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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Charlie Brown at Pocket

THA meeting cancelled

The townhouse association working board meeting was cancelled this morning. The next meeting is scheduled for 10:30 a.m., Dec. 10 at the THA administrative building.

Holiday shopper countdown

There are only 25 shopping days left before Christmas. The trend this year is to give home-made gifts. Also, buying just for children with adults foregoing gifts this year is another way to save money.
Our family decided to give to charities in other family member's names. The grandchildren have token gifts but are supporting Heifer International with the bulk of their Christmas gift. My youngest child, the only one not married, will still get a Christmas gift this year. Her gift supports breast cancer research. The other three are married and will have to suffer through the holidays with just good wishes from mom and dad.
Everyone is tightening their belts still. The economy recovery is too slow to spend on anything beyond the basics. My nieces and nephews are getting clothes from their moms and dads this year.
My husband and I have agreed to exchange just one present with each other. There is a $50 limit. I hope he remembers home-made is from the heart.

Last day of 2010 hurricane season

Nov. 30 is the last day of hurricane season. There were 12 hurricanes in 2010 but none of them his the U.S. We were very lucky this year. Hopefully, 2011 will also be tame.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Upcoming auditions for HSV Players' Senior Follies

Auditions are set for Village Players next production of Billy St. John’s Senior Follies a comedy by Billy St. John.The Play takes place in a retirement home and calls for five women and four men. No singing or dancing is required.The show is produced by Marge Newburn, directed by Judy Corwin, and assistant directed by Jeff Smith. Auditions are Dec. 11 and Dec. 12 in the Ouachita Room from 2 to 4 p.m.Play dates are March 16, 18, 19, and 20 on the Woodlands Stage. Rehearsals begin in January.Call Judy at 922-6750 or Marge at 922-9047 for reserve a copy of the script.If you want to have fun enjoying "OLD AGE" come out for these auditions. The production staff guarantees it will be a life-changing experience, well, maybe not so life changing but for sure fun.

POA children's Christmas Party Dec. 12

Each year the POA hosts a Christmas Party in the lobby of the Woodlands for Village children. This year the children's party is Dec. 12 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. The party is free.

Closing out November

There are few meetings Monday and Tuesday this week as the month comes to a close.
The townhouse association board meets November 30 at 8:30 a.m. at the THA administrative building on Perralena Lane.
The POA board will hold a working board meeting December 1 at the Ouachita room at the Ponce de Leon Center at 9 a.m.
The architectural control committee meets December 2 at 8:30 a.m. at the POA administrative building. At the same time the Newcomers Coffee will be at the Ouachita room at the Ponce de Leon Center.
The governmental affairs committee will meet December 3 at 8 a.m. at the Coronado Center.
All POA meetings are open to the public.

Holiday concerts galore in Village

Hot Springs Village is the place to be for holiday concerts in December.
Dec. 6 the Crystal Chimes will hold two concerts at the Coronado Center, 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Cocoa, Cookies and Carols.
Dec. 6 and 7 at the Woodlands Auditorium the Cedar Mountain Singers present Christmases and Hippopotamuses at 7:30 p.m.
The Hot Springs Concert Band is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Hot Springs Village at the Woodlands Auditorium Dec. 9 at 7:30 p.m.
The Village Chorale concert is Dec. 14 at 7:30 p.m. at Woodlands Auditorium.
Handel's Messiah sponsored by the Village Chorale is at Woodlands Auditorium Dec. 19 at 3 p.m.
The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra holiday concert sponsored by the Hot Springs/Village Symphony Guild closes out the concert season Dec. 20 at 7:30 p.m.
Most tickets are available by club members and at the Woodlands box office.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cortez Wood N Iron Grill is Serving Steaks for Animal Welfare League

Wood N Iron Grill at the Cortez golf course, 299 Cortez Road, will donate $1.00 for each steak ordered on Friday night steak nights during December to benefit the Animal Welfare League's programs and services to pets in need.
Eight ounce top sirloin, baked potato, vegetable and a choice of soup or salad are featured every Friday for just $12.95. Reservations are needed for this popular dinner. Call 922-0223 for a table. Enjoy a great dinner for a good cause and say thanks to Troy and his staff for supporting AWL and the cats and dogs waiting for a good home for the holidays!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Good morning K-Mart shoppers. It is Black Friday, the day when Americans are out looking for holiday gift deals and the day merchants move from in the red to in the black. I shop for our grandchildren all year round and make them things. Today, I get to stay home or go to a movie or enjoy leftovers. No shopping for me.
If shopping is your thing, take a list and check it twice. Don't get naughty with your credit cards.
Today in the Village, things are slow. POA offices are closed and there are no meetings. Enjoy your continued Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the respite because the next holiday season is around the corner and there will be parties and concerts like crazy between now and then.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll

I am already up making mushroom soup. Today will be filled with cooking and eating and enjoying my view.
We are having traditional roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, Waldorf salad, mushroom soup, glazed carrots, roasted Brussels sprouts, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs and rolls. Of course I don't know how to cook small so a lot of food will be going home with guests. I like them to have the best of both worlds, a satisfying Thanksgiving meal and leftovers.
I am wishing you and yours the best Thanksgiving ever from the Beach/Upchurch household.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Apply to run for POA board position

Property Owners interested in serving on the Hot Springs Village Property Owners Board of Directors may pick up a packet from the General Managers office at the POA Administration Building, 895 DeSoto Boulevard, Hot Springs Village between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or request a copy by calling Suzette at 922.5530.
Applications will also be available online at About Us Board of Directors on December 1, 2010.
Completed applications, with resume and photograph, are due by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 13, 2011.
There are two Board positions open in 2011 for three-year terms.
Information on candidates, including their photographs and unedited statements will be printed in the Spring Advocate for review by all Property Owners.

Last recycling pick-up December 30

The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 2011 budget provides for the continuation of a recycling program as part of the sanitation program
It does not, however, continue the ‘at house routes’; the last day for ‘at house routes’ will be December 30, 2010. This change is due, in part, to survey results showing only 29% of Hot Springs Village households participate in the at house recycling program. Also, this program has cost the POA an average of $147,000 per year, out-of-pocket expenses.
Recycling collection bins will no longer be distributed to new residents, and those residents who have bins are encouraged to use them for transporting their materials to the recycling sites.
Beginning January 3, 2011, the primary recycling center will operate Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The primary recycling center is located at 299 Cloaca Lane just past the Hot Springs Village Animal Shelter.
A new drop off location will be set up off of Toledo Drive on Desoto Park Lane near the Parks and Grounds Maintenance area. This drop off location will be open on Wednesday only from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.
Recycle items for collection beginning January 3, 2011 will be corrugated cardboard, newspapers, plastics #1 and #2, aluminum cans and brown paper bags. Glass will no longer be accepted for recycling.
Additionally, the Garland County Recycling Center is located on Highway 7 North, a quarter mile before Fox Pass Cutoff. They collect aluminum cans, #1 and #2 plastics, newspapers, white office paper, cardboard, automotive batteries, metal items, steel cans, and passenger tires (limit four per day) without a charge. They are open Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Happy Thanksgiving

Like most of you I spent today prepping for tomorrow's killer meal. We are having friends over to help us celebrate. Our children are celebrating in Connecticut, Texas and New York. We wish you and yours a happy holiday and hope you had a lot to be thankful for this year. I am looking forward to this next year. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving origins

The Pilgrims, 102 souls, landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in December of 1620.
New England winters can be severe and if it weren’t for the local Indian tribe, the Wampanoag, showing the Pilgrims what to grow and how to care for the crops in the Massachusetts area there would have been no survivors of the first year. Nearly half of the Pilgrims died the first year only 53 survived through the first harvest.
Squanto, a Wampanoag, had visited England and knew how to speak English. He was instrumental in communication between the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims. The Indians met the Pilgrims shortly after they landed. The Wampanoag were native to Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
It was not uncommon to celebrate a successful harvest. In England, Harvest Home Day, was already a tradition. The Pilgrims invited Squanto and several Wampanoag to share in a harvest feast. Over 90 Indians joined the 53 Pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving.
Turkeys were on the first menu, so were geese, ducks, rabbit and venison. The Indians brought food and the Pilgrims prepared traditional harvest dishes such as cornbread, pudding and cheese pie. The meal was simple feeding nearly 150 people.
The original harvest feast of Thanksgiving lasted three days. The Wampanoag traditionally sat on furs on the ground to feast. For the Thanksgiving celebration they joined the Pilgrims at tables. The Indian women sat beside their men to enjoy equally. The Pilgrim women stood and served their men. They were allowed to eat later after the men had been served.
The tradition of Thanksgiving was carried on following the first successful harvest. Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official holiday in 1863.
A tradition that has come down through many Thanksgivings is for participants to state what they are thankful for in the previous year. Just two more days to make a list of thankfulness.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Brush Strokes to exhibit at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Forty gifted artists from Village Brush Strokes will exhibit their artwork at Garvan Woodland Gardens throughout the month of December in the Magnolia Room. The original artwork emphasizes the wonder of nature. The exhibit will run while Lights on the Landscape is also on display.
The reception for the Brush Strokes' artists at Garvan Woodland Gardens is scheduled for December 4 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Wine and cheese will be served.

Garvan Gardens closed Thanksgiving but open the rest of the week

Garvan Woodland Gardens is closed on Thanksgiving Day but is open the day before and the day after the holiday. If you have visitors from out of town, plan to take them to see the holiday lights at the gardens, Lights on the Landscape. The exhibit is running now through New Year's Eve.

