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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HSV Police highlights from KVRE

November 22

An Oliete Lane couple were having difficulty communicating with Fayetteville police regarding identity theft. HSV officers assisted.

There was a report of a truck littering pipe supplies on the roadway of DeSoto Boulevard near Carmona Road. Officers did not see the truck but did pick up felt from the roadway west of Toledo Drive.

Officers provided traffic control while Entergy repaired a line at Barcelona Road and Salmancia.

A Los Lagos apartment manager said there were several items missing from a unit to be cleaned, a vacuum cleaner, towels and cleaning supplies.

A Sereno Place woman received terroristic threats by voice mail.

A Caceres Lane woman let officers know she will be out of the Village for a while but is not abandoning her husband or her home.

An Arturo Lane man said there were aggressive dogs running free on Sobresalir Lane. The owner of the dogs said the dogs just wanted to play. The woman tried to call her dogs but they ignored her. An argument ensued between the complainer and the dog owner.

Officers stopped a car on DeSoto Boulevard for no license plate. The car owner was able to show he just bought the car and had insurance on it.

A late night fisherman was advised to leave the DeSoto Marina area.

November 23

A Doscientos Way man said he heard three different mysterious noises. Officers stuck around for a while but did not hear anything.

There was marital strife on Lonjeta Lane. This was one of several calls over several days.

A driver stopped on Barcelona Road near Segovia was cited for Fictitious Vehicle License and No Vehicle Tags. He was given a court date of December 23 at 9 a.m.

Dogs from outside the Village came in and did about $50 damage to a front yard on Argomaniz Way.

A driver was stopped on Ponce de Leon Drive for speeding, and fictitious tags. The driver was given a court date, December 23 at 1 p.m.

There was a cow in the roadway on Mazarron Drive near the Glazier Peau Gate.

An ambulance driver accidentally took out a mail box on Antigua Lane when turning around to get to another address.

Officers on patrol noted a roll of paper towels scattered across DeSoto Boulevard near Fuego Way.

November 24

A neighbor complained of a loud party on Frontera Circle. Residents refused to come to the door for police.

Officers received a report of an injured deer on ElCano. Someone allegedly sped up to hit a fawn.

A subcontractor for AT&T tried to enter the east gate without the proper paperwork.

Another AT&T contractor was working late at night so as not to interrupt customer’s service.

November 25

There was a traffic accident at DeSoto Boulevard and Emperado Way. One car sustained approximately $2,500 in damages, the other car sustained approximately $1,000 in damages. One driver was cited for Following to close and was given a court date of December 24 at 9 a.m.

An Isabella Way woman said she hit a deer at Ponce de Leon Drive. Her car sustained approximately $2,000 in damages.

A Verian Lane woman said she heard noises downstairs. Officers couldn’t find a source of a noise.

November 26

An Alina Lane woman said she thought she heard a man growling outside her window.

A Gava Lane man driving on Tomino Way hit a dog causing approximately $100 damage to his car.

A Galicia Lane woman obtained several restraining orders.

A Marinero Way woman reported a possible identity theft.

A tree was down in the roadway on Castano Drive blocking Girasol Lane. Officers moved the tree.

November 27

Officers on patrol found a light in the roadway of Balearic Road.

A Frontera Circle resident said there was loud music coming from a nearby home. Officers requested a man turn down his music. And he did.

A cell phone was found at the recycling center on Cloaca Lane. After calling the owner he came by to pick up his phone.

There was a warrant for a misdemeanor for harassing communication on a Murcia Way woman.

November 28

There were two smashed pumpkins in the parking lot of the DeSoto Pool.

A Badalona Circle woman said there was a dog running loose in the neighborhood.

November 29

A Frontera Circle woman said there was a dog barking in the area for several hours. A neighbor was issued a warning citation for barking dog left alone all night on back porch.

An Altura Way Lane woman said there were three dogs running freely in the neighborhood.

November 30

A Frontera Circle woman said there was loud music coming from a neighbors unit. This is the second time officers had been called to the same house on a noise complaint.

A Segovia Drive man had a little too much to drink and was cited for public intoxication and arrested.

A Pandilla Way man said a neighbor let her dogs run loose in the neighborhood.

A Magellan Circle woman does not want her family to move her to a nursing facility.

A Frontera Circle woman allegedly left her two year old child alone at home.

An Ona Lane woman reported a burglary at a neighbor’s home.

A Charnela Lane man said there was a bat in his residence. Officers caught it and got it to Animal Control for testing.

December 1

Village Bible Church said there was a man, woman and child going church to church asking for gas money.

A Dulzura Lane woman said there was a pitbull- mastiff older dog loose in a yard on Barcelona Lane. The owner was new to the area and unaware of policy. And it was an English Bulldog.

HSV police officers assisted in clearing an armed robbery at the Valero Station on Highway 7. Suspect described as a Hispanic male with a red bandana, red hoody, black jeans and a black handgun. He was last seen running on foot south of the Valero Station into a wooded area. A W. Glazier Peau road resident said she heard noise in the basement of her home.

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