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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Duck Out

Judge John Homer Wright lowered alleged murderer Kevin Conway Duck's bond from $250,000 to $150,000 with no stipulations. Duck made bond December 31, exactly two years after the body of his alleged victim, Hot Springs Village police dispatcher Dawna Natzke was discovered in the Ouachita National Forest area. Natzke died of blunt force trauma and drowning. Duck was the last known person to see Natzke alive.

The next court date in this matter is February 10 at 8:30 a.m. at the Garland County Courthouse. In the meantime, Duck will be staying with his mother on Rynders Road in Jessieville.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Duck hearing today, still no decision on bond reduction

Deputy prosecuting attorney Joe Graham presented Garland County’s case against bond reduction for the alleged murderer of Hot Springs Village Police dispatcher Dawna Natzke, Kevin Conway Duck. Duck’s bond is currently $250,000 in Garland County and $25,000 in Hot Spring County.

There were two fact witnesses in this matter, Corporal Michael Wright with the Garland County Sheriff’s Department and Luther Duck, father of the accused. Wright testified as to first meeting Duck when he was extradited from Louisiana on a probation violation in 2012. Wright was assigned to the case on December 31, 2011 when Natzke’s body was found in the Ouachita National Forest area. She had been brutally beaten and drowned.

Wright added, Duck was recently arrested in Burlington, Colorado for the alleged murder of Natzke but was also in violation of his probation out of Hot Spring County. He testified Duck is using a Louisiana drivers’ license with a bogus Maurice, Louisiana address. Vermillion Parish officials checked the address and said there is no such address.

Luther Duck testified that Kevin Conway Duck has three children with no parental rights at all on two of the children and he is only allowed to see the third child with adult supervision. Duck’s parents share custody of the third child.

Duck’s attorneys, Clay T. Janske and Brian Johnson, argued they needed Duck out of prison and working on pipeline, a lucrative job, in which the funds would be needed to mount his defense in the murder case. They are asking his Garland County bond be reduced to $50,000.

Judge John Homer Wright took the matter under advisement and will issue a written decision in the next few days.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

KVRE's Hot Springs Village Police highlights

December 17

A Campo Way woman’s back gate was found open and her dog along the side of the house outside the fence. She reported seeing unusual lights coming from Mandarena. She thinks someone opened the back gate.

December 18

A Balboa Cove woman was caught trying to eat her lunch while driving. She felt embarrassed.

A Turquesa Place man declined to bail a friend out of jail but did go to her house and leave food and water for her dog.

A Fineza Way man objected strongly to vehicles tailgating through unmanned gates.

An Arjona Way man had a bat behind his stove. Officers assisted as he sucked the bat out with a shop vac and then released it outside.

A Villager complained his wife did not get the car-detailing she paid for.

A Reddina Lane man said gas is missing from his golf cart. The chain securing his golf cart had been cut in order to get to the gas.

A South Pego Way woman called officers for assistance with a wayward brother. Her mother declined help from the police.

December 19

A Frontera Circle woman was concerned when a truck pulled in front of her house and the occupant walked around her property to the house behind. Officers told her the man from the truck lives in the house behind hers.

A DeSoto Boulevard man found a barbeque grill on the roadway at the east end of the Village.

A Villager thought his wife might be the victim of an internet scam but as it turned out, some items she ordered from the internet were just on back order.

December 20

A Perralena Way woman said someone entered her residence while she was sleeping. Her door was unlocked. The woman’s dog was in the room with her but did not bark when she thought she saw the intruder.

An officer spotted a tent off Amarillo Lane. Upon closer inspection it looked like a child’s fort or a hunting stand. Also, it was not a part of Village property.

A woman was caught speeding on DeSoto Boulevard near Brota Lane. She was ticketed for speeding and for fictitious tags. She was given a Saline County Court date. Her license plate was confiscated.

A Dulzura Lane woman reported shots fired near her backyard. Her backyard backs up to non-Village property. The pasture has a hunting blind facing away from her home.

A Loyola Drive woman reported the fraudulent use of her credit card.