Not many meetings this week

This week will be slim to none on POA committee meetings and club activities in the Village. This is a travel week and many of the clubs have opted not to meet this week. There are no POA committee meetings this week.
The HSV Writers Club will meet today at the Balboa Club Banana Leaf. The club usually meets at noon but is asking members to be at the restaurant at 11:45 to order individual meals. The program today is a talk by club member John Achor. He will share his publishing experiences.
The Crystal Chimes are rehearsing today for their upcoming performance, Cocoa, Cookies and Carols on December 6 at the Coronado Center.
The Cedar Mountain Singers and the Village Chorale are rehearsing this week for upcoming performances next month. The Cedar Mountain Singers' concert runs two nights, December 6 and 7 at the Woodlands Auditorium. This year's theme is Christmases and Hippopotamuses. The Chorale concert is scheduled for December 14 at the Woodlands Auditorium.
Check twice to make sure if your club or organization is meeting this week, chances are good it is not.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ekberg a dynamo with a good sense of humor

Rotary Club of Scenic 7 president Lisa Carey presents Lacey Ekberg with The Cranky Bear, a book to be given to Jessieville School in Ekberg's name.
Lacey Ekberg, the new Chamber executive director.

Lacey Ekberg has been the HSV Chamber of Commerce executive director and heading up new efforts of advertising and promotions for about a month now.
According to Ekberg her first 30 days have not been easy. She laughingly told members of the Rotary Club of Scenic 7 about a woman in a handicap cart chasing her across the WalMart parking lot screaming that Ekberg was the Antichrist for wanting to bring a younger group of people to the Village. The reality is the Village is getting younger. There are more and more families moving in to enjoy the security of a gated community. If the Village does not continue the trend of bringing families to the Village, the Village will stagnate and offer less amenities because it will have less income. Very few persons are guaranteed pensions that afford luxury living in retirement anymore. The Village has to own up to the times and they are a-changing.
New residents moving to the Village are active and love the amenities such as the trails, the recreation center and the safety factor. Many of them are computer savvy and still working in the cyberworld. Many are part of the workforce offering great medical care and therapies in the immediate area. More families guarantee the availability of varied and up-to-date health care.
Ekberg is spearheading an effort to work with Hot Springs and Little Rock to enhance cooperation with the existing tourist industry. Recently, she was able to acquire a three day conference in the Village through the Arlington Hotel. We were able to extend the use of our amenities to enhance a conference package bringing more income to our area.
Ekberg has been very busy in her first month. Her list of accomplishments and goals include the following.
A new website/domain name has been purchased, The website should be up and running by January 1. It will not include information from POA or Chamber websites, but will contain links to both. This will be a marketing piece only, promoting the Village amenities. It will have separate pages for each golf course, event center, tennis center and more.
An electronic newsletter was started two weeks ago. It has run an events calendar and Chamber news as a pilot. The e-news will continue to add more information as necessary. Ekberg started with 522 e-mail addresses, now she has over 1,000 due to residents and members forwarding the letter to family and friends.
Leads and referrals from advertising, numbers are down for October from last year because no advertising has been done in the last few transitional months. Last year there were 2,209 contacts, this year there were only 760. All e-mail addresses are now being saved and the Chamber will start a separate newsletter/tickler to potential members listing events, specials, packages and more.
The Chamber has a new ad appearing in the Hot Springs Vacation Guide. There will also be ads placed in the Hot Springs Relocation Guide and the Hotel Guide.
The HSV Chamber will now work closely with the Arkansas Chamber to promote this area.
The Chamber is getting referrals for golf packages from the Hot Springs Chamber and the Convention Center.
At the end of this month/beginning of December a writer from Where to Retire magazine is coming to the Village to write an article. The writer will be in the Village for several days conducting interviews and taking pictures.
Webcams for local weather on the Arkansas television stations are being pursued.
Ekberg looks at her most urgent need at this time as a visitor center at the gates with information to promote the Village and to answer questions about the mystery of a gated community.
Ekberg has produced a whirlwind of activity since she started her position a month ago.
The Rotary Club of Scenic 7 meets Thursdays at noon at Molly O'Brien's on Highway 7. There is no meeting this Thursday as it is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving at the Arlington Hotel

For those of us not going off to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving there are dining alternative besides doing it yourself.
The Arlington Hotel in historic downtown Hot Springs is offering a Thanksgiving Day Feast in the Venetian dining room from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
For reservations call 501-609-2575 or 501-623-7771.
Adults are $32.00 and children 6 through 12 are $15. There is no charge for children five and under. The Arlington promises a bountiful feast with specialty items and traditional holiday favorites.
For more information about upcoming events at the Arlington visit the website

Village Big Band kicked off holiday season at Garvan Woodland Gardens

The holiday lights are on at Garvan Woodland Gardens. The Village Big Band gave a fun-filled holiday concert last night to kick off the season. Enjoy the photos of the band, the lights, the miniature trains and the Anthony Chapel.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garvan Garden Christmas lighting concert tonight

Tonight there is a free Village Big Band concert at the Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens. The concert officially kicks of the Lights on the Landscape display. The holiday lighting display will run through New Year's Eve.

Craft fair today at Coronado Center

Holiday crafts and more are on sale today at the craft fair at the Coronado Center in the Village. The fair runs until 2 p.m. today. The Coronado Library will stay open today until 2 p.m. for a book sale in conjunction with the craft fair.

Fantasy derby today

The HSV Chamber of Commerce Fantasy Derby is today at Diamante. For more information visit the Chamber website at

New CFO announcement soon

The POA administration hopes to made an offer and have it accepted for the position of CFO before Thanksgiving. According to the "acting" POA general manager, "all candidates appreciated, enjoyed and were impressed by their exposure to Hot Springs Village." Only three candidates made it as far as the interview here at the Village.

Thanksgiving garbage collection schedule

Solid waste collection normally scheduled for Thursday, November 25 will be collected the day before on Wednesday, November 24. Regular Friday pickup will remain the same. There will be no recycling collection on November 24, 25 or 26. The POA services office will be open Friday, November 26 form 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

October police acitivity

The reported police calls for October include the following.
Battery - 2
Breaking or entering - 3
Criminal mischief - 3
Other felony complaints - 1
Theft over $500 - 2
Theft under $500 - 5
Animal complaint - 6
Disturbance - 7
DWI arrest - 1
Harassment - 2
Harassing communication - 3
Misdemeanor arrest warrant - 4
Misdemeanor citation arrest - 4
Policy violations - 19
Traffic accident - 7
Traffic accident with deer - 8
Accident with injury - 1
Traffic accident on private property - 4
911 hang up - 3
Assist Garland County - 11
Assist medical - 141
Assist Fire Department - 13
Assist other law enforcement - 2
Death - 6
False alarm - 13
Found property - 5
Lost property - 2
Open door - 7
Open gate - 7
Off property call - 4
Other police service - 53
Public assist - 11
Scam (attempted) - 1
Suspicious circumstance - 33
Traffic complaint - 25
Welfare check - 13
There were 435 call in October. There have bee 4,606 calls to the police so far this year.

Recently completed POA repairs

POA public works completed several repairs in October. There were 39 building maintenance service orders processed last month, 19 for golf, eight for security and fire, six for food service, three for recreation and three for administration.
Some of the completed projects include the following.
A pump house and fuel tanks were painted at the DeSoto golf maintenance facility.
A large crack in the wall of a pump house on Coronado golf course was repaired.
Remodeling of a halfway house on the Balboa golf course was completed.
A roof support was repaired on a building at the lawn bowling facility at DeSoto Park.
A handrail was repaired at the Coronado golf shop.

ACC new home permits on track

Resalable lots in the Village are currently being inspected by POA staff to determine if they are ready to go back on the market or become a part of the lot program selling annual amenity privileges. So far 25 amenity packages have been sold as part of the new campaign.
There have been 68 home permits issued so far this year for new homes in the Village. The planning and inspection department had only expected about 70 new home permits in this economically challenged year. There are still several permits in the preliminary stage and there might be as many as 75 new home permits before the end of the year.
There was one preliminary review considered in last week's meeting.
049-03 Cuenca / preliminary review of plans
Leland Kew looked at the proposed plan for a lot on Lake Pineda. The lot is steep and the proposed construction will include a two story home with an unfinished basement. The main floor of the home would be 1,200 square feet. The second floor would be 380 square feet with a deck. The structure would have three shed roofs. Kew thought is showed a good use of a steep lot. The house will be nearer to the lake than its neighboring homes. The builder has been encouraged to move on the next step in the permitting process. Once a plot plan and design plan are submitted the plans will be analyzed for code compliance.
There were four permit assignments reviewed by committee members.
009-07 Promesa / 17 Ribera Way / Tuff Shed/storage shed
Buddy Dixon reviewed this permit application for a storage shed. The shed's exterior will match the home's exterior. It meets all Village criteria. The permit was approved by consensus.
001-06 / 50 Jabali Way / James Kleinke/storage shed
Bill Roe reviewed this permit application for a storage shed. The shed will be placed at the back of a corner lot. A neighbor will share the cost of construction and will share the shed. The shed meets all Village criteria. The permit was approved by consensus.
016-02 Sonora / 1 Rio Place / Scott Bowes/enclose porch, add deck
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application to enclose a porch and add a deck on an existing structure. The lot is elevated and not visible to the adjoining golf course. The structure meets all Village criteria. The permit was approved by consensus.
025-17 Vereda / 46 Maravilla Way / Nick Daily/boat dock
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application for a boat dock on Lake Maria. The boat dock is more of a swim dock 10-foot by 20-foot stationary platform. Water is shallow in the area. The lot is currently vacant. The permit was approved by consensus.
Department director Steve White said not many of the proposed state contractor's changes in procedures and requirements for licensing will be in effect after the first of the year until the state legislature gives its approval and makes the changes into law and defines the fees. Current requirements will be vigorously enforced in the Village especially concerning roof permit. Roof permits are required in the Village and have not been stringently enforced in the past due to under-staffing. This is one change that is taking place immediately. Roofing permits and licensing will be verified.
There was one variance request considered by the ACC.
002-06 Maria / 26 Manzanares Drive / Carriage Homes/additional concrete into seven and a half foot sideline easement.
Leland Kew reviewed this permit request for additional flatwork on a new home. Again Kew brought up the trend in the Village to build larger homes on smaller lots. The permit request was placed on hold until committee members receive information on the location of the utilities in the easement. Should the flatwork be allowed the home owner would be responsible for removing the structure if a utility company needs access to its lines.
There was one commercial/churches/non-residential permit request.
Kirk in the Pines Presbyterian Church / 275 Asturias Drive/signs
The location for the two signs were not marked when committee members reviewed the site. Decision on this permit has been put on hold until the location is properly marked and committee members have an opportunity to review the location and size of the signage.
The next ACC meeting is scheduled for December 2 at 8:30 a.m. at the POA administrative building.

