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Monday, February 28, 2011

Renters given benefits of homeowners on Village lakes

The Lakes and Water Committee has recommended that "Long-term renters (defined as renters who have a lease of six months or longer) may purchase and display the same lake use decals available to property owners. To purchase a decal, the renter must present a copy of his or her lease.
Staff recommends this to be added to the Recreational Fee Schedule as follows:
Long-term renter annual fee-$96.00
Long-term renter 6 month fee- $ 46.00

New operator for the 19th Hole

Brian Smith was recommended by POA staff to the POA board for the 19th Hole operation. He has a background in the food and beverage industry and is very familiar with the operation. He is aware of the challenges of this location and has some good ideas to market and operate the facility.
Fiscal Information:
The agreement is a one year contract, with 2-two year renewal options with term and conditions to be negotiated prior to each renewal period. Mr. Smith will pay a monthly rent of $1,250 and the first $300 of all maintenance and repair costs. In addition, he will be required to pay all food and beverage costs, telephone services, housekeeping and janitorial supplies, including window and carpet cleaning, propane, pest extermination, cleaning of grease traps, and cable/internet services. The POA will pay the electricity, water, sewer and sanitation costs. The new lease will require a $1500 security deposit. The POA subsidy will be reduced by approximately $4,000 annually.

New operators for the Wood N Iron

Brian & Dorinda King and Phil & Diane Russell d/b/a K & R Enterprises were recommended to the POA board for the Wood N Iron operation. The Kings have been in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years and bring a wealth of experience in this area. The staff is comfortable with their ability to run this food operation.
Fiscal Information:
The agreement is a one year contract, with 2 – two year renewal options with terms and conditions to be negotiated prior to each renewal period. The Kings will pay a monthly rent of $850 and the first $300 of all maintenance and repair costs. In addition they will be required to pay all food and beverage costs, telephone service, pest extermination, housekeeping and janitorial supplies, window and carpet cleaning and cable services. The POA will pay the electric and water, sewer and sanitation costs. The new lease will require a security deposit in the amount of $1500. The POA subsidy under the new lease arrangement is being reduced by approximately $1500 annually.

POA quietly choking off the Village animal shelter just like it did recycling

Planning and inspections director Steve White is in discussions with the Village Animal Welfare League and the City of Hot Springs to outsource the operations of the Animal Shelter.
The POA is threatening to reduce the number of Animal Control officers from two to one and sending all animals picked up in the Village down to Hot Springs.
This is not an area for POA budget trimming acceptable to a good number of Villagers. Cut golf instead of animal services.
If you feel strongly regarding this issue go to the POA board work session this Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Ponce de Leon Center Ouachita room and let the directors know that you don't want to drive to Hot Springs to pick up your house pet if it gets out of your house, you don't want the Village crawling with unwanted animals because there is not enough staff to pick up dogs and cats dumped in the area and you don't want injured animals to suffer because there is no staff to take care of them.
Tell the directors to save money some other way. The Village has always had a working animal shelter and to take it away at this point is far worse than taking away recycling without public comment.

CFO announcement this week

The next CFO for the Village POA will be announced at Wednesday's board work session at the Ponce de Leon Center at 9 a.m.

Public works director may be chosen next month

The POA general manager Scott Randall has received more than 30 applications for director of public works.
He has already reduced the number of applicants down to 11 semi-finalists. He has asked for additional information from each of the remaining candidates.
He anticipates paring the list down further and inviting the final candidates to the Village early next month for formal interviews.

Oops, and the sign is gone

The planning and inspection department is now enforcing Village sign policies on weekends. Garage sale and estate sale signs not meeting Village policies will be confiscated.

New deal with Saline County landfill will save the POA money

The POA had entered into an agreement with the Saline County landfill to pay $45,000 in lieu of taking our trash generated within Saline County to its landfill. This week, Allied Waste completed its purchase of the Saline County landfill and has advised that the POA is no longer obligated to make such a payment. Since the POA has traditionally paid this fee on a quarterly basis, the POA is requesting reimbursement for the portion of the fee that was paid in January. Bottom line, the Village will save a minimum of $33,750 this year; and $45,000 annually.

Agenda for Wednesday's POA working board meeting and special meeting to follow

1. Call to Order
2. Prayer – Jerry Kosoglow
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Introduction of Guests
5. Approval of Order of Business
6. President’s Comments
7. Board Member Comments
8. General Manager’s Report
9. Standing Committee Reports
10. Comments/Questions from Audience
11. Standing Committee Appointments - Scott Randall
12. Draw for Members of Election Day Committee - Jim Owens
13. Revision of Chp. Three, Article 7 – Door-to-Door Solicitations;
Distribution of Circulars, Handbills or Similar Articles – Linda Mayhood
14. Restaurant Vendors: Linda Mayhood
A. Wood N Iron
B. 19th Hole
15. Amendment to Chp. Two, Article 9 – Lakes Policy – Dennis Eskew
16. Addition to Fee Schedule – Dennis Eskew
17. Comments/Questions from Audience
18. Adjournment
(Following Work Session)
1. Revision of Chp. Three, Article 7 – Door-to-Door Solicitations – Jeff Atkins
2. Wood N Iron Vendor – Jerry Kosoglow
3. 19th Hole Vendor – Jerry Kosoglow

Fascinatin' Rhythm

Tuesday, April 5th, 7:30 p.m., the Village Chorale will take the stage at the Woodlands Auditorium to present its spring concert. As the title suggests, the program will include a Medley of Gershwin favorites, always a crowd pleaser. As always, the music includes a wide variety of selections including spirituals, jazz, and classical. The music featured is by some favorite arrangers including Mark Hayes and Greg Gilpin.
The Chorale will also sing some old standards like "I Could Write a Book" and "When Sunny Gets Blue". This 2011 Spring Concert offers great music, so reserve your tickets now! The tickets are $10.00 and are available from Carolyn Bowers. Contact her and she will make sure they arrive safely in your possession. So mark your calendars now: Village Chorale, April 5th, Woodlands, 7:30. For tickets or information: Carolyn Bowers at 915-8022.

Message from Congressman Mike Ross

Tonight, I hope you will join the second of a series of monthly telephone town hall meetings I will be hosting throughout the year to listen to you and to get your feedback on the issues before Congress. These monthly telephone town hall meetings are the result of your feedback and popular demand. The call tonight, Monday, Feb. 28, will be held at 7:10 p.m. CT and should last approximately 60 minutes. Any resident throughout Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District can connect into the telephone town hall by dialing the following toll free number and using the included PIN code: Phone: 1-877-269-7289, PIN: 14573. Anyone may listen to the call and specific instructions will be given to callers if they would like to a question.
The feedback from these calls has been very positive and many of you from all over the district have asked me to continue holding these important events. They are an easy and convenient way for all residents of Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District to participate in your government and to share the concerns that affect you and your families. As this new Congress considers important issues on everything from the budget to energy, my job is to listen to those I represent and that has always been my pledge to you.
Working like a large conference call, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns on an array of issues. As on previous calls, I will ask a series of survey questions throughout the call to gauge your feelings toward several different issues. You will be able to respond by pressing the numbers ‘1’ or ‘2’ on your phone and the survey results will be announced live throughout the call.
These live surveys provide a way for each of you to share your attitude toward the topic at hand. This is an interactive way of allowing everyone on the call to participate all at once and share your thoughts as we discuss the important issues facing our nation today.
Some of you may receive an automated telephone giving you the option to be automatically connected into the telephone town hall meeting. In addition, any Fourth District resident may dial into the call using the following toll free number and the included PIN code: Phone: 1-877-269-7289, PIN: 14573.
In addition to tonight’s telephone town hall, future calls will be held on Tuesday, March 29; Tuesday, April 12; Tuesday, May 10; and, Tuesday, June 21. Details for these calls and all calls for the rest of 2011 will be announced in the media, posted online at and announced in e-news updates. Be sure you subscribe to my e-mail news alerts so that you will be notified of each telephone town hall event. I look forward to hearing from you and from everyone throughout Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District. These monthly calls will help you stay informed, have a direct line to your congressman and share your own ideas on the great challenges that face our nation. This technology allows me to bring the discussion right to you and to the thousands of working families, parents of small children and senior citizens here in Arkansas’s Fourth District, even when my duties require me to be in our nation’s capital for votes.
Again, I hope you’ll join us on tonight’s telephone town hall meeting by calling the following toll free number and using the included PIN code: Phone: 1-877-269-7289, PIN: 14573.
Mike Ross

NuFusion at Woodlands Thursday night

NuFusion, Henderson State University's exciting jazz ensemble was formed more than 15 years ago, and includes about 20 student musicians featuring a standard big band horn and rhythm section with lead and background vocalists. Tickets for the Woodland’s 7:30 p.m. concert are $10 each.
Under the direction of Professor of Percussion and Jazz Dr. Rick Dimond, NuFusion is a student-arranged jazz ensemble that plays everything from 1940s big band music to current pop hits, many of the tunes featuring vocalists. Previous concerts have included music of a wide variety of artists such as Benny Goodman, Hoagie Carmichael, the Beatles, the B-52s, Ricky Martin, Harold Arlen, Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker and more. “Our crowds know they’ll hear something they know or have at least heard before,” according to Dimond.

Swingle Singers tomorrow night at Woodlands

The Hot Springs Village Community Foundation is initiating two new endowments to support veterans’ interests, the HSVCP Endowment for the Veterans Memorial and the HSVCF VFW Endowment for Veterans Assistance. The Community Foundation is presenting the Swingle Singers in concert on March 1 at the Woodlands Auditorium to raise money to fund these endowments. The Veterans Memorial Foundation and the VFW are matching the net proceeds of the concert up to $5,000 to assure that the endowments are fully funded from the outset.
Please support this effort by getting your $25 per person tickets to the Swingle Singers, an internationally acclaimed a cappella group of eight singers. Putting on a great show, their wide-ranging repertoire will bring us our favorites, from Bach to Beatles, Jazz, retrospective and all-time popular songs. Don’t miss it! Tickets for reserved seats may be purchased at the Ponce de Leon Center office.