A Princessa Lane man spotted a SUV nose down in a ditch on Ponce de Leon at Balearic. No damage was done to the vehicle. A wrecker had to tow is out of the ditch.

While talking to the gentleman involved in the one car accident above the officer witnessed another accident. A car came over the hill, slammed on its brakes and slid down the embankment. The wrecker pulled that car out as well. There were no injuries.

A Constantina Circle woman complained of a man driving a truck dumping leaves at the empty lot across from her home.

December 21

A Divino Lane man admitted to drinking alcohol before driving his pick up into a ditch on DeSoto Boulevard. He was charged with DWI first, refusal to submit, driving on a suspended drivers’ license and violation of a protection order. He was given a court date and transported to the Garland County detention center.

An El Espinar Circle man thought he heard five gun shots.

There was a tree down blocking the roadway at Alava Way. Officers with chain saws cleared the roadway.

There was a tree down in the area of Monterrey and Mazarron. Officers cleared the roadway.

A Golada Lane woman dialed 911 and hung up. It was an accident but officers went to the house to see if there was anything wrong. When you dial 911 by mistake, stay on the line and tell the operator it was a mistake and the police won't come to your home.

A Tomino Way couple had a domestic distrubance.

There was a tree down in the roadway at Delgado Way off Sur De Curso. The chainsaw was brought out and the roadway was cleared.

An officer removed a brush pile from Coronado Drive west of Minorca.

Officers provided traffic control while a Maderas Drive resident was unloading a moving truck.

Officers assisted a man whose car was in a ditch at DeSoto Boulevard and Castellon Way. He and the car were not hurt.

A car partially rolled out of a driveway on Alicante. Officers propped rocks behind the rear tires once the car was back in its driveway.

December 22

There was a tree in the roadway on Jardinero Drive. Officer removed the tree without incident.

An Arjona Way man said two dogs ran out from a Santistaban Way drive and barked at him in an aggressive manner. Officers asked the Santistaban Way resident to put the dogs on a leash or they must respond to voice commands.

A Palencia Lane man thought his car had been followed home.

December 23

There was a two car accident at DeSoto Boulevard and Highway 5. A minor without a drivers license borrowed the family car to buy a Christmas gift. He was cited with failure to yield right of way and no valid drivers license. The family in the other car drove themselves to the emergency room to get checked out.

An officer assisted at the PRO guard shack at the Highway 5 gate due to high volume calls and traffic.

A car hit a deer in the area of DeSoto Boulevard between Andorra Drive and Terlingua Drive.

A Sergio Drive woman said she heard a heavy truck or four wheeler driving around her front yard. There were tire treads in her front yard.

An Escosia Lane woman said she was the victim of a telephone scam offering to fix her firewall on her computer for $176. Approximately $1,200 was missing from her bank account. Never give your personal information to someone you don't know over the phone.

Someone without credentials tried to enter the East Gate.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police

December 2

Officers were sent to Sabiote Way on a policy violation. The woman resident complained of a lawn company dumping branches on her adjacent vacant property.

Officers responded to a call of a hitchhiker at Santa Maria Lane and Calella Road. The hitchhiker was charged with public intoxication and given a court date.

December 3

There was a complaint of loud music on Fronterra Circle.

December 5

A Frontera Circle man said someone had taken his wallet out of his unlocked car.

Multiple unlocked cars on Frontera Circle had items missing.

A Delavega Circle woman said her debit card had been compromised to the tune of $1,700.

December 6

A Hot Springs woman reported a tree in the road way on DeSoto Boulevard near Monovar Lane.

December 7

Officers provided traffic control while a car was removed from the ditch on DeSoto Boulevard near Balearic.

Officers on patrol found a car stuck on Fresno Hill between Carmona Road and Alicante. Officers helped the man back down the road and turn around without incidence.

A Castano Way woman needed a ride to pick up her medication.

Children were discouraged from sledding on the 8th fairway of Ponce de Leon Golf Course. The course was closed.

