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Friday, May 16, 2014

Murder update

Alleged murderer Brent Hile is currently residing in the Garland County Detention Center. His bond has been set at $100,000. His next court date is July 8, 2014.

According to prosecuting attorneys Terri Harris and Michele Lawrence of the Garland County Prosecutors Office, there is a gag order in this matter and there will be no further comment from any quarters.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Arrest official in Alava Lane murder

We now know the name of the victim in the May 13 murder at 14 Alava Lane in Hot Springs Village, William Scott Murry, age 25.

Early this morning, 1:30 a.m., Brent Michael Hile was taken into custody by the Garland County Sheriff's Office on a charge of first degree murder.

Newest on Village murder person of interest

The press release from Garland County states:

Garland County Sheriff Investigators have obtained a Murder 1st arrest warrant for 29 year old Brent Michael Hile in reference to a homicide that occured last night, [March 13], in Hot Springs Village. Hile is described as a white male, approximately 5'11" tall, 190 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. Hile is possibly driving a 2008 Blue Ford Fusion bearing Arkansas License plate number 578RHP.

Investigators do not believe that Hile is still in Hot Springs Village or Garland County area. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Brent Hile or if you come into contact with Hile use caution and are asked to dial 911 or contact you local law enforcement agency.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alava Lane murder update

Hot Springs Village Chief of Police now states, "at this time, the resident is a person of interest and is being sought as no one was at the house when the body was discovered by a relative who had come to visit."

Murder in Hot Springs Village

There was a murder in Hot Springs Village on Tuesday, May 13, at 14 Alava Lane.

The homeowner, not residing in the home, stopped to see her son at 6 p.m. and discovered the body of a white male in his late 20's.  Her son was not home at the time.  The deceased was a family acquaintance.

The mother was in contact with her son last night after the body was discovered. The son was okay.

Two investigators from the Hot Springs Village Police Department with the assistance of the Garland County Sheriff's Office are investigating the murder.

There was no sign of a break-in.  Chief Gary Adams of the Hot Springs Village Police Department said there is a person of interest.

The names of the victim, the homeowner and her son are not being released at this time.

Officers want to talk with the resident of the home and are looking for him and his blue late model Ford.

Call 922-0011 if you have any information in this matter.

Friday, May 9, 2014

KVRE's highlights from Hot Springs Village police reports

April 25

A Galeon Way woman complained of a computer scam.

There was a bat on the side of a front door on Pizarro Drive. An officer hosed the bat until it flew away.

April 26

A yard sale attendee on Panorama Drive said someone backed into the front fender of his car causing approximately $300 in damages. There was white paint on the fender and his driver’s door would not open. He had no idea who hit his car.

There was a burglary on South Pego, more missing copper pipe and other items.

There was a dog at large complaint on Vera Lane. An officer saw the dog but couldn’t catch it.

There was a hit and run in the WalMart parking lot. A gun was pointed at the victim as the bad driver escaped. Village officers assisted in attempting to find the driver on an aggravated assault charge.

April 27

A Magellan Circle woman either lost of misplaced her purse. She was making a report and changing her banking information.  She found her purse later in the day.

April 29

The trailer holding the flag poles for special holiday displays by the VFW at Cedarvale Funeral Home on Minorca Road has been stolen. The trailer, valued at $300, was last seen in March of this year. Replacement of the flag poles will cost an estimated $1,700. Anyone with any information regarding the missing trailer and its contents is asked to call the police at 922-0011.

The Arkansas Revenue Office advised a Villager to make a police report regarding his missing drivers license. He lost his license at the Clinton National Airport in Little Rock.

A Sonora Way man reported a Doberman Pinscher running around at large near time for children to get off the school bus in the area. An officer returned the dog to its owner with a warning about securing the dog. This is not the first time this dog has escaped.

There was a car broken down on the side of the road at DeSoto Boulevard and Ponce de Leon Road.

April 30

A neighbor reported lights on at a vacant house on Empinado Way.

There was an unruly patron at Diamond D’s Bistro. The man was convinced to calm down and leave.

A Frontera Circle woman called the police when she saw a man with a flashlight outside his own house.

