations and pre-payment are required and space is limited. Call 510-262-9300/800-366-4664 to reserve your spot today. All proceeds benefit Garvan Woodland Gardens and Ballet Arkansas.

Garvan Woodland Gardens workshop

Gardening 101 Workshop: "Creating Interest with Green Plants"
October 18
9:30 a.m.-12 p.m., Magnolia Room

Join Jim Shults from Shults Greenhouse of Hot Springs to learn how to create interest in your garden by using green plants. Different textures, shapes and shades are all simple ways to bring your garden to life. After the presentation, a stroll in the Gardens will allow you to see many examples.

Free members/regular admission non-members. Advance registration required. Call 501-262-9300/800-366-4664 to register.

Enjoy a docent tour at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Saturday Docent Tours Are Back!
Now through November 16

Looking for something relaxing and fun to do on Saturday mornings? Do you want to show off one of the best attractions in the area to friends and family when they visit? Garvan Woodland Gardens now has the perfect way to do either. Beginning on October 5, every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., specially trained volunteer docents will be leading groups through the Gardens’ most beautiful landscapes, bringing attention each week to areas that are at peak for your visit.

Learn about the history of the Gardens and Lake Hamilton, interesting plants you can grow at home, and about the wonderful woodlands that grace our state. Come often and you’ll see the progression of the seasons as you’ve never seen it before. Or, as an added bonus, get some exercise in one of the best places around for walking. You might even make some great new friends.

The walk is included with your admission. Beginning October 1, the admission rates for non-members will be: all adults $10, children ages 6-12 $5, and free for 5 and under. Groups are limited to 20 people.

Art guild exhibit

Traditional Art Guild Art Exhibit
October 1 - October 31

The Traditional Art Guild is very excited and honored to be exhibiting in the Magnolia Room of Garvan Gardens in October. the show is a fun and colorful array of works created in all types of mediums showcasing a variety of techniques. The guild was formed by a group of Hot Springs artists over 40 years ago and states its primary function is to promote, influence and provide encouragement to artists through traditional arts.

Mercy and St. Vincent joining

Mercy Health and Catholic Health Initiatives signed a non-binding letter of intent on Friday, October 11, to transfer ownership of Mercy Hospital Hot Springs and physician clinic to CHI and its affiliate, St. Vincent Health System in Little Rock. The parties will negotiate the terms of the agreement and, if an agreement is reached, plan completion of the transaction by December 31.

HSV POA computer server down this morning

HSV POA is having IT problems this morning. Don't look for the golf report this morning, the POA computer server is down and golf course conditions are not available. The IT team is working on the problem but there is no guess as to when the server will be back in action

Permit reminder

Planning to install new siding, replace a water heater, or update outdoor landscaping? Did you know you need a permit for these and other home improvements?

The permitting and inspections department provides the necessary permit forms and other information related to home improvements, as well as, construction and additions available online at | services | permitting and inspections | permit forms and information.

For more information, call the permitting and inspections department at 922-5562.

A brief apology

I am sorry I haven't been updating the blog, it is not for lack of news there has been a lot going on.

I have bitten off more than I can chew. As the new news director for KVRE I am responsible for two news broadcasts a day and any breaking news. I have some unexpected medical bills and have had to take a second job to help pay them off. I am the orchestra for the upcoming Players production of Annie. This is taking most of my nights. I am still singing in the Chorale and that takes my Monday nights.

I do have a husband and he deserves a little attention. Let's not forget the pups, Ruthie and Soloman. We are expecting a visit from one of the Beach families later this month and I am trying to finish some homemaking jobs that have languished. I am feeling a bit out of control and the blog has suffered.

This weekend I made an extensive check list and completed about half of the jobs on the list, but of those completed I have new curtains in the master bedroom and a new bed skirt. I am quilting curtains for the Arkansas room, it is uninsulated and since the winter is supposed to be extra cold, I want to make sure the room is extra warm. Lee and I each have a desk out there and it can get pretty cold when the windows are uncovered. I finished two of the six curtains and have two ready for tying and completion.