December 8

Two Hot Springs men were extricated from a car on DeSoto Boulevard near Barcelona Road, the passenger was transported by Air Ambulance to an area hospital. The driver was transported by ambulance. The driver was unfamiliar with the terrain and ran a stop sign causing the accident with another car. The other driver was not hurt. Both cars were totaled in the accident. The passenger was in intensive care but expected to survive.

Icy roads resulted in a car in a ditch at Fresno Road east of Carmona Road.

There was a car in the ditch on DeSoto Boulevard near the DeSoto pool.

December 9

A Banda Place woman reported a fraud against her name. A collection agency was trying to collect on a Direct TV bill that was not hers in West Helena.

A Badalona Circle woman’s car broke down on DeSoto Boulevard near Fuego.

Upon arrival at a North Sanchez Court home officers observed heavy smoke coming from the area. Officers had difficulty making the male homeowner understand he needed to get out of the burning garage. The homeowner assaulted one of the officers and was taken to the ground and escorted away from the burning home. First Electric turned off the electricity once the fire was extinguished.

A Santa Maria Lane woman complained about her allegedly drunk son. Officers found him at El Jimador Restaurant and arrested him for public intoxication. His court date is December 19 in Garland County.

A car slipped off the road at DeSoto Boulevard and Calella Road.

A car slid off the roadway and into the trees at DeSoto Boulevard near Sierra Drive.

December 10

A Joya Lane woman’s car had a flat tire in the area of Camino Road and Alicante Way.

A car making a left turn was rear-ended by another car on DeSoto Boulevard and San Fernando Road.

A Cevico Trace woman’s wallet was found at a business on Highway 5.

A deer hit a car on DeSoto Boulevard near Poema Lane.

The driver of a white pick-up poached two doe in the Village off Cortez Road and Dark Corners Road.

A woman’s car slid off Fresno Road near Ponferrada. Someone had moved the barricades blocking the dangerously icy Fresno Hill.

A Loyola Way woman smelled smoke but there was no fire.

A Castano Drive man’s car got stuck on DeSoto Boulevard near Sierra Drive.

December 11

A Doscientos Way woman said she was missing jewelry from her jewelry cabinet with an estimated value of $3,060.

A Caceras Way man said his watch was missing.

Officers controlled traffic while a POA crew changed the traffic light at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Drive and Magellan Golf Course.

A Vereda Lane man found a brown wallet while raking leaves in his front yard.

An Alina Lane man reported a car with possible fictitious tags.

Officers were dispatched to a Palma Lane home where a bird had flown inside. A woman said she was letting her dog out when the bird flew in. An officer was able to catch the bird in the woman’s bedroom and release it outside.

A black Labrador retriever dog was reported for running loose in the area of Murcia Way and East Villena Drive. Officers never saw the dog.

December 12

A San Sebastian Way man doesn’t want his adult daughter in his house unsupervised.

A representative of Levi Hospital in Hot Springs reported a possible suicidal man in the Village.

A flat tire may have caused a one car accident at the intersection of DeSoto Boulevard and Promesa Drive.

An Alina Lane woman reported a possible intruder.

A check was found at the Village Shell.

December 13

A car on DeSoto Boulevard did not stop and the car hit another car waiting to turn onto Clubhouse Drive. The turning car had approximately $800 in damages. The non-stopping car had approximately $2,000 in damages.

A Charnela Lane woman said her car was missing several items. She then checked her husband’s car and it was also missing several items. Both cars had been left unlocked.

A Divino Lane woman needed a ride home after a little too much to drink at Patsy’s Bar and Grill.

A Frontera Circle woman complained of her neighbor’s loud music.

December 14

A Calanas Lane man said someone was entering a storage unit at the edge of his property. He was missing a few items valued at $600.

Officers served a summons on a Santona Way man for Garland County Circuit Court.

Someone found a wallet at the Cranford’s parking lot and dropped it at the West gate. The wallet owner was contacted and picked up his wallet.

An Arturo Lane woman reported a bird had flown into her utility room. Officers freed the bird.

December 15

A Gallacia Lane woman called 911 and then hung up. Officers went to her home to see if there was a problem. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

An Altiplano Circle man was involved in a one car accident on DeSoto Boulevard at Minorca Road.