Learn how to addle goose eggs for the POA

Lynsey White Dasher, urban wildlife specialist with the Humane Society of the United States, will be in Hot Springs Village to train volunteers on addling of goose eggs on and around golf courses and lakes. Addling usually means confuse the egg so it will not hatch.
The training will be held Mon., March 14 at 1:30 p.m. at the Coronado Community Center. Space is limited and reservations must be made in advance by calling planning and inspections at 922-5562.

Bocce ball, pickleball and lawn bowling open houses

The three POA outdoor recreation facilities, bocce ball, lawn bowling, and pickleball will hold open houses on Sat., March 12 from 10 a.m. until noon and Sun., March 13 from 2 to 4 p.m.
The Bocce Club, Village Green Bowls Club and the Pickleball Club will be providing equipment and instructions during the open houses. Refreshments will be available.
Bocce ball is at 150 Ponderosa Lane, across from the Coronado Community Center.
Lawn bowling is on DeSoto Park Lane, just past the parks and grounds maintenance facility.
Pickleball is at 209 DeSoto Boulevard at the DeSoto Family Recreation Area.
Mark your calendars and stop by to learn about these exciting amenities. For more information call 922-0322.

Brief closure for Wood-N-Iron restaurant

The Cortez Wood N Iron restaurant at the Cortez Golf Course will be closed on Mon., March 7 and Tues., March 8.
It will reopen on Wed., March 9.

Check out the acrobatics at Robinson

Shen Yun Performing Arts dance performance at Robinson Center Music Hall, 426 West Markham in Little Rock, at 7 p.m.

Tickets are still available

Tickets on sale for Senior Follies, an HSV Players production. Tickets are $12. The production runs March 16, 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. and March 20 at 2 p.m. at the Woodlands Auditorium.

February almost gone

It's hard to believe two months have already slipped by this year. This year will go in the history books for so many reasons, worldwide political unrest, unbelievable weather, long-range unemployment, middle-class revolt and growing number of poor in America.
It is hard for me to grasp how little of the US taxes go to help the people at home. I believe if we really want to foster democracy around the world we need to make it look better at home.
Stop cutting funding for education, unemployment, social services in the United States by stopping building better schools in other countries and funding foreign millitaries. Bring jobs home to the US so we can put our workforce back to work.
How can congress and state governments in good conscience cripple its own people by lavishing money around the world?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heifer ranch trip deadline to sign up March 3

Spring Outing to Heifer Ranch is set for Thursday, March 10, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Join members of the Heifer Club for a spring visit to the rolling hills of Perryville for a first-hand look at the farm training center of Heifer Project International.
Everyone's heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Heifer Projects here in Arkansas, around the U.S. and all over the world teach families better farming practices while taking care of the earth.
Heifer Club volunteers will drive participants to the Ranch where everyone will have lunch, take the tour and learn about the mission and work of Heifer International.
Lunch and the tour costs $11.00 per person. To reserve your space send a check by March 3rd to: Jane Parker, 6 Bahia Lane, HS Village, AR 71909.
The tour leaves the parking lot outside the East gate at 11 a.m. The parking lot is outside the gate, on your right, but before Hwy. 5. Everyone will travel together arriving at the Heifer Ranch at noon, have lunch and then take the tour.
Lunch is served cafeteria style and consists of one or two entrees, vegetables, bread, beverage, and dessert. A salad bar and vegetarian meals are also available. If you have dietary restrictions, Jane will need that info with your check. Everything served is grown on the ranch. The only caveat is what you put on your plate, you must eat.
Tour starts with a short introduction to the Heifer mission, then a hayride tour of the ranch to see the various barns and animal areas. There will be some walking, so dress comfortably with closed toed shoes. Bring a jacket and your curiosity.
We will start back to the village after a brief stop at the gift shop.
For more information call Jane Parker at 922-3355.
And don't put off sending your check for $11.00 per person to Jane so she gets it by March 3!
We look forward to seeing you March 10th.

Final service information for Steven Barr Phillips


Steven Barr Phillips of Hot Springs Village, AR, died Thursday February 24, 2011.
He was born September 12, 1943, at Okemah, Oklahoma and moved to Oklahoma City, graduating from Classen High School and Central State College in Edmond. After graduation, he joined the Air Force.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Eloise Barr Phillips and Gordon Stewart Phillips.
Mr. Phillips is survived by this wife Sherry of Hot Springs Village; son Steve, Jr. and wife Joanne of Owens Cross Roads, AL and daughter Stacey Wodicker of Gilbert, AZ; half-brother Claude Greene of Janesville, WI; grandchildren Mac Wodicker of Gilbert, AZ and Jack, Sam, Laura, Nathan and Eli Phillips of Owens Cross Roads, AL.
Mr. Phillips was a talented speaker and woodworking craftsman, an active member of Coronado Baptist Church, and in building specialized cabinet works. He loved using his talents to build things for his family, his church family and friends. He played golf with a passion.
Visitation will be at the Coronado Center at 10:00 AM on Monday, February 28 with the service to follow at 11:00 AM.
Mr. Phillips chose to donate his remains to the Genesis donor program in Memphis, TN.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Coronado Baptist Church Building Fund.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Brush Strokes today

Brush Strokes meets this morning at 9 a.m. at the Coronado Community Center.

Symphony Guild retreat today

The current Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild board of directors and next season's board will attend a retreat today at Diamante to discuss the current season and improving services next year.

King will have surgery today

For those of you concerned with the fate of Villager Kitty King, her doctor at the hospital has deemed her case a medical emergency and he is signing documents approving surgery to repair her broken hip. She will finally have surgery early this afternoon. She broke her hip Tuesday afternoon. Her nephew with medical power of attorney never contacted the hospital or anyone else on Kitty's behalf.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fashion show for scholarships

Style Show for Scholarships
Date: March 7, 2011
Time: Noon
Location: Forest Lakes Club House
Cost: $15.00
The Lagniappe Shoppe will host a fashion show and lite lunch to benefit the Garland County Single Parent Scholarship Fund. Proceeds will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Arkansas
Single Parent Scholarship Fund to provide area single parents with the money needed for them to attend school in Arkansas.
To purchase your tickets or get more information,
call Lisa Carey at 501-760-4129.
Special thanks to Karen Garcia for arranging the show.

Newcomers' Coffee this morning

The POA newcomers' coffee is this morning at 8:30 a.m. at the Ouachita room at the Ponce de Leon Center. Melinda and Malcolm Bickford of Company's Comin' and La Petite Bistro provide tasty muffins and select coffees for the meeting.
Be prepared to stay for about two hours for the information presentation. A tour of the Ponce de Leon facility follows the presentation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Edward Jones tax strategies online

Each tax season Edward Jones provides a series of tax-related articles to investors who are interested in tax-smart investing strategies, including opportunities to lower your taxes. These articles are called Tax Talk, and can be accessed online at discuss the tax-smart investing strategies, call Edward Jones at 922-1777 to schedule a time to speak with financial advisor Deedra Berkemeyer.Edward Jones does not provide tax or legal advice. Contact a qualified tax professional regarding your particular situation.

Learn about Arkansas season at Garvan Woodland Gardens workshop

Garvan Woodland Gardens will offer a workshop by Janet Carson and Bob Byers, Four Season in the Gardens. The workshop will be in the Magnolia Room on March 9 from 1 to 4:30 p.m.
Carson is a University of Arkansas horticulture specialist. Byers is Garvan Woodland Gardens landscape architect. Both will discuss tips for seasonal care of home landscape.
The cost of the workshop is $25 for Garvan Woodland Gardens members and $35 for non-members. Advance reservations and pre-payment are required. Call (501) 262-9300 or 800-366-4664 to reserve a space.
Carson will have her new book available for purchase and will autograph the books.

More than one medical power of attorney may be good idea

I'd never been to Saline Memorial Hospital before yesterday.
Recently, our neighbor, Kitty King, was placed in the lock down unit at Southern Trace. Her dementia and Alzheimer's was finally at the point where her nephew had to do something about her. You may remember Kitty from the police reports, she was the woman hearing singers on her roof. There were multiple reports of her imaginary choir on her roof. The only comforting thing about it, the music was hymns. Sometimes it was a lone tenor singing but mostly it was a mixed choir. She also thought her house was broken into several times and a burglar took things. She always found her missing items but assured us the thieves broke in to return them.
Yesterday, I got a frantic call from Southern Trace. My husband is one of Kitty's three contact numbers in an emergency. The caller explained he had not been able to find any of Kitty's contacts at home and he couldn't tell me what was wrong. Finally, he agreed to call my husband right back and leave a message on our telephone machine. Kitty had fallen and broken her hip and had a laceration on one of her arms. My husband was out of town. Both of her other contacts including her nephew with her medical power of attorney were also out of town. No one was reachable.
I called the hospital to find out how things were. Kitty wasn't even there yet. The Southern Trace worker had called as she was being loaded into the ambulance. It finally dawned on me the call was like a relinquishment of responsibility. I headed out to the hospital. I was allowed to sit with Kitty in her emergency room. She told me my presence was a comfort to her. Not much apparently because her blood pressure escalated as each test was done. Every time they took her blood pressure she said again, "oh, I thought someone just grabbed me. It hurts." Each time her blood pressure was taken it got worse. By the time she was moved to her room and moved onto her bed it was 232/117.
She received medicine to lower her blood pressure and slowly it came down. A weight was tethered to her leg to take the pressure off of her broken hip. But still, every five minutes she wanted to get up. She could not understand that her hip was broken and she couldn't go anywhere. Because of her Alzheimer's the conversation was new and fresh for her each time.
Before I left the hospital I was made aware her nephew, the only one with a medical power of attorney, had not returned any calls. Kitty needs a blood transfusion and surgery for her hip. She is stuck in limbo land until her nephew gives consent for further treatment. How cruel. The hospital workers could only keep her comfortable and keep her from injuring herself further.
This morning I am off to keep her company. But, before I go I think I am going to sign a half a dozen medical power of attorney forms so that someone can keep me out of limbo in my future.