Beethoven and Blue Jeans weekend

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra presents Sharon Ibsen as guitar soloist tonight and tomorrow afternoon in the Beethoven and Blue Jeans program, November 20 at 8 p.m. and November 21 at 3 p.m. in Robinson Center Music Hall in downtown Little Rock.
Isben is a master of guitar. She is a Grammy Award winner with world-wide acclaim. She has over 25 recordings to her credit. She is a versatile performer embracing many different styles.
Isben has consistently performed 60 to 100 concerts a season. She has appeared as soloist with over 160 orchestras.
The Minneapolis native studied guitar in Italy as a child. He has both her bachelors and masters for Yale. She also teaches guitar at The Julliard School.
The ASO program for Beethoven and Blue Jeans includes Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, the Battle Symphony, Manuel Ponce's Guitar Concerto with Mexican folk music at its core and festive dance rhythms, and Igor Stravinsky's Suite No. 2 built on piano exercises he wrote for his two children.
For tickets or more information go to

Friday, November 19, 2010

Study shows Village still golf Mecca

A recent analysis of golf play at similar retirement golf communities ranked Hot Springs Village in the top four in every category.
The categories and the top five in each analysis are listed below.
Location / golf fees with cart / annual golf / annual cart / monthly dues
Cherokee Village, AR / $31 / $930 / $100 / $13
Glade Springs Village, AR / $40 - $120 / $2,101 / $750 / $85
HSV / $26 / $1,700 / $799 / $36
Tellico Village, TN / $34 / $1,800 / $1,200 / $91
Sun City, Overall / $45 / $3,000 / $1,200 / $190
Location / golf fees with cart / annual golf / annual cart / monthly dues
The Villages, FL / $34 / $799 (plus daily) / ---- / $135
Holly Lake Ranch, TX / $52 / $901 (plus daily) / ---- / $111
Cherokee Village, AR / $31 / $930 / $100 / $13
HSV / $26 / $1,700 / $799 / $36
Tellico Village, TN / $34 / $1,800 / $1,200 / $91
Location / golf fees with cart / annual golf / annual cart / monthly dues
Cherokee Village, AR / $31 / $930 / $100 / $13
Bella Vista, AR / $35 / ---- / ---- / $24
HSV / $26 / $1,700 / $799 / $36
Century Village, FL / $45 / ---- / ---- / $65
Crest Mountain, NC / $55 / ---- / ---- / $75
Location / golf fees with cart / annual golf / annual cart / monthly dues
HSV / $26 / $1,700 / $799 / $36
Cherokee Village, AR / $31 / $930 / $100 / $13
The Villages, FL / $34 / $799 (plus daily) / ---- / $135
Tellico Village, TN / $34 / $1,800 / $1,200 / $91
Bella Vista, AR / $35 / ---- / ---- / $24

What a difference a year makes in golf rounds

Last year October was wet and produced only an anemic 20,006 rounds of golf in the Village. October of this year was gorgeous and the stats reflect the good weather. There were 32,821 rounds of golf played.
Golf play in the Village has been greatly impacted by the overabundance of rain last year and the high heat and drought of this year. October brought in much needed golf revenue. Department officials said that if the good weather continues through November golf should make the adjusted projections for the year in revenue.

Coronado golf carts nearly five years old

The POA golf department is currently seeking bids on replacing the fleet of golf carts at Coronado golf course. The carts are nearly five years old.
The department has been seeking competitive bids for cart replacement at different courses over the past 10 years and has produced good results with this method.

Danny's at Ponce last day next month

The Celestins have given their 2011 notice of non-renewal for Danny's at Ponce. After nine years in the Village the restaurant will close following business on December 31. I for one will miss their good Louisiana cooking.
My mom was from the Shreveport area and I grew up with the same style of cooking, delicious. The closure will be a loss for the Village.
The POA is currently soliciting bids for a new vendor at Ponce. It is expected the restaurant will be vacant for at least a month before another vendor is in place.

Deer season impacts Village golf

According to the Village golf department, every year just as the leaves begin to fall many of the members of each course crew head to the deer woods and take their vacations. A skeletal staff is left to tend to the autumn leaves the first two weeks of November. The golf department asked golfers to please be patient as the limited staff worked in and around play. The same thing will happen again next year.

Stone Soup at library

The Coronado Library will feature the story of Stone Soup at Tuesday's storytime. This is one of my favorite tales of cooperation.
The story of Stone Soup becomes more popular in times of need. This old folk story has been told around the globe for centuries. One version features soldiers returning from the Napoleonic Wars.
The soldiers trick a community into adding missing ingredients to the pot of Stone Soup. In the end everyone benefits from a bowl of delicious soup.
Storytime at the library is 10:30 a.m. on November 23 and every Tuesday morning at 10:30. Bring your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to hear the story of Stone Soup. What a wonderful tale for Thanksgiving week.

New home permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor/Sq. Ft.
003-11 Alegria / 35 Alegria Way / Leo Davis/1,704
016-04 Oliete / 4 Oliete Lane / Gerald Ellison/3,128
012-12 Vereda / 27 Arturo Lane / Carriage Custom Homes/2,488
021-09 Ladera / 29 Alteza Drive / Carriage Custom Homes/2,004

Addition permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor/Project
019-14 Santiago / 58 Segovia Drive / Good Construction/remove and replace deck
004-03 Castellon / 7 San Mateo Place / Jose Garcia/repair seawall
006-02 Santa Cruz / 78 Malaga Way / Ben White Homes/remodel home
006-02 Sonora / 12 Sonora Way / Steve Hanke/kitchen remodel
012-04 Alava / 9 Acala Place / Rebath of Central Arkansas/replace shower
013-04 Sur de Curso / 2 Sur Lane / Mister Jim Construction/deck addition
006-09 Estancia / 40 Fineza Way / Beasley Plumbing/replace water service
011-04 Ojos / 14 Ibi Lane / Castleberry Homes/interior remodel
050-01 Zafiro / 42 Arjona Way / Mike Sykora/replace deck
018-06 Mesero / 94 Mesero Way / Al Schiesser/enclose deck
035-02 Alegria / 57 Bargus Way / Mike Christy/interior remodel
009-06 Dominar / 5 Dominar Lane / Douglas Beed/garage addition
039-02 Adoracion / 59 Sanchez Way / homeowner/interior remodel
024-04 Promesa / 24 Excelso Way / Bob Christians/remodel deck
015-31 Isabella / 29 Victoria Lane / Top Notch Plumbing / replace water service
014-09 Alta Vista / 2 Alabanza Lane / Mister Jim Construction/deck addition
023-17 Vereda / 93 Saldana Way / Russell Godwin/repair seawall

HVAC permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor
006-03 Leon / 5 Teleno Lane / Johnston Heating & Air
004-01 Santa Cruz / 11 Alcantara Lane / Huchingson Heating & Air
007-02 Guadalajara / 13 Guadalajara Lane / Air Serv of Central Arkansas
016-04 Alava / 17 Alava Lane / Grisham Air Care
057-04 Gerona / 8 Herencia Circle / Reliable Air
010-08 Murillo / 10 Ola Lane / Affordable Heating & Air
004-06 Coronado Cts / 3 Tudela Place / Tempco
017-02 Mesero / 107 Mesero Way / Middleton Heating & Air
012-03 Dominar / 13 Dominar Place / Middleton Heating & Air
004-06 Villa Alegre Cts / 8 Emanuel Place / Standridge, Inc.
009-01 Ballesteros / 17 Minorca Way / GTS, Inc.
011-01 Lopez / 17 Lopez Circle / Middleton Heating & Air
021-02 Adoracion / 11 Adoracion Point / Climate Control
035-02 Adoracion / 66 Sanchez Way / Middleton Heating & Air
033-03 Promesa / 8 Bosque Place / Spiva Heat and Air
026-12 Diamante / 31 Princesa Drive / Eagle Heating & Air