December 16

Both bathrooms at Cortez Beach were vandalized.

Officers provided traffic control on Barcelona Lane to assist the Hot Springs Village Fire Department.

A Villager turned himself into the police on an outstanding warrant for a DWI first. He was transported to the Garland County Detention Center.

An officer cleared the roadway at the Danville Bridge on DeSoto Boulevard where a dead doe blocked the roadway. Animal Control was notified to pick up the deer off the side of the road.

An E. Novelda Way woman said her car hit the above doe. Her car sustained approximately $1,500 in damages.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Duck hearing moved to December 30

Under the advice of his attorneys Clay T. Janske and Brian Johnson, Kevin Conway Duck pled not guilty to the murder of Dawna Natzke, Hot Springs Village police dispatcher. Duck faces a possible sentence of 10 to 40 years or life in this matter.

Also, Duck claimed a hardship in paying the current bond of $250,000 and requested a lowering of the bond. The hearing to consider lowering the bond has been moved to December 30 at 10 a.m. at the Garland County Courthouse.

Duck hearing

Doris Smith, mother of Village murder victim, police dispatcher Dawna Natzke, contacted several members of the press late last week to make them aware there was a hearing this morning concerning her daughter’s murder. All the central Arkansas television stations were there. Local newspaper and radio reporters were also in attendance. The gallery was full of people there to support Smith, many were friends of Natzke’s.

The hearing this morning was to address two issues, to hear Kevin Conway Duck’s plea to the first degree murder charge and to hear his request for a lowering of his bond. Bond in this matter was set for $250,000. To bond out he must pay 10-percent, $25,000 and put up collateral for the $250,000. He said this was a hardship and requested bond be lowered.

Duck was the last prisoner to enter the courtroom at 8:28. He was dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit and sat as far from the gallery as possible. He leaned left against the chair’s arm and propped his right hand on his right hip. His head was up and he was focused on the Judge’s desk. Duck was the first prisoner called before Judge John Homer Wright at 8:30.

Duck, his attorney, a representative of the prosecuting attorney’s office and Judge Wright spoke in whispered tones at the Judge’s desk. Duck returned to his seat, arms next to his body, head down and looking away from the gallery. The Judge’s decisions will be made public later today.

Duck hearing this morning

30 year old Kevin Conway Duck, alleged murderer of HSV police dispatcher Dawna Natzke, is sceduled for a bond reduction hearing today at 8:30 a.m. in room 300 at the Garland County Courthouse.

Duck's bond is currently $250,000 for alleged first degree murder.

There will be a plea arraignment at the same hearing as the bond reduction hearing. Judge John Homer Wright will preside.

Duck was the last person seen with Natzke before she disappeared and her body was discovered in the Ouachita National Forest area on New Year's Eve two years ago.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Huge power surge bumped KVRE off the air

KVRE is temporarily off the air after a huge power surge caused by an outage at the Highways 5 and 7 junction. Fountain Lake School has no power along with 660 Entergy customers. We are working with our equipment to get back on the air as soon as possible.

Update 8:10 a.m. there are now 980 Entergy customers without power. Power is expected to be restored by 10 a.m.

8:50 a.m. all but 90 odd households have power.

Our computer expert is here working on the system and our engineer is on the way.

9:10 We are back on the air - giving away prizes as always.

Duck back in Garland County

Kevin Duck, alleged murderer of Hot Springs Village police dispatcher Dawna Natzke, is now in residence at the Garland County Detention Center.

The 30 year old Duck was the last person seen with Natzke before she disappeared and her body was discovered in the Ouachita National Forest area on New Year's Eve two years ago.

Garland County Sheriff's Department investigators received information that Duck was in the area of Burlington, Colorado. That information was passed along to the Kit Carson County Sheriff's Office in Colorado and it was able to confirm Duck was in the area. Duck turned himself in on the evening of November 26.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HSV Police blotter highlights from KVRE

December 2

A Caceres Way man said he believed a couple of his family members are committing fraud in another state by taking donations for a bone marrow transplant through a website

Officers believe the Townhouse Storage at 199 San Fernando Lane should be secured as a safety hazard. Someone has stripped all the copper out and is in and out of the buildings after dark.