At Murry's tonight

Abie’s Irish Rose at Murry’s Dinner Playhouse in Little Rock, 6323 Col. Glenn Road. Dinner 6 to 7:35 p.m. Curtain 7:45 p.m. Ticket $30. Show only $25. Children under 15 $22. Call 501-562-3131 for more information.

Harlem Gospel Choir at Woodlands

Harlem Gospel Choir at the Woodlands Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. The concert is sponsored by the Concerts Association. To join call 922-1277. To obtain tickets visit

Senior Follies tickets on sale now

Tickets are now on sale for Senior Follies, an HSV Players production, at the Woodlands ticket office. Tickets are $12. The production runs March 16, 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. and March 20 at 2 p.m. at the Woodlands Auditorium.

Monday, February 21, 2011

More pictures from the HSCB Band Blast

Lydia deSambourg looked snazzy in her red pumps as she entertained the audience at the Band Blast at Jessieville sports arena yesterday afternoon.

Members of the Hot Springs Concert Band percussion section setting up before the concert.

Jim Kelly warms up his trumpet as Lee Beach sets up his drums for the concert.

Lydia deSambourg singing They Can't Take That Away From Me.

The Village Big Band looked sharp and sounded great with Lydia deSambourg out front entertaining the audience.

The Dixielanders were all spread out when they played but the sound was good.

Band Blast at Jessieville a rousing success

The Hot Springs Concert Band under the baton of Dr. Craig Hamilton.

Trumpeters in the Village Big Band warm up prior to the performance.

Trombone player Donna Morton performs with both the Hot Springs Concert Band and the Village Big Band.
Yesterday afternoon the Hot Springs Concert Band, the Village Big Band and the Dixielanders preformed at the Jessieville sports arena for free. The concert was a delight. Every tune was warm and funny. The pieces were selected by HSCB conductor Craig Hamilton, Ph.D. on cold wintry day designed to keep audiences all toasty. Balmy temperatures outside with the threat of rain served just as well as a cold and blustery day for the impetus to come inside and be entertained.
The HSCB performed nine numbers. The Village Big Band performed three numbers and the Dixielanders performed three numbers. The Dixielanders were the only group to deviate from the printed program. They were slated to play Royal Garden Blues and Indiana and opted to play Beale Street Blues and When the Saints Go Marching In instead. When the Saints Go Marching In was the first number the audience loosened up and joined in clapping.
Jessieville music teacher Lydia deSambourg sang an upbeat version of They Can't Take That Away From Me with the Village Big Band. The tune bopped along with deSambourg's lilting voice. Everyone had a bit of a smile on their faces enjoying her singing.
The main event, the HSCB tunes were all well-performed. No glitches. Plenty of good music. My favorites were the Star Spangled Banner, Southwest Summer, I could hear the rattlesnakes and coyotes, and Great Movie Marches. Every piece was well-executed and Hamilton's running commentary between numbers is always funny and informative.
The concert was underwritten by Community First Trust Company for the 11th year in a row.
The HSCB will perform in the Village at the Woodlands April 17 and 18 with an ice cream social sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Hot Springs Village.

Wild turkeys on Arias Lane

Here are a few of the more than three dozen turkeys wandering around yards on Arias Lane.

Presidents' Day

President Lyndon B. Johnson and congress passed legislation moving federal holidays to Mondays so federal employees have three day weekends.
President Richard M. Nixon and congress passed legislation combining the celebration of President Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays to one day, the third Monday in February.
President George Washington was actually born February 22, 1732. President Abraham Lincoln’s birth date is February 12, 1809.
Originally, Washington was celebrated with an unofficial federal holiday before he left office. Washington’s birthday became an official federal holiday in 1832. Americans started celebrating Lincoln’s birthday in 1865. His birthday was not recognized with an official federal holiday.
Today, Presidents’ Day is supposed to honor all presidents. Personally, I think not all presidents are created equally and not all presidents deserve recognition. After all, William Henry Harrison was president for only 32 days. He caught a bad cold at his rainy outdoor inauguration and was sick every day of his presidency.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More of the Muses

New home permits

Lot-block-addition / Address / Contractor/square footage
010-14 Ladera / 4 Recinto Way / Bates Remodeling/2,760
004-08 Cielo / 10 Gloria Drive / D & J Builders/2,579

Addition permits

Lot-block-addition / Address / Contractor/project
026-01 Santiago / 34 South Badalona Drive / Beasley Plumbing/plumbing
003-03 Sonora / 35 Sonora Way / Fred Smith/interior remodel
018-02 Gancho / 76 Delgado Way / Northside Electric/generator
012-06 Segador / 2 Segador Place / Ark Village Homes/deck
005-01 Reata / 9 Cuerda Way / Randy Kunkel/plumbing
024-01 Ojos / 38 Reata Way / Jerry Jones Builders/interior remodel
007-04 Barlovento / 14 Cabrillear Way / Paul Wagner Custom Homes/finish lower level
010-01 Segovia Cts. / 35 La Canada Way / Frederick Boling/replace deck
011-02 Encantado / 23 Encantado Way / Rebath of Centra AR

HVAC permits

Lot-block-addition / Address / Contractor
014-03 Valencia / 39 Valencia Way / Standridge, Inc.
007-05 Teruel / 129 Arias Way / Standridge, Inc.
002-01 Segador / 72 Gancho Way / Reliable Air
011-04 Ojos / 14 Ibi Lane / Reliable Air
007-01 Caribe / 2 Laredo Lane / Standridge, Inc.
009-05 Lindura / 10 Lindura Lane / Reliable Air
004-06 Tiempo / 7 Pinocha Way / Standridge, Inc.
004-08 Baltanas / 20 Lavanda Trace / Reliable Air

Hot water heater permits

Lot-block-addition / Address / Contractor
006-01 Jalisco / 11 Venado Lane / Daryl Creasy
007-03 Alarcon / 7 Alarcon Way / Daryl Creasy
025-01 Magnifico / 4 Magnifico Circle / Bill McLean

Roof permits

Lot-block-addition / Address / Contractor
015-01 Escocia / 4 Escocia Way / David Quick
009-07 Dedalera / 17 Gandesa Way / Greenstar Roofing
011-07 Dedalera / 21 Gandesa Way / Greenstar Roofing
015-02 Faisan / 40 Faisan Way / Magnum Roofing
008-01 Lindura / 40 Lindura Way / Hernandez Roofing
004-06 Fenix / 8 Lanzar Way / Keith Lynchard

Landscape permits

Lot-block-addition / Address / Contractor
039-01 Zafiro / 56 Arjona Way / Ramsey Robison
010-06 Avellano / 13 Avellano Lane / Acey Martin
022-01 Saldana / 43 Saldana Way / Village Landscape
028-02 Saldana / 3 Jaguar Circle / Bennett Bros.
020-08 Promesa / 3 Rivera Place / Bennett Bros.

Help count the vote

The Hot Springs Village Property Owners' Association is soliciting applications from Hot Springs Village property owners in good standing who are willing to serve on an Election Day Committee.
Applications are available online at or from the general manager's office at the POA Administration Building.
The deadline for returning an application is Mon., Feb. 28. Applications must be returned to the General Manager's Office.
Members of the committee will be charged with overseeing the ballot counting for the Hot Springs Village board of directors. Ballots are due no later than March 30 and will be counted on Thurs., March 31.
To serve on the committee you must be a member in good standing of the POA. Applicants will supply their mailing information, education and career background and highlights of volunteer activities in the Village and prior to moving here. The POA is interested in leadership abilities, hobbies and why an applicant wants to serve on this POA committee.

Have a laugh at Murry's tonight

Abie’s Irish Rose at Murry’s Dinner Playhouse in Little Rock, 6323 Col. Glenn Road. Dinner 6 to 7:35 p.m. Curtain 7:45 p.m. Ticket $33. Show only $27. Children under 15 $22. Call 501-562-3131 for more information.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Band Blast this Sunday

Band Blast at Jessieville High School featuring the Hot Springs Concert Band. Free of charge, at 3 p.m.

POA board meeting highlights

The Hot Springs Village Board of Directors met Feb. 16 at the Ponce de Leon Center.
Vice President Mike Misch made a motion to publically commend POA employees working through the inclement weather days to keep everything moving in Hot Springs Village.
General manager Scott Randall reported that staff had done an incredible job during the two most recent weather events. He said he was interviewing CFO candidates and hoped to have a decision by the end of the month. Randall said he was also looking through the applicants for the department of public works Director position.
Randall told the board that recommendations for the 19th Hole and Wood N Iron Restaurants would be brought to the board at its March work session and asked that a special meeting be planned for after the work session to get a vendor in place for these facilities more quickly.
Randall also presented the financial report. He said that the revised format was a work in progress and additional reports could be added. Director Misch asked board members with requests for the financial report to email them to Randall.
Tom Arwood, chair of the governmental affairs committee, told the board that Tom Bryant, a member of the GAC, was appointed to a two-year position on the Garland County tax equalization board. He also commented on the Benton chamber of commerce annual dinner and the recent legislative forum that was held in Hot Springs Village. Director Misch commended Arwood for the work that his committee does for Hot Springs Village.
During questions from the audience discussion was held relative to the POA policy that prohibits door to door solicitation. Several members of Hot Springs Village service clubs asked the board to review the policy because it is a hindrance to their fundraising efforts for charity.
President Bill Linam said that the Board would deliberate the issue at their March work session and could take a vote at the special meeting following the work session.
In other business the board approved the following:
Revision to chapter 4, article 4 Waste/Trash Collection and Disposal Policy.
Revisions to chapter 6, article 1 Golf Facilities Policy.
Amendment to bylaws regarding board elections.
Major expenditures for public works totaling $41,996 against a budget of $50,000.
Major expenditures for golf totaling $324,158 against a budget of $335,070.
The next meeting of the board will be March 2 at 9 a.m. at the Ponce de Leon Center. The board meets the first and third Wednesday of each month.