Landscape permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor
0003-01 Avila / 2 Avila Place / Robert Dickson
016-01 Valle / 32 Palacio Circle / Lawns, Limbs and Landscape
050-01 Zafiro / 42 Arjona Way / Bennett Bros.
004-15 Merced / 117 Viajero Drive / Brett Pultz
010-09 Peral / 99 Castano Drive / Bennett Bros.
014-04 Alta Vista / 432 Maderas Drive / Ace Martin Yard Care
021-19 Ladera / 86 Largo Drive / Village Landscape
969-01 Commercial / 275 Asturias Drive / Bennett Bros.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hiefer Living Gift Market a huge success

Last year the Village Heifer Club's Living Gift Market made a phenomenal $50,000. The funds were all given to Heifer Project International to buy pregnant animals to give to needy families around the globe. Last year there were three very big gifts, one for $10,000 and two for $5,000. This year there was only one big gift for $5,000.
This year the Living Gift Market has collected over $40,000 for Heifer with more gifts in smaller amounts. More Villagers are reaching out to help in any way they can.
According to the Living Gift Market chairman Dave Nottrott, "this was the smoothest LGM I have ever been involved in. The individual project chairmen took care of their responsibilities and I didn't have to worry about anything. They came to me with big questions and that was it."
Long time Heifer Club member Merrill Clark attributed the success of this year's market to the leadership of the club's steering committee. The core group kept the club going this year with less frequent general meetings. A lot of the membership is only interested in making the LGM a success but aren't interested in attending meetings. This year there were fewer meetings but they always had a good speaker scheduled guaranteeing good attendance.
The club has evolved into a leaner, sleeker organization. Education is still the main goal and the LGM is its number one educational event. This year more Heifer educational materials were given out than ever before. Each animal table was hosted by knowledgeable club members able to answer all questions patrons had about Heifer, the animals and the recipients of Heifer gifts.
The food as always was delicious. The 25 member food committee solicited donations from the following businesses to defray all costs of food preparation. Subway, Mountain Valley Water, WalMart, Walgreens, Cranfords at the east and west gates, Health Mart, Coke, Dr. Pepper and Sprite.
Next year the food committee will endeavor to offer vegetarian selections as well. The food concessions at the LGM sold $702.
Ruth Lauther chaired the wooden ornaments table. She said the table sold $252 worth of ornaments. Club member Duane Miller is responsible for woodworking the cow heads seen around the Village and the wooden ornaments sold at the market. Miller managed to get all the woodwork done before it was discovered he had a brain tumor earlier this fall. Miller underwent surgery and is recovering from his illness. He has not been far from Heifer member's thoughts and prayers. Miller was one of the steering committee members that kept the club going.
The gift tables sold Heifer products and the Village club received 20-percent of the profits, a whopping $449.64. The gift tables were a big success.
The Arkansas Soap Company was one of the few vendors allowed to sell non-Heifer products at the LGM. The goat's milk soap is a product in sync with Heifer's goals. The company owners plow their profits right back into the LGM. They bought a Heifer goat with their proceeds.
There was a silent auction for a Indian wall hanging which brought in $110.
At the wrap up meeting yesterday there will still checks coming in to add to the overall total of the gift the Village club will pass on to Heifer Project International. There was over $40,000 collected with more still coming in. Order forms with the code LGM7190900 will be credited to the Village Heifer Club at Heifer headquarters. The true total of the Village's giving will probably not be known until after the first of next year.
The next Heifer meeting will be in April, the topic will be passing on the gift. Each pregnant animal Heifer gives to a needy family is given with the promise that the offspring be given to another needy family the following April. A Heifer gift is the gift that keeps giving.
Cub members are already starting to plan next year's Living Gift Market, November 11 at the Coronado Center. Veterans Day and Heifer Living Gift Market all in one day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EAST Lab of Fountain Lake accomplishments

Courney Hollansworth designed Rotary Club of Scenic 7 banner.

At the November 11, Veterans Day, meeting of the Rotary Club of Scenic 7 guests Courtney Hollansworth and Dick Warrington talked about EAST Lab at Fountain Lake School.
EAST is an acronym for Environmental and Spacial Technology. Students use cutting-edge technology to solve problems.
The EAST concept originated in Greenbrier, Arkansas in 1996 and is now going strong in several states. The EAST Lab national headquarters is in Little Rock. EAST Lab came to Fountain Lake nearly five years ago.
Scenic 7 Rotarians learned more about the EAST lab at Fountain Lake School from student Courtney Hollansworth and hands-off teacher/supervisor Dick Warrington. Warrington was candid in that his role is to facilitate, match the children with the right equipment and head them in the right direction and then to stand back and offer support but not advice. The students are encouraged to solve their own problems, learn about hardware, software and equipment. The students are encouraged to teach each other.
Warrington added he presents the project then leaves it to the students to figure out how to do each task. His background in not necessarily technology laden. Warrington was in real estate for ten years and was a girls basketball coach at Fountain Lake for 16 years.
EAST Lab students are offered the opportunity to attend several seminars across the state to learn about different technologies. The students go back to their schools and share what they have learned.
Some of the projects Fountain Lake students have participated in include making the film The Making of a Masterpiece. The film covers the art movement in Hot Springs from 1973 to the present. The film was an entry at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. The first time I saw the film was at a Rotary talk given by Davis Tillman. It was very informative and well put together. I was astounded when I learned high school students made the film.
Students used a software, ArchiCAD, to help design the look of the Fountain Lake Campus recent improvements. Two students were hired right out of high school to go to work for a building design company in Las Vegas. One does database work the other is a designer.
The Fountain Lake students are participating in the Hot Springs National Park mapping project. In conjunction with other Garland County EAST Labs and the staff of Hot Springs National Park, ten students mapped the trails of the National Park and created a website to supply the information to the public. Now the mini-website is part of the US Park Service website at This project is ongoing.
EAST Lab students designed and maintain the school website at
Students completed a documentary film on the Middle Fork river, its history and environmental importance. Hollansworth said the film celebrates the river. The film has aired at the Clinton Presidential Library.
Other students completed a film, Cigarette Butt Waste. A educational piece to educate people to the ills of this waste.
Recently students designed a website for a Mayan Dance Group in Belize. They are highlighting this dying art form. The project was suggested to this group by the EAST Lab founder Tim Stephenson.
Four students traveled to Hanamaki, Japan to film a documentary about Hot Springs’ sister city.
Students created a documentary about Wroom, a symphony for motorcycles featured at the Hot Springs Music Festival in 2007.
The students of Fountain Lake EAST Lab receive grants to pursue their goals. Several of the students have been offered work upon high school graduation. Many of the students have received scholarships to pursue college degrees. Many of the students’ projects have received national awards.
Courtney Hollansworth designed the banner for the Rotary Club of Scenic 7. Many of the students projects are designed to provide services to the community they live in, the state and the nation.
Lacey Ekberg, the new director of the HSV Chamber of Commerce will speak at the Thursday noon meeting of the Scenic 7. Following the meeting will be a board of directors meeting. There will be no Scenic 7 meeting on Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Townhouse association meetings

The townhouse association board met twice so far this month, Nov. 2 and 12.
Outgoing board member Henry Frank made a goodbye statement expressing his concern regarding the direction the board took this last year. He said, "we started out the year with the vote to close the pool, and yet we still have liability. We have been talking for months about the bridge in Guadalajara. I don’t think it is a matter of how much it costs, it is a matter of who pays. We are spending a lot of time before we know where we stand, it is a precedent setting decision, should go to general membership and find out what they want. We shouldn’t be looking at cost until we know what the general membership wants. We have $6 million in repairs facing us, the bridge is just the first one. We could have a reoccurrence time after time as each item comes up."
None of the other board members commented on Frank’s statement.
The finance committee made its final recommendations for the 2011 budget. Committee members suggested a special one year assessment in Arista and Magellan Courts. Arista will increase assessments by $6 a month from $66 to $72 to cover a $1,449 short fall. Magellan will increase assessments by $10 from $71 to $81 to cover a $2,400 short fall. The short falls were in lawn maintenance. According to THA general manager Glenn Zarpaylic the courts were dealt a blow by Mother Nature. Both went over budget from fungus and disease on the lawn. He added, the long hot summer took its toll. The board approved the special assessment and the proposed 2011 budget. Ballots will go out immediately and will be due back in late December regarding the special assessment.
Zarpaylic said Lawn Doctor is treating the courts with viable grass with pre-emergent, post-emergent and fertilizer. The treatments were already in the budget for Arista and Magellan. The resulting bill will not increase the special assessment. The courts have enough funds to make it through the winter.
Lawn Doctor discovered grubs in Balboa Cove lawns. Treatment will cost $1,090 plus tax to spray for grubs treatment. According to Zarpaylic there is no money in budget.
Zarpaylic is pleased with the lawn service in all the courts. He asked residents to please be patient regarding the falling leaves of autumn. He added the leaves have been picked up and right away it looks like the work was never done.
A work crew replaced 600 square feet of sidewalk in DeSoto Courts. There were also trees down in DeSoto that have bee addressed. The board discussed at length a parking problem in DeSoto on Cordero Lane. Residents have complained the parking spots are too narrow and there is a problem getting in and out of them.
Zarpaylic researched a few options to address the parking problem including angled parking. After consulting with the POA it was brought to light that if the THA made any changes it would have to address Americans with Disabilities Act and it would take away from the current parking spaces available.
According to board member Larry Siler, "we can’t afford to lose parking spaces when there are not enough parking spaces to begin with and no overflow parking."
Zarpaylic thought assigning spaces might be an option. The cost would exceed what is in the capital budget. No action was recommended at this time. Further research regarding ADA and consultation with the POA will continue.
There was another lengthy discussion concerning the repair/replacement of the Guadalajara bridge. Henry Frank stated the insurance company should be notified of the poor condition of the bridge and the insurance limits should be increased. Brent Gray said the policy had risk built in. Larry Siler volunteered to talk to the insurance agent about the bridge. Siler did not tell the insurance company how long the board has known the bridge was a danger. According to Siler, the insurance agent was appalled the bridge was not fixed immediately when the problem first came to light.
The engineering plans had to be adjusted to fix the bridge only and not the retaining walls securing it. The cost was another $500. Siler said he was against spending any more money unless it is to start fixing the bridge. Bill Turner said they did not have a choice. The engineering plan had to be altered to get bids to fix the bridge.
The board voted to pay for the bridge out of THA unrestricted funds in the common reserve and will charge the cost back to residents of Guadalajara Courts at six-percent interest. The residents of Guadalajara recently voted down a special assessment to pay for all the repairs in Guadalajara Courts. Ida Feree was the only dissenting board vote.
Board members agreed to have official statements to the press made by either the president of the board or his designee. Ida Feree was the only dissenting vote on the new policy.
John Cox was accepted as the latest member of the standards, control and capital improvement committee.
The office manager, Barbara Thurman was given collection authority and limited ability to negotiate waving of administration fees when putting together a collection payment plan for association members with assessments in arrears.
The board meets one more time this month, Nov. 30 at 8:30 a.m. at the THA administrative building.