December 3

A Frontera Circle woman complained about loud noise form an adjoining neighbor’s home. This is the third complaint in the two months the new neighbors have lived there.

Officers served an arrest warrant on a Lindsey Lane man for failure to pay a fine and operating while suspended for DWI. He was also charged with fleeing on foot.

There was a family disturbance on Collado Way.

There were two rolls of carpet in the roadway on DeSoto Boulevard between the POA administration building and Minorca Road.

December 4

A Sergio Way woman reported a possible fraud when an unauthorized individual attempted to remove money from her brokerage account.

Officers investigated a barking dog complaint on Almazon Way. They never heard a barking dog.

December 5

An officer found a wheel chair abandoned at the Cortez Pavilion. There were no signs of foul play.

An unlocked car in its Realeza Court driveway was missing approximately $1,500 in personal items.

There was a vicious dog complaint on Romero Lane. The dog’s owner was warned to keep his dog under control.

A Sallent Lane woman backed out of her driveway and into a ditch.

A Sierra Drive man has a lot of guns and allegedly a lot of anxiety. Officers confiscated the guns and sent the man for evaluation.

December 6

Officers on patrol came across a small tree in the roadway at Carmona Road and Austrias. The roadway was cleared.

A Malaga Circle man said there was a four wheeler driving in the area, a policy violation.

A Hot Springs resident lost control of her car in the Village. The car sustained approximately $2,000 in damages.

A Cifuentes Way woman reported fraudulent charges on her debit card.

A Temerario Place woman said there was a Husky dog in her backyard. Officers did not see the dog.

An Arkansas Gazette paper carrier was stranded when his car became stuck on a hill.

A Charnela Lane man said someone taken things out of both of his unlocked cars. One car was missing $60 worth of items and the other $100.

There was a car stuck in the roadway at East Villena Drive and Villena Circle.

An officer found a wallet belonging to a man that had been in an auto accident earlier.

Officers offered a Good Sam’s worker a ride home when they saw him walking on DeSoto Boulevard to Arias Way.

There was a car in the ditch at Minorca Road and Cortez. The car sustained approximately $6,000 in damages. No one was hurt.

An Innovacion Lane man called Animal Control, he said there was a deer with a broken leg in his backyard. It wasn’t there when police arrived.

There was a car in the ditch on Balearic Road near the RV park.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black ice taking over Village

Right now, the Village is closed. There is black ice all over the roadways and at least 20 slide-offs. POA public works employees are out sanding DeSoto Boulevard and some of the well-known trouble spots but today, unfortunately, everywhere is a trouble spot.

The Coronado Fitness Center is closed. All churches are sending out notices of closure and if you haven't received a notice call before going anywhere.

If the temperatures rise above freezing or if the sun comes out and melts some of the black ice, we may be able to get out and about later today, but for now, stay home and stay safe.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HSV Police highlights from KVRE

November 22

An Oliete Lane couple were having difficulty communicating with Fayetteville police regarding identity theft. HSV officers assisted.

There was a report of a truck littering pipe supplies on the roadway of DeSoto Boulevard near Carmona Road. Officers did not see the truck but did pick up felt from the roadway west of Toledo Drive.

Officers provided traffic control while Entergy repaired a line at Barcelona Road and Salmancia.

A Los Lagos apartment manager said there were several items missing from a unit to be cleaned, a vacuum cleaner, towels and cleaning supplies.

A Sereno Place woman received terroristic threats by voice mail.

A Caceres Lane woman let officers know she will be out of the Village for a while but is not abandoning her husband or her home.

An Arturo Lane man said there were aggressive dogs running free on Sobresalir Lane. The owner of the dogs said the dogs just wanted to play. The woman tried to call her dogs but they ignored her. An argument ensued between the complainer and the dog owner.