I thoroughly cleaned one of the hallways, floors and walls. The other one is on my list for next weekend. The kids will use the master while they are here and I am almost finished a thorough clean there. So, I'm busier than a one-armed paperhanger.

I will make an effort to blog at least for a few minutes every day and cover the breaking news without fail. Thanks for looking it to see what's going on.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Garland County shooting

The Garland County sheriff’s department has formally identified the Garland County man fatally shot late Saturday night, 39 year old Chris Sample.

Sample allegedly aimed a gun at police deputy Josh Cannon and was subsequently shot and died at the scene. Cannon has been placed on administrative leave pending a standard investigation of a police-involved shooting.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

National weather service advisory

For today and Friday, the number of thunderstorms in the state will be limited.  Any strong storms would be very isolated.

The next cold front will enter northwest Arkansas Friday night (probably after midnight) and then move across the state Saturday and Saturday night.  A few severe storms could occur with the passage of the front, but widespread severe weather is not expected.  Damaging winds will be the main severe weather threat.

Rainfall amounts should average 1/4 to 3/4 inch, except in eastern Arkansas, where there will probably be some totals exceeding an inch.

However, the track of Tropical Storm Karen (which may eventually be Hurricane Karen) could increase rainfall amounts over eastern Arkansas.  There is good certainty that Karen will not come up into Arkansas, but depending on the track, tropical moisture being drawn northward could reach eastern Arkansas before the front moves through.  If this occurs, there will probably be some 2 to 3+ inch amounts in the eastern part of the state.

Pick three at the ASO

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Philip Mann, Music Director and Conductor, announces Pick Three—a special pricing promotion allowing concertgoers to pick three or more ASO performances during the 2013-2014 Season for a special price of only $19 per best available seat!  Pick Three represents a saving of up to 60 percent off regular ticket prices, and is available through this special promotion only thru Friday, October 4th

Pick Three pricing applies to any three or more of the Symphony’s roster of concerts—the Masterworks series; POPS Live! series; or the River Rhapsodies chamber series.   Concertgoers can visit , select the concerts they want to attend, and enter the discount code PICK3, or they can call the box office at 501-666-1761 and ask for Pick Three pricing.

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
 The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 48th season in 2013-2014 under the leadership of Music Director Philip Mann.  ASO is the resident orchestra of Robinson Center Music Hall, and performs more than thirty concerts each year for more than 42,000 people through its Stella Boyle Smith Masterworks Series, ACXIOM Pops LIVE! Series and Parker Lexus River Rhapsodies Chamber Series, in addition to serving central Arkansas through numerous community outreach programs and bringing live symphonic music education to over 24,000 school children and over 200 schools.

U-Verse coming to the Village

Ted Nauman of AT&T made a special presentation regarding AT&T's new service package, U-Verse, at the Village POA board meeting. AT&T is bringing the new service to several neighborhoods in the east end of the Village including the following: Andora, Brilliante, Cartagena, Cielo, Diamante, Encantado, Guadalajara, Isabella, Ladera, Levantino, Magnifico, Marinero, Pacifica, Promesa, Sacedon, Santa Maria, Santiago, Sergio, Sopresa and Vereda. The U-Verse service will be available in these neighborhoods but not necessarily to every household in these neighborhoods. AT&T anticipates having the service available to about 1,300 existing homes by November 15 with the service available to 1,700 undeveloped lots.

AT&T has proposed an undefined exclusivity agreement with the POA board asking the board to grant AT&T exclusivity in marketing phone, internet and television services at POA events. In exchange for the exclusivity, AT&T proposes paying the POA a stipend for every phone, internet and elevision package upgraded to AT&T U-Verse.

POA general manager David Twiggs has yet to see the actual proposal and the board has not endorsed any such proposal.