Monday, November 15, 2010

ACC decisions

Recent architectural control committee decisions follow.
In-home business permit applications.
037-08 Maria / 30 Oviedo Way / Jewelry Designs/sales
The permit request meets all Village criteria. The permit was approved by consensus.
015-01 La Caruna Cts / 6 Dulzura Lane / Locksmith
The application for an in-home locksmith business met all Village criteria. The permit was approved by consensus.
006-01 Reclamo / 19 Reclamo Circle / 2 Mars, Inc./internet sales, handbags
This permit application is from a renter. The building owner must give permission prior to approval of in-home business permit. Approval was given with a stipulation for owner approval.
Assignments follow.
001-03 Bilbao / 20 Ciceron Lane / Tom Coburn/cut trees
Bill Roe reviewed this permit application to cut trees off San Sebastian and Balearic Road. The permit covers two empty lots. No building at this time. The permit was denied as written. The property owner is encouraged to clean the lot without removing any trees. This was not considered a hardship and there is no view issue. Committee members further debated the issue and decided diseased trees could be removed. The permit will have to be re-submitted with the new details.
004-06 Maria / 30 Manzanares Drive / Gerald Ellison Homes/fence
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application for a fence at a new home in Isabella. The request is for a 36 inch black wrought iron fence. Originally the request was for the front yard now it has been moved to the side. The permit was approved by consensus.
017-01 Orense / 5 Orense Lane / Allan Clevenger/garage addition
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application for a garage addition. The permit is for an interior lot. The plan is to make the current garage part of the living space. No foundation plan was included in the application. The new garage will be close to the easement. The permit for the project was tentatively approved pending approval by department director Steve White.
021-04 Faisan / 5 Jilguero Lane / Cosby Tree Service/cut trees
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application to cut trees. The homeowner owns the adjoining lot with six pine trees endangering the house and a seventh tree on the lot with the house. The permit was approved by consensus.
009-01 Jabali / 30 Jabali Way / Phyllis Kinkade/fence
Leland Kew reviewed this permit application for a fence for two large dogs. The fence will be black vinyl chain link behind the house. There is common property behind the home. The permit was approved by consensus.
011-03 Santa Cruz / 27 Malaga Way / Cynthia Diksas/extend carport and add shed
Leland Kew reviewed this permit application to add a shed to the carport. There will be no driveway to the shed. The permit was approved by consensus.
006-01 Murcia / 112 East Villena Drive / Ron Bush/fence
Buddy Dixon reviewed this permit application for a dog fence. The posts will be wooden but the fence will be chain link. The fence is not visible from the street. The permit was approved by consensus.
009-08 Santa Maria / 56 Cullerendo Way / Bob Christian/extend carport
Leland Kew reviewed this permit application for more storage. The owner has a lot of cars and this will help with the storage problem. The roof line will be extended. The permit was approved by consensus.
004-06 Maria / 30 Manzanares Drive / Gerald Ellison Homes/fence
Leland Kew reviewed this permit application for a fence. The proposed fence will be wrought iron along the patio. Current policy won’t allow it. It can be moved to an alternate site with screening. The permit was denied as written.
012-02 Puertollano / 11 Sierra Lane / Nick Daily/boat dock
Leland Kew reviewed this permit application for a boat dock. The contractor is reducing the size of an existing swim dock and changing it to a boat dock. Committee members said the old piers must be removed. The permit was approved by consensus.
015-02 Alegria / 8 Adaja Lane / Sloane Builders/add deck with variance
The concept for this deck with a variance was approved by consensus but final approval will not be given before Bob Kostelecky inspects the site and sees the appropriate drawings.
001-06 and 002-06 Villacariedo / 30 Hendaye Lane / Household Solutions/garage
Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application for a garage. He requested a new plot plan and a foundation plan. The property spans two lots. The contractor is working with the utility companies. The permit was approved by consensus.
030-05 Maria / 1 Ferrol Place / Nick Daily/boat dock
Bill Roe reviewed this permit application for an L-shaped boat dock. There are no policy violations. The dock will not be covered and will not have electricity. It will be a fishing platform/swim dock on Lake Maria. The permit was approved by consensus.
003-16 Cielo / 214 Elcano Drive / Graves Landscape/seawall
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application for a seawall at an existing residence. The plan showed the location for a future boat dock not to be built at this time. The seawall permit was approved by consensus.
004-16 and 005-16 Cielo / 212 Elcano Drive / Graves Landscape/seawall
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application for a seawall, the proposed canoe launch ramp needs to be removed from the plan. The house is built over two lots. The seawall permit was approved by consensus.
021-13 Cielo / 18 Carpintero Lane / Bennett Bros./seawall
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application for a seawall. The permit was approved by consensus.
005-09 Segador / 24 Segador Way / Norman James/storage building
Buddy Dixon reviewed this permit application for a storage building. The property is isolated with common property behind and across. The building is barn shaped. The siding matches the house. They will try to match the roofing materials. The house is being repaired and the homeowner needs a place to store furniture during the renovation. The permit was approved by consensus.
012-06 Ronquillo / 4 Romano Lane / James Anderson/garage addition
All committee members visited this site to evaluate the permit application for a garage addition. The homeowner would like a golf cart shed adjacent to the house. The request puts the addition ten inches into the seven and a half foot easement. A conditional approval was granted if the waterline is not in the way of construction. If the waterline is in the way it will have to be moved before construction begins.
004-04 Resplandor / 4 Resplandor Place / Nick Daily/add to boat dock
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application to add to a boat dock. He wanted to see a full plat to show the cove. The property in question is adjacent to a POA pump station on common property. The other adjacent lot has a dock. There is limited shoreline which means a dock can encroach on the adjoining lot. This request was considered a hardship. The covered dock would exceed 10 inches into the lake beyond allowable limits. The request was approved by consensus.
005-02 and 006-02 Salvatierra / 26 Salvatierra Way / M & R Sarver/work shop
Bill Roe and Bob Kostelecky reviewed this permit application for a work shop. This is a fancy craft shop with a bathroom. The proposed structure is 24' by 36'. A request for a new plot plan was requested.
Variance request reviews follow.
021-03 Sorpresa / 15 Atrayente Lane / Loren Wilson/sidewalk and patio into seven and a half foot sideline easement.
Bill Roe reviewed this permit application for a variance. Just flatwork would be in the easement. The permit was approved by consensus.
Commercial, churches, non-residential permit application reviews follow.
Shell Station / 301 Balearic Road / Coulson Oil/canopy sign
The old Fuel Stop has changed ownership and the canopy will be changed. The permit was approved by consensus.
Village Movers / 100 Deposito Paseo / Michael Downes/add building
Mike Christy reviewed this permit application. It is a commercial building with no problem with placement. The permit was given contingent approval pending a site visit approval by Steve White.
The ACC will meet this Thursday at 8:30 a.m. at the POA administrative building.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recreation committee meeting