Officers stopped a car on DeSoto Boulevard for no license plate. The car owner was able to show he just bought the car and had insurance on it.

A late night fisherman was advised to leave the DeSoto Marina area.

November 23

A Doscientos Way man said he heard three different mysterious noises. Officers stuck around for a while but did not hear anything.

There was marital strife on Lonjeta Lane. This was one of several calls over several days.

A driver stopped on Barcelona Road near Segovia was cited for Fictitious Vehicle License and No Vehicle Tags. He was given a court date of December 23 at 9 a.m.

Dogs from outside the Village came in and did about $50 damage to a front yard on Argomaniz Way.

A driver was stopped on Ponce de Leon Drive for speeding, and fictitious tags. The driver was given a court date, December 23 at 1 p.m.

There was a cow in the roadway on Mazarron Drive near the Glazier Peau Gate.

An ambulance driver accidentally took out a mail box on Antigua Lane when turning around to get to another address.

Officers on patrol noted a roll of paper towels scattered across DeSoto Boulevard near Fuego Way.

November 24

A neighbor complained of a loud party on Frontera Circle. Residents refused to come to the door for police.

Officers received a report of an injured deer on ElCano. Someone allegedly sped up to hit a fawn.

A subcontractor for AT&T tried to enter the east gate without the proper paperwork.

Another AT&T contractor was working late at night so as not to interrupt customer’s service.

November 25

There was a traffic accident at DeSoto Boulevard and Emperado Way. One car sustained approximately $2,500 in damages, the other car sustained approximately $1,000 in damages. One driver was cited for Following to close and was given a court date of December 24 at 9 a.m.

An Isabella Way woman said she hit a deer at Ponce de Leon Drive. Her car sustained approximately $2,000 in damages.

A Verian Lane woman said she heard noises downstairs. Officers couldn’t find a source of a noise.

November 26

An Alina Lane woman said she thought she heard a man growling outside her window.

A Gava Lane man driving on Tomino Way hit a dog causing approximately $100 damage to his car.

A Galicia Lane woman obtained several restraining orders.

A Marinero Way woman reported a possible identity theft.

A tree was down in the roadway on Castano Drive blocking Girasol Lane. Officers moved the tree.

November 27

Officers on patrol found a light in the roadway of Balearic Road.

A Frontera Circle resident said there was loud music coming from a nearby home. Officers requested a man turn down his music. And he did.

A cell phone was found at the recycling center on Cloaca Lane. After calling the owner he came by to pick up his phone.

There was a warrant for a misdemeanor for harassing communication on a Murcia Way woman.

November 28

There were two smashed pumpkins in the parking lot of the DeSoto Pool.

A Badalona Circle woman said there was a dog running loose in the neighborhood.

November 29

A Frontera Circle woman said there was a dog barking in the area for several hours. A neighbor was issued a warning citation for barking dog left alone all night on back porch.

An Altura Way Lane woman said there were three dogs running freely in the neighborhood.

November 30

A Frontera Circle woman said there was loud music coming from a neighbors unit. This is the second time officers had been called to the same house on a noise complaint.

A Segovia Drive man had a little too much to drink and was cited for public intoxication and arrested.

A Pandilla Way man said a neighbor let her dogs run loose in the neighborhood.

A Magellan Circle woman does not want her family to move her to a nursing facility.

A Frontera Circle woman allegedly left her two year old child alone at home.

An Ona Lane woman reported a burglary at a neighbor’s home.

A Charnela Lane man said there was a bat in his residence. Officers caught it and got it to Animal Control for testing.

December 1

Village Bible Church said there was a man, woman and child going church to church asking for gas money.

A Dulzura Lane woman said there was a pitbull- mastiff older dog loose in a yard on Barcelona Lane. The owner was new to the area and unaware of policy. And it was an English Bulldog.

HSV police officers assisted in clearing an armed robbery at the Valero Station on Highway 7. Suspect described as a Hispanic male with a red bandana, red hoody, black jeans and a black handgun. He was last seen running on foot south of the Valero Station into a wooded area. A W. Glazier Peau road resident said she heard noise in the basement of her home.