POA golf committee education piece

By Renee Steinpreis, POA Golf Committee Education
I am writing this article to address some of the concerns, comments and myths about the sand bunkers in the Village. I would first like to present some facts!
here are hundreds of sand bunker in the Village.
They should be renovated every 10 - 15 years according to USGA guidelines. Some of ours have not been renovated in 30 years.
Because we live in such a rocky area, the rocks that are in the sand come up through the sand and contaminate it; the rocks are not hauled in with the sand.
We use limestone which is actually better than the sand we have had before. It will be used to replace sand in the bunkers as the rotations allows during the off season. We try to completely renovate two to three bunkers at each course over the winter.
The cost of sand is about the same as the amount it costs to haul it.
Sand bunkers in the Village are dressed two to three times per week weather permitting.
Heavy rains cause contamination of the sand in the bunkers and it takes longer after a down pour to get them back in shape.
The cost to renovate the bunkers on a course comparable to Granada is between $400,000 and $500,000.
On the bright side, there is a lot that each of us, as golfers in the Village, can do to assist in making the play out of the bunkers more fun! We can always rake after we have made our shot out of the sand. New wider rakes with longer handles have been added to many bunkers to make it easier to rake and as the old rakes are replaced they will be replaced with the wider ones.
Always enter the bunker from the low side and rake toward you. Do not push the sand up the sides of a bunker with the rake. Leave rakes in the bunkers when you are finished raking.
If you play late in the day and decide not to rake because it will be done the next morning, don't count on it. You should always rake the sand when you have finished playing out of a bunker.
Some of the bunkers are being replaced with grass depressions to help cut down the time, personal, and money needed to maintain sand bunkers. Three were completed at Magellan this year and five more are scheduled in 2011.
It would take a strong commitment over the next five years of both time and money to completely renovate the bunkers.
If you see a specific problem in a specific bunker, please report it to the Golf Shop so something can be done about it. We are all out there playing golf; be a good steward of our resources.

Tonight at Robinson Center Music Hall

Mr. Brown and Cora Comedy Show at Robinson Center Music Hall, 426 West Markham in Little Rock, at 8 p.m.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Style Show

Style Show for Scholarships
Date: March 7, 2011
Time: Noon
Location: Forest Lakes Club House
Cost: $15.00
The Lagniappe Shoppe will host a fashion show and lite lunch to benefit the Garland County Single Parent Scholarship Fund.
Proceeds will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund to provide area single parents with the money needed for them to attend school in Arkansas.
To purchase your tickets or get more information, call Lisa Carey at 501-760-4129.

Abie's Irish Rose at Murry's

Abie’s Irish Rose at Murry’s Dinner Playhouse until March 13.
Abie’s Irish Rose is a long-running romantic family comedy, the template for many subsequent successes. Jewish Abe "Abie" Levy, brings home as his bride Rosemary Murphy. To appease his father, Abie introduces Rosemary as "Rosie Murphyski." Papa Levy is fooled until Rosie's father, Patrick Murphy, arrives. A comic war erupts.

Big purple dinosaur in Little Rock today

Barney Live in Concert Birthday Bash! at Robinson Center Music Hall, 426 West Markham in Little Rock, at 3 and 6:30 p.m.

Public works meets today

The POA’s public works committee meets at 9:30 at the Coronado Center. This meeting is open to all POA members.

ACC meets this morning

Cooper’s architectural control committee meets at 8:30 a.m. at the POA administration building.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fill out the survey and return it by March 7

Like many of you I received my fiscal impact study survey from the POA this week. The POA has requested the form be completed and returned no later than March 7.
If we all complete the form and turn it in, a better snapshot of the citizenry of the Village is available. This information helps guide the direction the Village will take in the future. It will more specifically help with marketing efforts. The Village will be marketed to similar type people.
The only way for you to be a part of the future direction of growth of the Village is to complete the form and turn it in as requested.

Workshop at Garvan Gardens

Gardening 101 Workshop Feb. 19 at the Magnolia Room. Garden topic: Early Spring Interest in the Garden from 10 a.m. to noon. Discover the wonders of Garvan Woodland Gardens in early spring during this session, which includes a walk in the Gardens with Bob Byers. Gardening 101 sessions are free to Garden members and previously registered volunteers; regular Garden admission applies to non-members. Advance reservations are recommended. Call the Gardens at 501-262-9300 / 800-366-4664.

March 6 Village Day at Oaklawn

Oaklawn is inviting all Villagers to come out to see the horses race March 6. Bring your proof of Hot Springs Village residency and get free parking, free admission, a free program and free special reserved seating.
In addition to live horse racing, Oaklawn offers penny games, blackjack, video poker, poker, double diamonds and more.
To show its appreciation for all the fans in Hot Springs Village, Oaklawn made March 6 Villagers special day to play the ponies and play the games.

Puttin on the Dog and Cat April 12

The Animal Welfare League is hosting an evening of fun for a good cause and invites Villagers to join in at the annual Puttin' on the Dog.& Cat gala benefit Tues. April 12 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. in the Coronado Center ballroom.
Enjoy the music of the Note-Ables while sampling menu items provided by area restaurants and treats from the private recipe collections of AWL supporters. The wine and chocolate fountains flow all evening while door prizes are drawn and hundreds of Silent Auction items are on display for bidding. Join in the live auction of specially selected items rounding out the evening. Benefit drawing chances will be sold and one lucky guest will take home all the money on the Money Tree.
Tickets are limited and sold in advance only. Buy tickets now at Company's Comin' outside the West gate; The Dogwood Tree outside the East gate and at the Animal Shelter from noon to 2 p.m. Mon. March 14 through Fri. March 18 and again on Mon. March 28 through Fri April 1. The shelter is at 195 Cloaca Ln. off Ponce De Leon Dr. between the Balboa Dam and Balboa Gate.

POA board meets today

The POA board of directors meets at 9 a.m. at the Ouachita room at the Ponce de Leon Center. Today's meeting is a voting meeting. POA members are invited to attend.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buy made in the USA for pets

Barkansas Pet Supply on Highway 7 N only carries pet foods made in the USA. The foods are made with quality meats, fruits, vegetables and natural preservatives. All the foods exceed the Association of American Feed Control Officials, AAFCO, standards.
None of the pet foods sold at Barkansas have cheap fillers, such as corn and sorghum, by-products or chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.
Owners, husband and wife team Lisa Clem and Matt Lewarn, run a pet friendly store. Pets on a leash are always welcome. The couple bring their dog Cutie to the store to greet customers.
Prior to moving to the Village, Clem was president of a non-profit animal rescue for several years. Lewarn and Clem have fostered about 90 cats and dogs in their home. They are passionate about rescue and the well being of pets.
Make Barkansas a regular stop on outings with your pets.
Visit the Barkansas website at

Discovering a sense of place at Heifer

Join the March discussion course, Discovering a Sense of Place, at Heifer, Tuesdays starting March 8 through April 26 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Tuition Fee: $40 per person, includes course and materials.
The eight week long course runs through April 26, meeting on Tuesday evenings. The course focuses on knowing and protecting the place you live. In our fast passed society, malls, restaurants, supermarkets, and the like pop up without much relationship to the environment, the community around them. The readings from this course suggest we consciously immerse ourselves where we live. Come explore through readings and discussion how to better understand your sense of place and how connections to our "places" can have profound benefits to ourselves, our communities and to the Earth. Registration closes March 1 and is limited to 16 participants for a more in-depth and personal growth experience. The entire course is $40 per person which includes all course materials. Call (501) 907-COWS (2697) to reserve your seat.

Notable birthday

Today is Susan B. Anthony's birthday.

Trails today

POA trail committee meets at the Coronado Center at 1:30 p.m. This meeting is open to all POA member.

Murry's Dinner Playhouse

Abie’s Irish Rose at Murry’s Dinner Playhouse in Little Rock, 6323 Col. Glenn Road. Dinner 6 to 7:35 p.m. Curtain 7:45 p.m. Ticket $30. Show only $25. Children under 15 $22. Call 501-562-3131 for more information.

Budget ordinances highlight of last night's Garland County quorum court meeting

The justices of the peace for Garland County considered 14 appropriation ordinances at the quorum court meeting last night. All were passed.
The ordinances are as follows.
O-11-01 County Judge Rick Davis requested a review and re-write of job descriptions in the county judge's office. Johnson and Associates completed the review and recommended salary increases for three positions. The sum of $63,548 was appropriated to various budgets. This represents an increase of $5,220 to the general budget with an increase of $58,328 to the road fund budget.
The circuit court division three received a grant for the administrative office of the courts for $2,500. The money will be moved from the general fund to special projects.
Sheriff Sanders requested an appropriation of $9,958 to purchase an industrial washer and dryer for the detention center. The money was moved from the general fund to machinery and equipment.
Sheriff Sanders requested an appropriation of $9,944.86 for the National School Lunch Program. the money was moved from the general fund to the juvenile detention center.
Sheriff Sanders requested an appropriation of $2,581.78 for insurance reimbursements from APERMA for damage made to a 2005 Durango and 2010 Charger. The money was moved from the general fund to repair and maintenance.
The Hot Springs Police Department and the Garland County Sheriff's Office have applied for a 100-percent paid federal (JAG) grant to be used for the purchase of equipment. Small equipment and supplies-other sundry totalling $12,063 was moved from the general fund to the Sheriff's department budget. Also, $3,083 was moved from the general fund to the detention center budget for small equipment.
The department of emergency management requested $10,873.44 from grant funds be moved to fund communication.
The department of emergency management received a grant from the department of homeland security for interoperable emergency communications for $6,394.44. The funds were used for general office supplies and special projects.
This ordinance requests fund transfers in compliance with changes in the legislative audit.
This ordinance requests funds of $2,888.06 for insurance reimbursement from APERMA for theft of property and equipment at the County road department.
Judge Davis requested $6,097.06 for state aid road reimbursement (JOB SA2660) made by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department be used for asphalt.
Judge Davis requested $5,886.71 be allocated from the general fund to pay for final expenses provided during the jail needs assessment study.
The County Attorney has requested $10,000 for special legal to cover additional copy and labor expenses pertaining to certain lawsuits for the county.
The circuit clerk requested $38,329 for annual maintenance fees for software.

