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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HSV Police blotter highlights from KVRE

December 2

A Caceres Way man said he believed a couple of his family members are committing fraud in another state by taking donations for a bone marrow transplant through a website

Officers believe the Townhouse Storage at 199 San Fernando Lane should be secured as a safety hazard. Someone has stripped all the copper out and is in and out of the buildings after dark.

December 3

A Frontera Circle woman complained about loud noise form an adjoining neighbor’s home. This is the third complaint in the two months the new neighbors have lived there.

Officers served an arrest warrant on a Lindsey Lane man for failure to pay a fine and operating while suspended for DWI. He was also charged with fleeing on foot.

There was a family disturbance on Collado Way.

There were two rolls of carpet in the roadway on DeSoto Boulevard between the POA administration building and Minorca Road.

December 4

A Sergio Way woman reported a possible fraud when an unauthorized individual attempted to remove money from her brokerage account.

Officers investigated a barking dog complaint on Almazon Way. They never heard a barking dog.

December 5

An officer found a wheel chair abandoned at the Cortez Pavilion. There were no signs of foul play.

An unlocked car in its Realeza Court driveway was missing approximately $1,500 in personal items.

There was a vicious dog complaint on Romero Lane. The dog’s owner was warned to keep his dog under control.

A Sallent Lane woman backed out of her driveway and into a ditch.

A Sierra Drive man has a lot of guns and allegedly a lot of anxiety. Officers confiscated the guns and sent the man for evaluation.

December 6

Officers on patrol came across a small tree in the roadway at Carmona Road and Austrias. The roadway was cleared.

A Malaga Circle man said there was a four wheeler driving in the area, a policy violation.

A Hot Springs resident lost control of her car in the Village. The car sustained approximately $2,000 in damages.

A Cifuentes Way woman reported fraudulent charges on her debit card.

A Temerario Place woman said there was a Husky dog in her backyard. Officers did not see the dog.

An Arkansas Gazette paper carrier was stranded when his car became stuck on a hill.

A Charnela Lane man said someone taken things out of both of his unlocked cars. One car was missing $60 worth of items and the other $100.

There was a car stuck in the roadway at East Villena Drive and Villena Circle.

An officer found a wallet belonging to a man that had been in an auto accident earlier.

Officers offered a Good Sam’s worker a ride home when they saw him walking on DeSoto Boulevard to Arias Way.

There was a car in the ditch at Minorca Road and Cortez. The car sustained approximately $6,000 in damages. No one was hurt.

An Innovacion Lane man called Animal Control, he said there was a deer with a broken leg in his backyard. It wasn’t there when police arrived.

There was a car in the ditch on Balearic Road near the RV park.

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