The POA recreation committee met earlier this week. Committee members finalized business for this year and will not meet again until January.
In addition to taking care of regular business, committee members celebrated Joyce Feix’s birthday.
Department director Stephanie Stone reported a change over in the to a time/attendance monitoring system. By capturing this data the department will be better able to evaluate attendance and better meet the needs of patrons.
Stone was happy to report $315,000 for pool repair/replacement is still in the 2011 budget. At this time an exact figure for addressing the pool issue is not available. Data is still be gathered by the pool subcommittee.
She also reported the recreation department open house will be after the holidays in January.
According to Stone the Halloween party at the Coronado Center was well attended. The next event scheduled for children is the annual Christmas party at the Woodlands auditorium lobby.
The recreation department began thinning the overgrown wooded area surrounding the Cortez boat launch but neighbors complained. The neighbors liked the wooded buffer so they didn’t have to see the park area. The department will allow the foliage to stay and act as a natural buffer.
Family Recreation
Steve Seitz reported there were eight family recreation building rentals in October. The facility was closed September 4 but is still available for party rentals.
Pickleball is moving to a fall/winter schedule and will change the time for its training sessions. The cracks in the pickleball courts have now been filled and sealed. The pickleball players have officially requested an increase in playing courts from four to six. They are still not happy with the lighting situation but according to recreation maintenance officials the lights are adjusted as well as they can be.
Fitness Center
Mary Lou Moran reported Gary Vogt hosted a volunteer dinner for fitness center volunteers.
She said the fitness center attendance is about average for this time of the year. Class registration is at normal levels. Visitor pass usage is up normally this time of year and this year is no exception.
Nelson Board and Patricia Reed both won 30-day fitness center memberships at the recent health fair at the Coronado Center. The department also gave away t-shirts at the recreation booth and time to work out with the tennis ball machine. Virginia Ambrovich won the tennis machine time.
Recreation department employees recently finished a CPR class.
The fitness center will be closed Thanksgiving Day.
Joyce Feix said the fences are being reinforced around tennis courts before the new nets are put in place. The Tennis Association has paid for the nets and installation.
There were 41 participants in the Riser Ford Tournament.
Three senior teams won in state competition in Little Rock and will proceed to the next level of play in Hilton Head.
The final organized play for the year is an upcoming doubles tournament. The annual Christmas party closes out the year for the tennis players.
Coronado Center
T. J. Smith was absent from the meeting but librarian Margaret Weeter turned in a report. Library usage was down slightly in October. The Food for Thought food drive is going well. The first three weeks of November are devoted to collecting non-perishable food items for a food bank in Hot Springs.
Friends of the Library recently purchased two more rows of shelving for the library.
Ponce de Leon Center
Sue Mefford reported the completion of a successful run of the HSV Players’ Annie Get Your Gun. The auditorium was ready to host the Concerts’ Association Forever Plaid. Membership to the Concerts’ Association is still open on Tuesdays, opening night for each production.
Veterans Day was celebrated in ceremony at the Veterans Memorial on November 11.
The New Christy Minstrel Singers will be in concert at the Woodlands November 18. This event is sponsored by the Hot Springs/Village Symphony Guild.
Fund raising efforts for a new sound system for Woodlands are taking shape. An upgrade of the current system may cost in the range of $150,000 to $200,000. The current system has become inadequate for both incoming shows and productions launched by Village groups.
Beaches, Pavilions, Outdoor Recreation
Bill Etie said the porta potties are gone and the beaches are closed for the winter. The pavilions will close following early November rentals. The pavilions were winterized before closing.
Comments by some members of the bocce ball club have not been favorable to the recreation department. Some members are not happy the bocce ball facility is now visible from the Coronado Center parking lot after brush was removed from the court perimeter. Some of the comments reflected a disgruntled nature, club members want more POA money spent on the bocce ball court. Bocce ball is not a cost center, therefore there are no funds held for bocce ball exclusively. Bocce ball, lawn bowling and pickleball membership dues are to pay for rental of the dedicated facilities for each club. Any maintenance of the facilities comes out of the overall recreation budget.
The lawn bowling storage shed is riddled with squirrels and termites. The building will probably need to be torn down. Replacement of the building is not justified at this time.
Jim Harlow and Earl Mulley reported there were 23 people at the last newcomers coffee representing 13 families from ten different states. The next newcomers coffee will be December 2. There won’t be another newcomers coffee following the early December meeting until late February. This reporter is no longer welcome to cover the newcomers coffee. My accurate reporting has ruffled feathers at the local newspaper.
There were no meetings of the pool subcommittee to report. Plumbing bids were due last week. An Arkadelphia plumbing company warned further pipe damage may result from testing pressure through the existing pipes. Five engineering firms are expected to bid on renovating the current pools or construction of new pools.
Water will remain in the pools to keep them from floating up and causing further structural damage. The subcommittee wants to have a pool package available at the POA board retreat this spring.
The fee subcommittee report took up the most time at the meeting. Building rental fee increases have been made more consistent and will follow a formula in the future. Previously there was not a commercial fee for the patio area at the Coronado Center, now there is one, $55. The only person able to wave or adjust a fee is the facility manager and/or the department director. The space rental fees affect the Ponce de Leon Center, Coronado Center and the pavilions.
Committee members wrestled with what constitutes a commercial as opposed to an individual rental. HSV POA members not receiving a financial benefit from the rental, HSV designated clubs and HSV designated churches will be charged the individual rates. Businesses, non-Village charities and politicians not a part of a regular club meeting will be considered commercial. 501(c)(3) charities with proof of eligibility will be given a 20-percent discount for building rentals from the commercial rate.
The POA recreation committee will meet next on January 10 at 1:30 p.m. in the Coronado Center.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day, November 11, one of the few holidays that has not been moved to a convenient Monday.
Each year on November 11 at 11 a.m. a wreath is laid at the tomb of the unknowns at Arlington Cemetery. The ceremony is to honor all those who served in the United States Armed Forces.
Veterans day began following World War I, the Great War. Seven months before the Treaty of Versailles was signed officially ending a war there was a cease fire armistice between Allied Nations and Germany.
The date of the armistice was November 11, 1918, signed at 11 a.m. This was considered the end of the war to end all wars.
The Versailles Treaty was made official June 29, 1919.

Thanksgiving week schedule for Village fitness center

The fitness center will institute a modified schedule for Thanksgiving week, November 22 through 28.
The schedule is as follows.
Nov. 22 and 23 - regular schedule and hours.
Nov. 24 - close at 4 p.m., regular schedule up until then. No 5 or 6 p.m. classes. The pool and whirlpool area close at 3:45 p.m.
Nov. 25 - closed
Nov. 26 - no classes, the fitness area will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The pool schedule is 6 to 8:50 a.m. lap swim, 9 to 10 a.m. turtles, 10 a.m. to noon adult only water walking and lap swim, noon to 6:45 p.m. family open swim, children welcome.
Nov. 27 - no classes, the fitness area will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The pool schedule is 8 to 8:50 a.m. lap swim, 9 to 10 a.m. turtles, 10 a.m. to noon adult only water waling and lap swim, noon to 4:45 p.m. family open swim, children welcome.
Nov. 28 - Fitness area open from 1 to 5 p.m. Open swim from 1 to 4:45 p.m.

UALR Artspree 2010-2011 season

UALR Department of Music Artspree presents the following for its 2010-2011 season:
November 15, 7:30 p.m., Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, Trio del Sol, with Katherin McLin on violin, Robert Spring on clarinet and Andrew Campbell on piano;
January 24, 7:30 p.m., Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, Yeol Eum Son on piano;
February 28, 7:30 p.m., Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, Florian Larousse on guitar; and
March 28, 7:30 p.m., University Theatre, Mark O'Connor on violin.

The rest of the season at Reynolds Performance Hall on UCA campus

The remaining UCA public appearances at Reynolds Performance Hall in Conway include the following:
December 12, Glen Campbell,
January 18, Cats,
February 4, Rich Little,
February 7, Spike Lee,
February 21, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis,
March 4, Blood, Swear & Tears, The Buckinghams,
March 14, Bus Stop,
March 15, Nicholas Sparks,
April 9, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood,
April 21, Legally Blonde,
April 28, Russian National Ballet Theatre in Cinderella.
For more information call (501)450-3265, or go to

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New home permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor/Sq. Ft.
016-05 Fastota / 3 Fastota Circle / Ed Falls Custom Homes/1,891
015-08 Vimioso / 8 Archidona Lane / Carriage Custom Homes/2,004

Sprinkler system permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor/water source
034-04 Magellan / 55 Magellan Drive / Village Landscape/Village
010-199 Isabella / 4 Forjador Lane / Village Landscape/Village
016-09 Vereda / 29 Sobresalir Lane / Castle Services/Village
026-05 Ladera / 15 Ventoso Lane / Eric Tracy/lake

Propane tank permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor
006-03 Telon / 1 Telon Way / Ferrellgas

Addition permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor/Project
008-03 Puertollano / 6 Jerez Lane / M & R Sarver/remodel bath
028-02 Puertollano / 32 Sierra Drive / M & R Sarver/replace doors
004-03 Castellan / 7 San Mateo Place / Jerry Jones Construction/repair concrete in carport
005-05 Soria / 55 Almazan Way / M & R Sarver/enclose carport, roof over deck
004-05 Murcia / 21 Constantina Circle / M & R Sarver/cover fascia
004-01 Cordoba / 13 West Villena Drive / Billy Bean/remove and replace driveway
011-03 Santa Cruz / 27 Malaga Way / Cynthia Diksas/extend carport, storage shed
016-01 Las Palmas / 49 Laguna Way / Randy Kunkel/replace water service
045-06 Pyrenees / 235 Pyrenees Way / William Hines/repair deck and remove screen
010-06 Gancho II / 57 Gancho Way / M & R Sarver/add garage, stairs, add bath
002-07 El Pelo / 20 La Palabra Way / M & R Sarver/remodel bath
021-09 Madrid Cts / 1 Halcon Place / M & R Sarver/replace glass door
012-01 La Coruna Cts. / 12 Dulzura Lane / Chun Cha Miller/replace stairs and landing
022-03 Balboa / 28 Balboa Way / Allan Clevenger/remodel deck
022-03 Zapato / 3 Zapato Way / Paul Wagner Custom Homes/deck addition
011-01 Narvaez / 5 Narvaez Lane / Graves Bros./repair seawall
005-05 Campeon / 43 Campeon Way / David Johnston/remodel kitchen
006-01 Balboa Cove Cts / 12 Isla Mujeres Court / Graves Bros./repair seawall
014-04 Alta Vista / 434 Maderas Drive / Kent Kuch/glass and iron deck railing