Garland County quorum court committee officers

Members of the Garland County quorum court held an organizational meeting Jan. 3. All 13 justices were present.
Officers for the committees were elected. Matt McKee will chair the public works and building committee in 2011. George Pritchett will serve as vice-chair. The committee will meet the fourth Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Other committee members include John Paul Faulkner, Mickey Gates, Jimmie Harmon and Marilyn Ridge.
Sue Vaughn will chair the human resources committee. Susan Wilkins will serve as vice-chair. The committee will meet the fourth Monday of each month at 5 p.m. Other committee members include Thomas Anderson, John Paul Faulkner, Larry Griffin, Donald Laymon and Ray Owen, Jr.
John Paul Faulkner will chair the environmental services committee. Jimmie Harmon will serve as vice-chair. The committee will meet the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Other committee members include Mary Bournival, Mickey Gates, Donald Laymon, Matt McKee and George Pritchett.
Villager, Larry Griffin will serve as chair of the public health, welfare and safety committee. Mary Bournival will serve as vice-chair. The committee will meet the third Monday of every month at 5 p.m. Other members of the committee include Jimmie Harmon, Marilyn Ridge, Sue Vaughn and Susan Wilkins.
Ray Owen, Jr. will serve as chair of the ordinance committee. Marilyn Ridge will serve as vice-chair. The committee will meet the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Other members of the committee include Thomas Anderson, George Pritchett, Sue Vaughn and Susan Wilkins.
Mickey Gates will serve as chair of the finance committee. Thomas Anderson will serve as vice-chair. The committee will meet the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Other members of the committee include Mary Bournival, Larry Griffin, Donald Laymon, Matt McKee and Ray Owen, Jr.

Contraband at the Garland County courthouse in December

The Garland County courthouse is a month behind on contraband reports due to inclement weather in January.
The summary of activity follows.
In December 1,766 people entered the courthouse at the east entrance, 3,647 at the west entrance.
Of those entering the east entrance, 77 tried to carry in knives, one pepper spray, two scissors, eight multi-tools, 18 other items including screwdrivers, box cutters, screws and corkscrews.
Of those entering the west entrance, 114 tried to carry in knives, five pepper sprays, 28 multi-tools and 22 other items including screwdrivers, box cutters, screws and tazors.

Villager appointed to Garland County tax equalization board

Villager Tom Bryant was nominated for a position on the Garland County tax equalization board.
According to POA governmental affairs committee chairman Tom Arwood, "it has been several years since the Village has had a position on the equalization board. We have filled a slot in Saline County for years."
Before moving to the Village, Bryant was the CEO of his own company in New Jersey.
Bryant will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Curtis B. Craft, Jr. Bryant's term will expire the first Monday of June, 2013.
Resolution R-11-02 passed naming Bryant to the tax equalization board.

Royal Water public facilities board position filled

The five year term of Travis Ware, a commissioner of the Royal Water public facilities board of Garland County expires March 18. Both Anita Bogard and Tommy Sorrells were nominated to fill the position.
The nominations were presented to the Garland County quorum court last night and Anita Bogard was appointed to the Royal Water public facilities board by resolution R-11-01.

Garland County quorum court meeting

Due to a snow and ice storm in January the Garland County Quorum Court did not meet. The last meeting of the court was Dec. 20 under Judge Larry Williams. Last night the court met under the new judge, Rick Davis.
At the last meeting Dec. 20, the justices passed a resolution, R-10-15, requesting "our state and federal representatives refrain from imposing any unfunded mandates."
The justices also passed four ordinances.
An ordinance to amend O-97-18, pertaining to the service fees charged for the collection of solid waste in Garland County, Arkansas, to declare an emergency.
An ordinance to assess an environmental impact fee on all developed property in county's obligated MS4 area.
An ordinance to levy the county, municipal and school taxes for 2010, collectible in 2011.
An ordinance to amend the 2010 Garland County budget ordinance O-09-60, and to appropriate funds therefore to the various offices and to authorize inter-fund transfers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 POA golf project list

The following list contains projects outside the scope of large scale "capital" projects such as course or club house renovations. These projects are identified and prioritized as to availability of labor, funds, and optimum weather conditions for each project. Many will be accomplished by the maintenance crew at the individual courses, some however need the help of the golf construction crew, those will be recorded. Following is the list for 2011 – any that are not accomplished in the next calendar year will take priority in 2012. The projects are listed by course and are not prioritized here. * * denotes need for construction crew.
Desoto Golf Maintenance:
• Remove silt from around the pump house near 6 green. Major project (complete)
• Cut and remove 37 dead trees – (winter ) * mostly complete 12 need professional
• Stump grinding for these and others from 2010 – ( spring)
• Add drainage lines in low spots #1 fairway – (summer) * *
• Renovate Bunker including new drainage (greenside) hole 13 * *
• Renovate Bunker including new drainage (greenside) hole 14 * *
• Renovate cart path hole #10 * * (Dec. ) * also number 7. Temp fix till concrete
• Clean Gabions in drainage way between holes 6 and 7 * *
• Clean ditches remainder of course
• Painted Halfway houses – interior (complete)
• Renovate all signs – yardage poles – tee markers. (Complete)
Desoto Club House:
• New roof shingles on cart barn (contracted)
Cortez Golf Maintenance:
• Removal of shade trees behind # 6 tee to promote sunlight to the area (winter) complete
• Removal of trees to promote sunlight to 14 tee to promote turf growth ( winter) * *
• Remove some trees blocking morning sun to 14 green to promote turf growth complete
• Draining of pond on #4 to "bake" the banks to help alleviate algae growth in pond.
This will take most of the winter, pond will be refilled in spring and fountain returned, in progress
• Retrench ditch on hole 15 to help with drainage. (winter) complete
• Install drain line in constant wet area by the putting green, in progress
• Add irrigation heads to dry areas on holes 11 and 12 * *
• Install drainage to wet area hole #12 * *
• Install drain line to wet area in #7 fairway * * summer
• Remove brush from dam on # 8 (winter) complete
• Remove brush on hillside # 7 tee (winter) complete
• Remove brush on hillside # 2 forward tee (winter)
• Limb trees (course wide) to promote sunlight (winter) in progress 50% complete
• Remove and stump 45 dead trees around the course (winter) in progress 80% done
• Paint signs – distance poles – accessories complete
Coronado Golf Maintenance:
• Continue to plug weak areas of greens–top dress and have them back 100% by April
• Cut 50 dead trees around course – 90% complete
• Plugging greens 75% complete
• Install drainage lines in wet spots # 1 fairway * *
• Install drainage lines in wet spots # 4 fairway * *
• Install drainage from catch basins down the fairway (complete) * *
• Add a catch basin and lateral lines for drainage # 8 fairway * *
• Install lateral lines for additional drainage # 10 fairway * *
• Replace culvert under cart path and add drainage to 16 fairway * *
• Add additional drainage to # 17 fairway * *
• Renovate both course restrooms – * * help also from building maintenance
This list is very aggressive and all may not be accomplished this year.
Coronado Club House:
• Renovate both men’s and women’s restrooms inside the clubhouse (spring)
• Replace and widen the cart path from the cart barn to parking lot * *
Magellan Golf Maintenance:
• Repair greens drainage # 5 green (winter)
• Clean out ditch along # 5 fairway (winter)
• Cut approximately 45 dead trees around course (winter) in progress 50 %
• Replace rusted catch basin # 8 fairway – * * summer
• Replace rusted catch basin # 15 fairway – * * summer
• Install new drainage # 15 fairway * * summer
• Clean out silt from ditches # 4 behind green and # 5 tee * * winter
• Level high areas along cart paths for better drainage across path. 30% complete
• Replace rusted overflow pipe #12 pond. * * (summer)
• Install new drain line across fairway in front of # 10 green * *
• Level forward tee # 5 – * * (summer)
• Convert the following bunkers from sand to grass depressions: (summer)
# 9 first fairway bunker
# 10 greenside bunker
# 5 greenside bunker
# 14 greenside bunker
# 13 first fairway bunker
# 15 right fairway bunker
Reduce the size of # 9 greenside bunker
All will need the help of the construction crew and what we do not get to in will be carried forward.
•Clean all greens drain lines complete
• Clean underbrush around course 75% complete - major project
• Renovate all tee markers – ball washers – signs – poles coolers – bag racks - complete
Magellan Golf Shop:
• Replace carpet in golf shop – hallway and restrooms – winter/spring
Balboa Golf Maintenance:
• Add lateral irrigation heads to left side of 5 fairway where it stay dry – winter
• Reconstruct drain and drain line 13 fairway by 100 yd. marker winter ** complete
• Install drain line in front of 18 green. winter ** complete
• Repair cart path next to # 6 tee – winter
• Repair cart path next to 15 tee – winter
• Replace railroad ties by cart path around 16 and 17 greens with stone – winter
• Cut down 47 trees course wide and stump - winter ½ way complete
• Limb around entire course – winter ½ way complete
• Greenside bunker # 13 renovate bunker
• Replace handrails around restroom/ ½ way house 15 tee ** complete
• Clean ditches – 2 – 6 – 16 and pond on driving range ** complete
Balboa Club House:
• Renovate all interior restrooms
Isabella Golf Maintenance:
• Replace 5 sections of cart paths various places around the course – * *
• Drainage ditch # 1 (SM) cleaned out winter * * complete
• Drainage ditch # 9 (SM) cleaned out – winter * *
• Install new drain lines # 6 fairway Nina – summer * *
• Install new drain line # 5 fairway Pinta – summer * *
• Remove all dead trees and stumps approx. 39 – winter 90% complete
• Cart paths edged ** complete
• All signs – tee markers – poles – ball washers renovated **complete
Isabella Club House:
• Replace Patio Furniture spring
Granada Golf Maintenance:
• Take out "volunteer creek willows" and clean creek 12 13 winter ** 90 % complete
• Repair cart path # 4 - * *
• Take out 15 dead trees around the course and stumps – winter ** complete
• Clean out area between 4 and 5 – winter * *
• Replace sand in # 5 left front bunker spring ** complete
• Replace sand in # 9 left front bunker spring ** complete
• Replace sand in # 8 back greenside bunker spring ** complete
• Convert waste area on #10 to grass depression
• Sod # 3 by cart trail from winter kill of 2009 – summer
• Halfway houses and driving range restrooms painted interior ** complete
Granada Restaurant:
• Replace Patio Furniture – spring
Ponce Golf Maintenance:
• Fairway drainage project continues on the following holes: 3, 5, 10, 12, 18 – finish entire project by end of summer * *
• Bunker renovations on the following holes:1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18
• Possible replacement of the culvert under 14 fairway (deteriorating) * *
• Reshape and sod # 12 black tee - summer
• Remove 75+ dead trees - 90% complete this is a major project
• Cutting tree limbs around the course for light and drainage – 90% complete
• Drain Lines cleaned and ditch’s cleaned complete
• During bad weather – have been helping renovation in restaurant ** complete
• Painting trim on outside of halfway houses ** complete
• Paint interior of halfway houses - winter
Ponce Golf Shop and Restaurant:
• Renovate HVAC system (restaurant) winter, in progress
• New ceiling tiles (restaurant) winter, in progress
• New flooring – winter – restaurant – golf shop – hallway in progress
• New patio furniture –spring

