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Monday, December 16, 2013

Duck hearing

Doris Smith, mother of Village murder victim, police dispatcher Dawna Natzke, contacted several members of the press late last week to make them aware there was a hearing this morning concerning her daughter’s murder. All the central Arkansas television stations were there. Local newspaper and radio reporters were also in attendance. The gallery was full of people there to support Smith, many were friends of Natzke’s.

The hearing this morning was to address two issues, to hear Kevin Conway Duck’s plea to the first degree murder charge and to hear his request for a lowering of his bond. Bond in this matter was set for $250,000. To bond out he must pay 10-percent, $25,000 and put up collateral for the $250,000. He said this was a hardship and requested bond be lowered.

Duck was the last prisoner to enter the courtroom at 8:28. He was dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit and sat as far from the gallery as possible. He leaned left against the chair’s arm and propped his right hand on his right hip. His head was up and he was focused on the Judge’s desk. Duck was the first prisoner called before Judge John Homer Wright at 8:30.

Duck, his attorney, a representative of the prosecuting attorney’s office and Judge Wright spoke in whispered tones at the Judge’s desk. Duck returned to his seat, arms next to his body, head down and looking away from the gallery. The Judge’s decisions will be made public later today.

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