HVAC permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor
002-01 Puertollano / 72 Sierra Drive / Carpenter Heating & Air
028-07 Murcia / 10 Jumilla Lane / Tempco, Inc.
016-01 Salamanca / 4 Bejar Lane / Reliable Air
031-03 Castillo / 1 Castillo Lane / Johnston Heating & Air
034-05 Gerona / 10 Vitoria Lane / Climate Control
002-02 Escocia / 2 Mapache Lane / Grisham Air
020-02 Ponce de Leon / 13 Ferdinand Way / Reliable Air
007-01 Zaragoza / 13 Zaragoza Lane / Roberson Heating & Air
005-03 Balboa / 20 Balboa Lane / Eagle Heating & Air
001-03 Ciclamor / 25 Letrista Drive / Standridge, Inc.
011-03 Salvatierra / 52 Salvatierra Way / Quality Air Care
053-01 Encantado / 10 Encantado Way / Middleton Heating & Air
004-01 Adoracion / 7 Adoracion Court / Quality Air Care
022-08 Promesa / 7 Ribera Place / Eagle Heating & Air
034-02 Promesa / 2 Promesa Place / Tempco, Inc.
004-08 Diamante / 8 Granada Way / Middleton Heating & Air
004-01 Divino Cts / 7 Divino Lane / Middleton Heating & Air

Landscape permits

Lot-Block-Addition / Address / Contractor
017-01 Meseta / 33 Alicante Road / Graves Landscape
012-03 Alegria / 95 Bargus Lane / Trail Ridge Homes
034-04 Magellan / 55 Magellan Drive / Village Landscape
016-09 Vereda / 29 Sobresalir Lane / Castle Services
004-09 Ladera / 1 Dundas Place / Bennett Bros.
009-08 Ladera / 18 Alteza Drive / Al Schiesser

Fall Arts and Crafts Show

The Fall Arts and Crafts Show will be held at the Coronado Center on November 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The show is free.

Another restaurant vendor calls it quits

The restaurant vendor at Ponce de Leon golf course has submitted his termination of contract effective at the end of the year.
The location has air conditioning problems which will be bid out for repair.
The POA is currently soliciting bids for the vendor position.

No more curbside recycling in 2011

The POA "acting" general manager has decided to remove curbside recycling from the 2011 POA budget.
Drop off recycling will still be available way out at the east end of the Village near the Animal Shelter.
The POA board will vote yes to no curbside recycling on November 17.

Food for Thought at Coronado Library

The Coronado Center Library is collecting non-perishable food items and checks for Project Hope Food Bank based in Hot Springs.
The first three weeks in November are set aside to share with others less fortunate through the Food for Thought program.
The library is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Popular Beethoven and Blue Jeans is back

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra presents Sharon Ibsen as guitar soloist for the upcoming Beethoven and Blue Jeans concerts, November 20 at 8 p.m. and November 21 at 3 p.m. in Robinson Center Music Hall in downtown Little Rock.
Isben is a master of guitar. She is a Grammy Award winner with world-wide acclaim. She has over 25 recordings to her credit. She is a versatile performer embracing many different styles.
Isben has consistently performed 60 to 100 concerts a season. She has appeared as soloist with over 160 orchestras.
The Minneapolis native studied guitar in Italy as a child. He has both her bachelors and masters for Yale. She also teaches guitar at The Julliard School.
The ASO program for Beethoven and Blue Jeans includes Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, the Battle Symphony, Manuel Ponce's Guitar Concerto with Mexican folk music at its core and festive dance rhythms, and Igor Stravinsky's Suite No. 2 built on piano exercises he wrote for his two children.
For tickets or more information go to

Muses present Autumn in Art and Song

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 11 at 7 p.m., Toni Spears, Deleen Davidson and Louis Menendez of The Muses Creative Artistry Project will present Autumn in Art & Song at First Presbyterian Church, 213 Whittington Avenue in Hot Springs. The concert is part of The Muses’ The Art of Living, a different program offered on the second Thursday of each month presented free to the community to enable residents to experience the creative arts.
The concert, originally entitled Mind, Body and Spirit, was designed for the opening performance of The Walton Arts & Ideas Series, held at the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville. It is a multimedia program blending vocal and instrumental art songs from the Baroque period to the present, with classic poetry and slides of fine art works depicting the rich and colorful fall season. "Come and join us as we celebrate cooler weather, changing leaves, and all the beautiful gifts of fall with this special evening of music, poetry, and art," said Deleen Davidson, president of The Muses.
The program is supported in part by a generous grant from the Clinton Family Foundation. Admission is free and open to all, but a goodwill offering will be accepted. For more information on The Muses, contact Davidson, 501-463-4514 or

Woodworkers toy sale November 10

The HSV Woodworkers are holding their annual holiday toy sale today at the Ouachita room from 3 to 8 p.m.
Come early as the Concerts Association performance of Forever Plaid is tonight and parking later in the evening may be a problem.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Board elections to change under directive of acting general manager

The interim general manager of the POA has decided it is no longer necessary for an independent auditing firm to receive and count ballots for the POA board of directors election. He has directed the POA board to change the bylaws of the Village Section VIII to reflect his wishes.
By counting the ballots in house by POA staff, the POA could save an estimated $10,000. The only impact would be lost hours of real work by POA employees and no certified guarantee the results are accurate.
If only two people run for the two open spots in 2011 the POA would save an additional $30,000. According to the acting general manager no election would be necessary.

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission raises concerns over Village wastewater treatment plant permits

The ADEQ received two letters from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission concerning wastewater treatment plant permit applications from the Village.
The South Fork and the Middle Fork of the Saline River are on the state's Registry of Natural and Scenic Rivers. The letters cited eight state concerns and one federal concern. According to the letter the advisories were intended to make the ADEQ and the Village POA board aware that sensitive resources may occur in the area.
Neither letter objected to permit issuance.
According to the POA interim general manager final permits should be in place in the next week.

Road maintenance to change in Village

In yet another cost cutting measure the interim POA general manager has decided to extend the life of Village streets by filling cracks instead of using the traditional street overlays.
Randy Noles of public works was assigned to investigate a crack sealing program. He believes the Village can save $200,000 or more per year sealing cracks instead of using the overlay method.

Village general manager

The POA board will end advertising for a new general manager on November 19. According to several POA board members a new general manager will be named before the end of the year.

Last CFO interview set for this weekend

The position of chief financial officer for the Village garnered over 70 applicants. The field was narrowed down to three. Two of the interviews took place last weekend. the final interview will take place this weekend.
The three candidates are from Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. The new CFO could be announced as early as next week.

Draw down of Lake DeSoto finally started

The draw down of Lake DeSoto was finally begun October 27 after several delays. The lake will be drawn down one inch per day. It will be drawn down four feet over 48 days. The draw down gates will be closed in mid February to start the process of bringing the water levels back up.

Lot membership program progressing slowly

The Village lot membership program, an effort to unload surplus of foreclosed lot debt, has sold 15 memberships so far.
The idea is to sell a membership and offset lost revenue from uncollected assessments. The POA board believes the visiting members will also increase amenity revenue, will see the Village, fall in love and move here in the future.

Labyrinth meditation

In today's world we hardly ever slow down, not even to spend time with our God. We are hurry, hurry, hurrying through our lives.
As a way to slow down and walk a more spiritual path the third Friday of each month Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church unfolds its labyrinth pattern and opens the fellowship hall to those interested in letting go, talking to their higher power and losing themselves in the pattern by walking the labyrinth.
The fellowship hall will be open from 1-4 on November 19 and December 17 for those wanting to try a labyrinth walk.
The labyrinth has been a pattern of meditation for over 4,000 years. There will be an attendant available to explain the history of the labyrinth and to help you find your walking pattern. What a nice way to take time from the madness of holiday preparations and take a personal spiritual journey.

Lefler Dental Clinic open house

This Friday, November 12 at noon, the Lefler Dental Clinic will hold an open house and ribbon cutting. The clinic is at 130 Cordoba Center Drive.

The Book Place ribbon cutting

The Book Place at 121 DeSoto Center Drive will celebrate its ribbon cutting opening this Friday, November 12 at 10 a.m. For more information call 922-1763.

New e-mails for HSV Chamber staff

The HSV Chamber of Commerce has new e-mail addresses effective immediately.
Reach Lacey Ekberg at and Cindy Wagstaff at
The Village Chamber is at 4585 Highway 7 North, across from Walgreen's.

Heifer Living Gift Market

Countdown is on for Heifer Living Gift Market at the Coronado Center. The animal sale for Heifer International Project is this Saturday, November 13 starting at 10 a.m.
Give the gift of giving to families living in poverty around the globe.

Saline County lot auction

Saline County lot auction a week from today, November 16. Don't forget to mark your calendar if you are interested in purchasing a Village lot in Saline County for a good price. See previous November Saline County lot auction post for more details.

Derby Day drawing near

The HSV Chamber of Commerce Fantasy Derby Day is coming up on November 20 at Diamante Country Club. Tickets are $50. For more information call the Chamber at 915-9940.

Beating the holiday blues

A workshop designed to help get through the holidays, Beating the Holiday Blues, will be offered this Friday, November 12 at Village United Methodist Church from 10 to 11:30 a.m. For more information and to make a reservation call 501-538-4596.

Forever Plaid opens tonight at the Woodlands Auditorium

Forever Plaid is the Concerts Association's next offering. The show run starts tonight through November 12. Concerts Association still has open memberships. Ticket exchanges and purchase of individual performances are available on
Forever Plaid is billed as a musical revue of close-harmony quartets of the 1950s.