Takes two to replace David Whitlow

On January 28, new POA general manager announced the appointments of Randy Noles and Dennis Eskew as interim directors of department of public works. During the recruitment process, each will maintain primary responsibility for their respective areas of responsibility; and both will be included in our weekly staff meetings.

Agenda for POA board Feb. 16 meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Prayer – Jerry Kosoglow
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Introduction of Guests
4. Approval of Order of Business
5. Approval of Minutes/Notes: 1-19-11 Regular meeting, 2-2-11 Work Session
6. President’s Comments
7. Board Members’ Comments
8. General Manager and Department Reports
9. Treasurer’s Report
10. Standing Committee Reports
11. A. Standing Committee Minutes Received: Golf 1-13-11, Governmental Affairs 1-7-11, Public Works 1-20-11, Recreation 1-17-11, Trails 1-18-11, Architectural Control Committee Minutes Received: 1-20-11, 2-3-11
12. Questions from the Audience
13. Policy Revisions – Mike Misch
A. Chapter Four, Article 4, Waste/Trash Collection and Disposal Policy
B. Chapter Six, Art. 1, Golf Facilities Policy
14. Amendment to Bylaws Re: Board Election – Mike Misch
15. Major Expenditures: Budget Bid
Public Works – Jerry Kosoglow
A. 2011 Chevrolet 1 Ton Quad Cab Chassis w/utility
Service bed and 2011 Chevrolet Mid Size ½ ton p/u budget $50,000, bid $41,996
B. Golf Dept-Jerry Kosoglow
2-Ventrac Tractors- (1) DeSoto, (1) Isabella budget $43,680, bid $44,571
C. 2 Wheel Drive Deck Mowers (1) DeSoto 4 wheel drive mower -Isabella budget $46,680, bid $42,457
D. Greens Sprayers—(1)Coronado (1) Magellan budget $50,720, bid $53,251
E. Light Duty Work Carts (2) DeSoto, (2) Coronado (2) Granada (1) Balboa budget $30,300, bid $28,885
F. 5 Walk Behind mowers-Ponce budget $46,800, bid $41,048
G. Tri-plex Reel Type Tee Mower budget $26,790, bid $22,602
H. Tri-plex Slope Mower – Balboa budget $31,000, bid $31,998
I. 7 – Gang Reel Type Fairway Mower – Isabella budget $59,100, bid $59,346
16. Questions from the Audience
17. Adjournment

Proposed changes to POA bylaws and new election procedures

The POA staff suggested the following changes to the bylaws allowing the counting of ballots for the POA board of directors election by POA staff. This will save the $7,500 outside expense of an independent auditing firm to perform the count. But, it takes away the unbiased certification process.
Once bylaws are approved, the board will need to appoint an ad hoc election day committee consisting of not less than14 members to provide oversight to conduct this election count.
The POA staff advised the board of the internal procedures of the new election count process using POA staff.
The staff performed the election count for many years prior to hiring an outside firm to do the official count.
Board of Directors: Election Process
The election of the Board of Directors shall be as follows:
Section 1. Election of Board of Directors shall be by written ballot as hereinafter provided. At such election the Property Owners’ Association members may cast one vote per position to be filled.
Section 2. The election to the Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with established procedures. established by the Board of Directors.
Section 3. Any member of the Property Owners Association in good standing and not an employee of the Association may be certified for candidacy for the Board of Directors election ballot.
Application for placement on the election ballot shall be made in the following manner:
The applicant shall correctly complete, sign and submit the official application for candidacy and petition to the office of the General Manager. The General Manager who, along with a designated Board member, will certify that the applicant is a member in good standing and has properly filed an application, and will so notify the Board of Directors.
Section 4. Voting for the Board of Directors shall be on a printed ballot which shall (l) designate the number of vacancies to be filled; (2) set forth the names of candidates for such vacancies. with spaces opposite each name with the word "For".
The order of appearance of the candidates names on the ballot shall be in random order with each candidate’s name appearing first on the ballot an equal number of times.
One ballot per lot or living unit shall be prepared, each containing a consecutive number, and mailed by the Secretary of the Association to all members of the Association in good standing, at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the date designated by the Board of Directors as the date for the election. All ballots returned that contain the same number will be automatically voided.
The term of office of a Director shall be for three (3) years or until a successor shall have been elected and certified by the Board of Directors; the term shall commence immediately following the regular April Board meeting; and the term shall expire upon the adjournment of the regular April Board meeting three (3) years after election unless a successor has not been elected and certified by the Board of Directors. In such event the Director shall continue to serve until a successor is elected and certified.
If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors for any reason, the Board shall appoint a successor Director to serve an interim term being the time until the next election and certification date.
Section 5. Each ballot returned shall be counted by the POA staff and stored mailed directly to an independent firm to be counted and stored by the independent firm in a safe and secure place. An ad hoc Election Day Committee, composed of members in good standing recruited and selected under the general provisions for standing committee selections, shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at its March regular meeting. The ad hoc Election Day Committee shall oversee the opening, counting and tally of ballots on the date of the election. The Board of Directors shall designate a date as the date of the election. The candidates receiving the greater number of votes shall be elected to fill the number of positions vacant. In an election where there are positions open with varying lengths of terms, and there are more candidates than open positions, the candidate(s) receiving the highest number of votes will receive the longer term(s) in successive order as determined by the election ballot procedure. The results of the election will be submitted to the General Manager independent firm who will notify the current Board of Directors, all Board of Directors candidates and issue a press release on the results shall release the election results on the designated election date. The Board of Directors shall certify those so elected and the terms at its April regular meeting.
Section 6. Regardless of the above provisions, if the time set by the Association for the filing of applications expires and the number of vacancies on the Board of Directors to be filled at any election and the number of certified candidates for those positions are the same or less, the Association shall not be required to follow the election procedure outlined in Sections 4 and 5 above. Rather, for reasons of economy, the Board of Directors shall declare the candidates elected as officially as if elected by the ballot procedure, and they shall take and hold office accordingly.
If the length of the terms of the positions being filled are not equal, and/or there is a need for an incumbent Board member to continue in office until a successor shall have been elected and certified by the Board of Directors, both of these issues will be decided by the drawing of lots by the candidates or the affected Directors.
In the event of any of the above situations, the Board of Directors shall inform the members of the Association the names of the elected persons by any manner of publication it may choose, provided such publication is sent to all members entitled to receive ballots under provisions of Section 4. hereinabove.
Section 7. Any property owner shall have the right to request in writing a recount of the ballots returned so long as the request is made within three (3) working days of the election date and an upfront fee is paid to cover all costs to perform the recount at a charge to be determined by the General Manager. All ballots will be stored by the POA independent firm in a safe and secure place for a period of one year.
• Water marked ballots (to help avoid duplication), letter, resumes and return postage paid envelopes will be mailed to all Association members in good standing on March 11, 2011. (Members are considered to be in good standing if not more than two months in arrears by March 4, 2011). Ballots are rotated at the printer to allow each candidate an equal opportunity for his/her name to appear first on the ballot. Two colors of ballots are used to distinguish between resident and non-resident votes.
• Cost of election materials will be approximately $5,300; Postage to mail will be $11,000 based on 25,000 at $.44; postage paid return envelopes based on 15,000 return envelopes will be $7,950 based on $0.53 each for a total approximate cost of $19,250.
• Deadline for receipt of ballots is 4:00 p.m., March 30, 2011.
• Prior to election day, ballots are stored unopened in the Accounting Department vault as they are received and bundled in lots of 100.
• On the morning of the election, envelopes containing ballots are taken to the site of the count at the Ponce de Leon Ctr. where they are opened by a staff member using an automated slitting machine observed by one of the Election Day Committee members.
• On March 31, 2011, members of the Election Day Committee and POA staff meet to tally the ballots beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the Ouachita Building.
• After envelopes are opened, a numbered tally sheet is affixed to each bundle of approximately 100 envelopes by one of the Election Day Committee members.
• Ten counting teams composed of two POA staff each are seated at separate tables along with a member of the Election Day Committee who serves as an observer/runner.
• POA counting teams remove the ballots from each envelope and separate the two different colored ballots into separate piles.
• One member of each counting team reads the votes while the second member records each vote on the bundle tally sheet. Spoiled or questionable ballots will be segregated for evaluation by the Election Day Committee.
• Completed numbered bundle tally sheets are affixed to the related ballots and given to a member of the Election Day Committee for recording on the master bundle tally list. Tally sheets indicate the number of ballots and the number of votes in each bundle.
• Property Owners, Board members and the press may view the entire counting and tallying procedure from a distance of not less than ten feet from any counting team. They cannot speak, or attempt to speak to any counting team or engage in any activity which would serve to distract the counting/tallying team.
• Following the election, ballots and tally sheets are put in secure storage at the POA Accounting Dept. vault and retained for one year
Election Day Committee Duties:
• The Board appoints an ad hoc Election Day Committee consisting of not less than 14 people at its March 16, 2011 regular Board meeting. Committee members must be property owners in good standing and must not be the spouse of a Board member or Board candidate.
• A member of the Election Day Committee will observe the slitting of envelopes and take the bundles to the counting team.
• The Election Day Committee puts tally sheets on bundles and serves as a runner to tables.
• Members of the Election Day Committee serve as observers while counting teams remove the ballots from each envelope, separate the two different colored ballots into separate piles and record the votes.
• Recording of the numbered bundles into a Master bundle tally sheet will be done by an Election Day Committee member into an excel spread sheet on a laptop provided by the POA.
• The master bundle tally list is cross footed for resident votes and non-resident votes for each candidate and then total votes computed.
• The Election Day Committee will rule on the validity of spoiled/questionable ballots.
• The Election Day Committee then completes the Election Certification Sheet and notifies the General Manager of the results. The General Manager will notify the current Board of Directors, all Board of Directors candidates and issue a press release on the results.
• In the event of a material tie, the affected candidates will be called together and final results will be determined by the drawing of lots.