There was a disgruntled patron at the Village Inn. The man left after gathering his belongings.

There was a barking dog complaint on Castillo Lane.

An Arias Way resident complained of a truck parked in the roadway on one of the Arias hills. By the time the police arrived the driver was driving away. He was stopped and warned of the complaint.

A Villager reported a missing pressure washer from his back deck.

A Halcon Way woman said some of her prescriptions are missing form her lock box.

A barking dog citation was issued to a Sanchez Place resident. According to the officer, the woman walked inside her house and ripped up the citation. Her dogs were barking at the time.

An officer escorted a woman from the west gate to her rental property. She was lost.

There was a car in the roadway on Alicante Way.

A Ventoso Lane man said he was missing two wrought iron chairs from his boat dock. The chairs were valued at $282 each. The chairs were found in the water near the dock.

Copper was missing from Tomino Lane. The copper pipe was valued at $1,000. Damage to the residence in removing the pipe was estimated at $4,000.

May 1

A Lago Drive couple were having a few communication problems that may have a root in a medical problem.

A car drove into a business, the West Side Hair Company, at the Cordoba Center.  One of the customers inside was temporarily trapped under a shelf that had fallen when the car crashed into the business. Both the injured patron and the driver refused transport by Lifenet. The driver said her husband usually drove her everywhere and she drove herself to get her hair done this time. The damages to the salon were estimated at $30,000. Damages to the care are approximately $900.

There was an off property brush pile burning.

There was a fender bender in the Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church parking lot.

A Villager went into the police station to complain of unauthorized use of a credit card totaling $1,345.34.

A Sanchez Place woman said her brother was poisoned. The brother said he was fine.

A Perralena Way man said his wife drove over him repeatedly. Officers did not find the car that allegedly ran over the man. A warrant has been issued for the wife for domestic battery.

May 2

There was a traffic complaint resulting in the arrest of a man with an active warrant out of the Bryant Police Department. The man’s car had run out of gas at Barcelona Road and Gancho Way and he built a fire on the roadway and honked his horn to signal distress.

A Llana Lane man refused to buy a new vehicle sticker to enter the Village gates. He now has to stop every time he enters the Village and show his identification card and drivers license.

A Village man stopped by the police station to report two checks were written on his checking account by an unknown person. The bank was aware of the situation.

May 3

There was a loud music complaint in the area of the Magellan Golf Course.

There was a fender bender in the parking lot of Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church. A truck had approximately $300 in damages and van had approximately $2,000 in damages.

There was a traffic accident at the DeSoto Club. A car had approximately $250 in damages.

A Villager reported a computer scam.

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

A Lindura Way couple said a man in a kilt had urinated in front of them on the fairway at the 15th hole of the Balboa Golf Course.  When the man yelled at him to stop the urinator responded in a distasteful manner.

A chair was found in the roadway on DeSoto Boulevard near Carmona Road.

A golfer found his car damaged after his round of golf. A Badajoz Way man had backed into the driver’s door. There was approximately $1,000 in damages. The Badajoz Way man was not supposed to be driving and had his canceled license taken from him.

May 4

There was a domestic disturbance on Perralena Way.

A Suave Place woman thought there was an intruder in her home. She had left the television on in her laundry room. No intruder.

A stray dog was caught in an Animal Control trap on Argomaniz Way. The dog was taken to the shelter when the phone number on his collar was not valid.

There was an outside faulty wiring light flashing on Silleda Lane.

There was a bat inside a Charca Way residence. The bat was captured and brought to Animal Control to be sent to the state lab and checked for rabies.

May 5

A Gorrion Lane woman said she could not put her garage door down. It was broken and she called a repair person.

A Villager complained someone is cashing checks that belonged to his dead brother. The crime occurred in Illinois, not in HSV.

May 6

A package was found in the roadway at the east gate. The package owner was out of town and said she would pick it up.

Officers escorted fire department personnel to check out a smoke smell on Destino Way.

May 7

A Promesa Place man said jewelry valued between $25,000 and $30,000 was stolen from his home.

There was a blowing leaves dispute on Sergio Way.

May 8

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

A La Canada Way man reported his missing golf clubs.

There was a one car accident on Ponderosa Way/Lane.