Woodworkers sale tomorrow

November 10 at the Ouachita room from 3 to 8 p.m. the Village woodworkers will offer toys for sale for the holidays and a view of the 100s of toys to be given away this year to six local charities. The proceeds are used to purchase materials for next year's big toy give-a-way.
The toys are safe and made in the USA by Village woodworkers. No toxic paints.

Military troops arrive in the Village today at 9 a.m.

This morning, November 9, the military troops will be arriving at the east gate at 9 a.m. The evening Lions ask that Villagers come to the gate to cheer on the soldiers on as they come to visit the Village as guests to play golf at the Balboa golf course.
Following a day of golf the soldiers will be further honored at a celebration at the Balboa pavilion.
A few tickets to join the troops and golf hats are still available from Re/Max on DeSoto Boulevard at Ponce de Leon Road. The cost is $10.
Proceeds from the event will be donated to the USO.

Met production this weekend at Tinseltown

The opera Don Pasquale will air live from the Met in high definition this Saturday at noon. The closest theater to see the opera is Benton's Tinseltown. Tickets are $20 for seniors. Don't forget to bring a sweater or a wrap the theater tends to be cool. Refreshments are available at the snack bar.
If you are interested in carpooling. Members of the Village Opera Guild meet at 10 of 11 a.m. at the Woodlands parking lot, down from the Veterans Memorial. A carpool caravan leaves shortly thereafter.

Garland County quorum court meeting

The Garland County quorum court usually meets the second Monday evening of each month. This month the quorum court will meet November 22 at 7 p.m. In order to take care of finalizing next year's budget the court is given as long as the law allows to get its ducks in a row.
The meeting is open to the public and is held on the second floor of the Garland County court house.
The new judge will take over and the new court will be sworn in at the beginning of January. See previous post for election winners.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recreation committee meets November 8

The HSV recreation committee is back to its normal monthly meeting schedule. The committee meets November 8 at 1:30 p.m. at the Coronado Center. Chairman Tony Cifelli has returned from vacation and will helm of the meeting.
The recreation committee keeps track of what is going on with recreation facilities in the Village. It recommends fees for each of the recreation activities. A sub-committee has been looking at what should be done about the state of the DeSoto pools facility. The pool is in need of major repairs or replacement. The sub-committee has been meeting with experts to determine the most cost-effective way to bring the pool up to code.

Striking set this morning

Volunteers are striking the set of Annie Get Your Gun this morning, November 8. The show is over and life returns to normal for the 100-plus members of the cast and crew of the show.
The final performance of the show was yesterday afternoon. Following the performance cast and crew celebrated with a cast party in the Ouachita room of the Ponce de Leon Center.
The HSV Players did not hold its November meeting due to the show schedule. Players meets the first Tuesday of the month and will be back on schedule in December.

AWL to benefit from liquor sales

A Liquor World is donating five-percent of all sales on Thursday, November 18 to the Village Animal Welfare League. The proceeds will fund programs and services benefiting animals in the Village and the surrounding area.
If you are purchasing holiday cheer for Thanksgiving or Christmas, don’t forget to help AWL at the same time. Make your list and check it twice before shopping at A Liquor Worlds on November 18.

Woodworkers toys on sale November 10

The HSV Woodworkers are selling hand-fashioned wooden toys on November 10 at the Ouachita room at the Ponce de Leon Center. See previous post for more information concerning the annual event.

Count down to Heifer Living Gift Market

Don't forget to put the Heifer Living Gift Market on your calendar for next Saturday, November 13 at the Coronado Center. Finish your Christmas list early by buying an animal in the name of a loved one.
The Heifer animal is given to a family in need somewhere around the globe. Offspring from that animal are passed on in April of each year. It is the gift that keeps giving one family at a time, helping entire communities.

Last chance to see Annie Get Your Gun

The matinee at 2 p.m. today is your last chance to see the HSV Players' production of the Irving Berlin musical, Annie Get Your Gun. The show is funny and delightful. The music is familiar and you will say to yourself, "I didn't know that song came from Annie Get Your Gun."
Tickets will be sold a half hour before the show at the Woodlands box office.

Happy birthday husband

Lee is 69 today. If you see him don't forget to tell him Happy Birthday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gallery Walk tonight

The Gallery Walk in downtown Hot Springs is tonight, the first Friday of the month. Stroll from gallery to gallery in the early evening and enjoy socializing with the artists and gallery owners.
The Gallery Walk is the first Friday evening or each month.

HSV Woodworkers annual sale and donation on November 10

Instead of a parade of trucks, this year the Woodworkers wanted to show off Don Williams' saw, park of the woodworking team. The saw makes it possible for the Woodworkers to give away lots of toys to needy girls and boys during the holiday season.
Surplus toys are sold to Villagers and the proceeds are plowed back into buying materials for next Christmas' toy give-a-way.
November 10 from 3 to 8 p.m. Villagers will have the opportunity to buy gifts for the holidays at the Ouachita Room at the Ponce de Leon Center.
Every year I have found delightful gifts for my 7 grandchildren. The oldest girl loves her intricately carved jewelry box. The boys love their pull toys, boats, trucks and front end loaders. The youngest girl is just now starting to enjoy feeding her dolly in the high chair just like her own.
While there to purchase safe, American made toys you can also see the 550 toys the 75 HSV Woodworkers have created to give-a-way to local charities. The men and women of the Woodworkers believe every child should have their own gift for the holidays.
Six local charities in Garland and Saline Counties benefit from the toy give-a-way. For more information, visit

Opera Guild meets today at 10 a.m. at Ouachita room to discuss Don Pasquale

Anna Netrebko as Norina/Sofronia in Don Pasquale.
Don Pasquale is an Italian comic opera buffa composed by Gaetano Donizetti with librettist Giovanni Ruffini. The opera is in three acts. Don Pasquale is the 64th of Donizetti’s 66 operas.
Don Pasquale premiered January 3, 1843. The entire opera takes place in the course of events of one day.
In act 1, Don Pasquale is upset with his nephew for refusing to marry so he decides to cut his nephew off as his heir by marrying and producing his own heir. The nephew, Ernesto, is in love with the widow Norina and refuses to marry any of his uncle’s choices. Ernesto’s friend Malatesta tells Don Pasquale his sister would make a suitable bride for Don Pasquale. Don Pasquale announces his intentions and throws Ernesto out of his home. Ernesto is having a very bad day, he sees his inheritance slipping away at the hands of his friend.
In the meantime Malatesta arranges for Norina to pass herself off as his sister, marry Pasquale in a mock ceremony and drive him to desperation and therefore mercy so she and Ernesto can finally be together.
In act 2 has no idea regarding Malatesta’s plan and is beside himself over losing Norina to his uncle. Norina is introduced to Don Pasquale as Sofronia. Malatesta suggests they marry immediately. Ernesto bursts in and is about to give away Norina’s identity when Malatesta takes him aside and explains his plan. Ernesto falls in line and even serves as a witness to the marriage contract. Pasquale bequeaths his fortune to his bride. Norina goes form demure ingenue to extravagant hussy in 60 seconds or less. The trio is happy with their success in putting one over on Don Pasquale.
In act 3 it has become apparent that Norina is spending loads of Don Pasquale’s money. Don Pasquale attempts to assert his rights as husband but is constantly thwarted by Norina. Norina, Malatesta and Ernesto agree to stage a garden rendevous to make Don Pasquale think he has trapped Sofronia/Norina with in a compromising situation. The vengeful Don Pasquale once again changes his will and will now leave everything to Malatesta.
In the midst of all the garden shenanigans Don Pasquale finally gives permission for a marriage between Ernesto and Norina. He is surprised at the revelation that Sofronia and Norina are the same. He blesses the wedding and declares that marriage is not for an old man.
The cast includes Anna Netrebko as Norina/Sofronia, John Del Carlo as Don Pasquale, Matthew Polenzani as Ernesto and Mariusz Kwiecien as Dr. Malatesta.
James Levine conducts. Patricia Racette serves as host of the opera.
Don Pasquale is one of the Metropolitan Opera's high definition live broadcasts. The opera airs at noon on November 13 at the Tinseltown Theater in Benton.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lot auction in Saline County

The below 14 Village lots will be auctioned on November 16, 2010 at the Saline County courthouse in Benton at 11 a.m.
The minimum bid for each lot is $1,000 bid by the HSV POA.
There is a one year right of redemption on each sale. Subdivision plats are available on the POA website at Go to property owner services, then subdivision maps.
If you have any questions, please contact Penny at 922-5564 or 922-5552.
L/B/A / Street Address
001-05-135 Velazquez / 76 Ladera Way
020-05-135 Velazquez / 74 Ladera Way
020-01-137 Calderon / 9 Propio Way
001-06-149 Raso / 9 Rabano Circle / 91 Rabano Circle
015-01-157 San Sebastian / 102 San Sebastian Way
007-03-163 Santa Fe / 13 Polvo Lane
015-01-163 Santa Fe / 2 Verde Lane / 3 Ambrosia Lane
023-07-175 Marinero / 15 Marinero Lane
015-01-177 Barlovento / 15 Barlovento Way
008-08-181 Banderola / 16 Halago Way
009-11-226 Andorra / 33 Ballobar Lane
003-06-229 Sacedon / 5 Talana Circle
001-08-249 Belleza / 2 Belleza Lane
003-06-252 Campeon / 11 Campeon Lane