Policy changes to be voted on at Wednesday's POA board meeting

The POA staff has suggested the following policy changes to the POA board. The changes will be voted on at this Wednesday’s board meeting, Feb. 16.
The changes that require board approval. The policy recommendations for change follow:
Chapter Four, Article 4 – Waste/Trash Collection and Disposal Policy:
Section 4 D. Staff is recommending the deletion of the reference to curbside recycling as it was discontinued Jan. 1, 2011 and there are now two, instead of one, curbside recycling stations for residents to dispose of their recyclables.
Chapter Six, Article 1 – Golf Facilities:
Recommending changing Section 3, Computer Tee Time Assignment System:
Participants must still register but are not required to pay an annual fee this year. The staff recommended the wording "may be required" in the event this fee is re-instituted in the future . This will cover both scenarios so the policy will not have to be changed each time a fee is, or is not, charged.
Section 5. Staff is also recommending "active military personnel (through the year 2012) " be added in this section to play at guest rate. This was approved by the board on January 19 but has not been changed in POA policy.
Chapter Four – Public Works & Utilities:
Article 4
Waste/Trash Collection and Disposal Policy
Section 1. Purpose
To establish policy for waste/trash collection and disposal.
Section 2. Definition
Waste is defined as household waste including garbage which must be disposed of in a sanitary manner. Trash includes all other refuse including leaves, branches, papers, moving boxes, wood scraps and white goods, i.e. scrap water heaters, clothes dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
Section 3. Containers
Household waste, excluding white goods and trash, must be placed in a container approved by POA (see procedures).
Section 4. Limitations
A. Residential customers will be limited to a maximum of four (4) waste cans.
B. Commercial customers waste removal will be provided by the POA. Large commercial containers may be provided by the POA, upon request.
C. Hazardous materials will not be accepted for pick-up.
Hazardous materials are defined as "substances or materials which have been determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property." Examples are explosives, combustible liquids, flammable materials, poisons, etc.
D. Curbside recycling and a Recycling drop-off station(s) recycling program is are provided by the POA.
Page 2 Waste/Trash Collection & Disposal Policy
Section 5. Service Locations
Waste/trash to be collected must be placed within ten (10) feet of the edge of the pavement. Customers subscribing to "at house" service will place their waste/trash at the appropriate location.
Section 6. Special Pickup/Yard Waste
The Property Owners’ Association will remove for a fee waste/trash beyond that described in Section 4. by special arrangement.
Section 7. Site Appearances
Residential customers are responsible for the cleanliness of the streets adjacent to their property.
Adopted 6-22-88, Rev. 12-19-01 BOD

POA recreation committee meets today

The POA recreation committee was postponed last month due to snow. This month it is back on schedule meeting today at 1:30 at the Coronado Center. The meeting is open to all POA members.

Happy Valentine's Day

The official holiday name is Saint Valentine's Day, but it has been shortened to Valentine's Day. Every year this date is set aside to celebrate love and increase restaurant revenue not to mention the boost in flower, candy and greeting card purchases.
Do I sound cynical. My husband is one of those that does not approve of the celebration of Valentine's Day. Every year I try to bend him around to common acceptance of this holiday with varying degrees of success, not very satisfying for either one of us. This year I have given up. I have a meeting at lunchtime and a rehearsal at dinnertime. I plan to spend a good portion of the day away from home running errands. I have given up on Valentine's Day.
I was okay with this loss of control until a close relative e-mailed me that her new boyfriend feels the same way as my husband, total anti-Valentine's Day man. She took matters into her own hands and declared it's okay not to like the traditional trappings of Valentine's Day that are designed to enrapture females everywhere but it is the recognized day for love and they will spend some time together with a designated activity like working at a soup kitchen, volunteer for a worthy charity, clean up along the roadside or just going for a walk together.
She is my hero. I would have been satisfied with any of her suggestions. Now, I am avoiding my home to squelch my expectations. I have moved away from celebrating love to hiding in my car to spare my feelings and his. Next year I will get a copy of her list of possible activities and serve it up for my husband to pick one. No stress, no strain and no hurt feelings.
From now on Valentine's Day is a day to do good together.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog progress

We reached over 18,000 hits this morning, keep up the shared work.

Trash pick up today for some

POA Village trash pickup missed Thurs. Feb. 10 has been rescheduled to today, Feb. 12. The recycling center on Cloaca Road is open today to make up for closures earlier this week.

Nixon in China live from the Met

The Metropolitan Opera's live high-definition broadcast of the opera Nixon in China is today at noon at Tinseltown in Benton.
The contemporary opera was composed by Pulitzer Prize winner John Adams. According to Adams, “the meeting of Nixon and Mao is a mythological moment in world history, particularly American history.” Acclaimed director and longtime Adams collaborator Peter Sellars makes his Met debut with this groundbreaking 1987 work, an exploration of the human truths beyond the headlines surrounding President Nixon’s historic 1972 encounter with Mao and Communist China. Baritone James Maddalena stars as Nixon, a role he created to widespread acclaim. Nixon in China, Sellars says, “shows you what opera can do to history, which is to deepen it and move into its more subtle, nuanced, and mysterious corners.”
This production was originally created by English National Opera.
The production of Nixon in China contains some adult content that may not be appropriate for young children.

A snow story to share

At 11:10 yesterday morning the POA sand truck came down our lonely little cul-de-sac reconnecting residents with the outside world. At 11:25 the garbage truck came around to pick up trash, two weeks worth. At 11:30 the sand truck was back to put down more sand to get the garbage truck out of a rut on the street.
If that was the end of our winter tale that would be enough. Unfortunately, our neighbor across the street had taken a spill on the ice in his driveway the previous night. A fire truck and an ambulance had to make fresh tracks in our snow on Thursday evening. The neighbor and his wife were transported to St. Joe's for treatment of a concussion. He was released at 3 a.m. and the couple had to stay in a hotel down in Hot Springs for the remainder of the evening. A Hot Springs friend with a big truck brought them back to the Village about the same time as the arrival of the garbage truck.
The postman and UPS man making Wednesday deliveries all arrived at the same time, too. We on Magda Lane went from complete isolation to our own parade.
The neighbor is recovering and happy to be back in his own bed.

Lanterns in moonlight at Wildwood Park

A Deep Winter Cultural Festival Feb. 18 through 20 at 6 p.m.$10 for adults, $5 for children ages 6-12, Free to children 5 and under.
Celebrating the first full moon of the lunar new year, LANTERNS! brings eight cultural vistas to light in Wildwood's winter woodlands. Bundle up and enjoy live entertainment and great foods for purchase from cultures around the globe: Asia, Russia, India, Germany, Mexico, Shakespeare's England, Venice and old Americana's Wild West!Experience entertainment in Russia from pianist Tatiana Roitman and musicians from the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, listen to a live mariachi band in Mexico, travel to Germany's biergarten for live polka music and dancing. You can also journey to India for authentic cuisines, step back in time to Shakespeare's England for live performances from the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, get your photo taken at a Wild West saloon in old Americana, or launch a luminary in Venice and make a wish.
New this year, LANTERNS! will have two gates open for your convenience! LANTERNS! will be open February 18 and 19, 6 to 10 p.m. and Sunday, February 20, 6 to 9 p.m.. Call (501) 821-7275 for more information. Tickets are available online.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Re-joining the real world

Good luck as you get out and return to the world today. The high will be in the mid-forties with significant snow melt-off. I plan to get out and take a ride in my car today. It may only be to Wal-Mart but I need to get out, alone.
Hopefully, my husband will get out on his own as well. Too much togetherness can be lethal.
Have fun and be safe.
Remember schools are still out so there will be children outside trying to enjoy the end of the snow.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb. 11 openings

The Coronado Fitness Center, Coronado Community Center, Ponce de Leon Center and the POA administration building is open regular hours Friday, February 11.

Feb. 11 closings

Fountain Lake and Jessieville School Districts are closed again, Friday, Feb. 11. National Park Community College is closed, too.

What a difference a day makes

The afternoon of Feb. 9.
The afternoon of Feb. 8.

No POA trash pickup today

The Thursday pickup didn't happen today. No new schedule has been issued by the POA as of yet.

Roads update

As of this afternoon Village roads are still snow packed and slick. Balearic Road has been re-opened. Fresno Hill is still closed.

More closures

The Hot Springs Village Area Chamber of Commerce is closed again today, Feb. 10.

Village closures

The Coronado Fitness Center, Ponce de Leon Center and Coronado community Center are all closed today, Feb. 10.
Balearic Road from Coronado Drive to Reata Way is closed. Fresno Hill is closed.

School closures continue today

Jessieville and Fountain Lake School Districts are closed again today as well as National Park Community College. Village residents are advised to stay off the roads until they are cleared. Warmer temperatures tomorrow and throughout the weekend will melt most of the snow.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love and Creativity is rescheduled

The Muses Art of Living community outreach Love & Creativity has been rescheduled to Thurs., Feb. 17 at 6:30 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church.
Please join us for an evening of education, laughter and play, as we explore the benefits of living a life filled with love and creativity. As always, the Art of Living is free and open to the public.

Closures for tomorrow

The Kiwanis Club and the Computer Club have cancelled their meetings for tomorrow, Feb. 10.

All POA facilities closed

POA facilities are closed today, including Fitness Center, Coronado Center, Ponce Center, Recycling Center and all golf courses due to inclement weather. Road crews, emergency and essential personnel are on duty.

No POA trash pickup today

I am one of the many that have had no garbage pickup so far this month due to the storm today and the storm last Friday. With any luck we will have our regular garbage pickup day restored this Friday.

Chamber closed today

It is no surprise the HSV Area Chamber of Commerce is taking a snow day today.

Closures in the Village

Today, Nov. 9, the Coronado Fitness Center is closed. The Lakes and water committee meeting has been postponed to Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. at the Coronado Center.

Public works schedule today

Beginning at 6:00 a.m. crews will work 12-hour shifts to plow roads within Hot Springs Village.
Crews are split into quadrants with a plow assigned to each quadrant. Major and collector roads will be cleared first. Those road include the following.
DeSoto Boulevard, Barcelona, Balearic, Fresno, Carmona, Ponce de Leon, Balboa Drive, Balboa Road, and Cortez Road.
Once the snow subsides, crews will apply a mixture of salt and sand to the roadways.
Neighborhood roads will only be cleared in case of emergency or as time/weather permits.

A message from the POA public works

During inclement weather residents are encouraged to stay home and off the roads. Residents who do venture out should not abandon their vehicles in the roadways. Vehicles should be moved to the shoulder making sure the entire car is free of the roadway. Vehicles left in the roadway present a hazard and may be towed at the owner's expense.
Hot Springs Village's public works crews cannot sand, plow, or clear roadways that have vehicles abandoned on them.
Please make every effort to stay at home during inclement weather to provide both public works and public safety crews the time to clear Hot Springs Village roadways.

Fence permits considered by ACC

Cooper's architectural control committee met last week to discuss five fence permit applications, a couple of sign requests and an in-home business.
024-04 Fletante / 17 Ostento Way / Stephen Pope/Home Services
This request for an in-home handyman service meets all Village criteria. The permit was approved by consensus.
The assignments were discussed as follows.
006-01 Murcia / 112 East Villena Drive / Ron Bush/fence
Buddy Dixon reviewed this permit application. This fence was previously approved as a chain link fence. The homeowner requested a change to a wire fence that was not policy friendly. The permit was denied.
001-03 Baeza / 2 Baeza Way / Michael Fisher/fence
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application. This proposed fence is four foot wrought iron on the side of the house on a lake lot. There is already natural screening in place. The permit was approved by consensus.
009-03 Marinero / 80 Marinero Way / Tommy's Custom Fence/fence
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application. This fence is more landscaping than fence. Currently there is a split rail decoration not a fence in the yard. It needs to be replaced. Replacement in the front yard with a fence is against Village policy. Replacement in the backyard would be allowed. The permit request was denied as written.
013-09 Alta Vista / 4 Alabanza Lane / Gary O'Keane/fence
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application. This fence is wrought iron black for pet containment. The fence will mirror the next door neighbor's fence. The permit was approved by consensus.
022-20 Diamante / 48 Loyola Drive / fence
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit request. This request was previously denied. The new fence materials are balck wrought iron on the side of the house. The permit was approved by consensus.
Planning and inspections department head Steve White told committee members Carriage Homes has a goal to build 100 homes in the Village this year. If it happens, the Village would be well on its way to financial recovery.
Signage continues to be an issue within the Village. Illegal weekend yard sale signs are rampant. White may soon have a new part-time employee to deal with picking up the illegal signage.
There were no variance requests.
There were two sign requests under commercial, churches and non-residential.
The Unitarian Universalist Village Church, 403 Barcelona Road requests old signage for the Village Church of Christ be changed out with a UUVC sign. The sign request was approved by consensus.
The Village Church of Christ, 210 Balboa Road requests a sign off of Letrista. The sign would be on a slab. It meets all Village policy. The permit was approved by consensus.
The ACC will meet next Feb. 17 at 8:30 a.m. at the POA administration building.

New professional theater company in Hot Springs

Arkansas TheatreWorks will offer a professional theater experience in downtown Hot Springs.
The 2011ncharter season will run from May through November. Performances will be mounted at the Central Theatre at 1008 Central Avenue.
According to managing director Shelly Kleinman and artistic director Jerry Davis, the Central Theatre is lovely, spacious, but intimate, with 282 comfortable upholstered seats and a large stage.
Subscriptions will go on sale March 1. There will be five productions this season, Mack the Knife, Moonlight and Magnolias, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Stage Struck and Ain’t Misbehavin’.
Visit the website at or call (501) 922-6899 for more information and pre-subscription deals.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

National Park Community College closed tomorrow

The robo-call went out a few minutes ago. The National Park Community College campus will be closed Wednesday, Feb. 9 due to inclement weather.
Fountain Lake and Jessieville School Districts will be closed as well.

Brown Bag Bistro opened yesterday

The Brown Bag Bistro, 104 Cedar Mountain Circle, off Highway 7 North, where El Acapulco used to be before it moved closer to Hot Springs, opened its doors yesterday.
The menu is pure bistro and lunch was very good. Prices are very reasonable and the decor is very bistro.
The BBB is opens 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday, no closing time given, and from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays. Weekdays lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The menu boasts soups, salads, quiches and sandwiches for lunch. The dinner menu has several Italian items, pork, fish, chicken and several steak selections. A little something for everyone.
I am looking forward to trying out the nighttime menu.

Emergeny shelter information

National - 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767)
Garland County - (501) 623-9321 - Also covers the Saline County portion of Hot Springs Village
Red Cross Emergency Shelters
Coronado Community Center
150 Ponderosa Lane, Hot Springs Village
(501) 922-5050
Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church
700 Baleric Road, Hot Springs Village
(501) 922-4503
Jessieville High School
7900 North Highway 7, Jessieville
(501) 984-5381
Fountain Lake School
4207 Park Avenue, Hot Springs
(501) 623-5655
Department of Emergency Management
Arkansas - 1-800-322-4012

Emergency supplies

One (1) gallon of water per person, per day. Keep at least a three day supply.
Select foods that do not require refrigeration, preparation or cooking.
examples: ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables; canned juices, milk and soup; sugar, salt, and pepper; peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bar, and trail mix; cookies, hard candy, cereal, instant coffee, and tea.
First Aid Kit
Tools and Supplies
examples: paper cups and plates, and plastic utensils; candles, battery operated radio and flashlight, extra batteries; cash or travelers checks; manual can opener, fire extinguisher, pliers, tape, waterproof matches, aluminum foil, paper, pencil, and map of area; toilet paper, soap, garbage bags, disinfectant, camp stove, lantern, and firewood.
Clothing and Bedding
One complete change of clothing per person, blankets, sleeping bag, hat, gloves, warm clothes, and sturdy shoes.
Special Items
Medicine, keep at least one week’s supply; contact lenses and supplies; toothpaste, toothbrush, entertainment, games and books.

Village emergency numbers

Hot Springs Village Police Department
Emergency - 911
Non-emergency - (501) 922-0011
Hot Springs Village Fire Department
Emergency - 911
Balboa - (501) 922-5090
Coronado - (501) 922-4081
Cortez - (501) 922-2210
DeSoto - (501) 922-4078
Hot Springs Village Welfare Checks
(501) 922-0011

Weather nightmare just a day away

Today is the day for Villagers to prepare for a projected record storm.
The storm is supposed to be as bad if not worse than a record storm in 2002. Most of us weren't here in 2002, so heed all of the warnings.
Trusted forecast models are predicting 8 to 11 inches of snow in Hot Springs Village for Wednesday. Needless to say, there will probably be no meetings or services tomorrow. Schools will undoubtedly be closed.
I will bring you up-to-date information throughout the day. Or, as long as our internet service is available.
Make sure you have prescriptions filled, a week's supply of food and water and wood for the fireplace or wood stove. Today is the day to get out and do as much as possible since tomorrow you will be stuck inside. Make sure you know where your fresh batteries are for your flashlights and radio.
Be very careful if you intend to use candles during a possible power outage. None of us want to see a house burn down due to a candle mishap.
At this point no closures have been announced but I will keep you informed.
What makes this storm different from the storm of 2002 is the HSV police have a better communication system in place. In 2002 the communication system went out and cell phone service was unavailable. A few ham radio operators helped out the police and most communication was by line of sight. The system available today has back-up if tragedy should strike. And rest assured the POA is making sure it is ready to handle all contingencies just like we are.
Be careful, be prepared and stay warm.