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Thursday, December 26, 2013

KVRE's Hot Springs Village Police highlights

December 17

A Campo Way woman’s back gate was found open and her dog along the side of the house outside the fence. She reported seeing unusual lights coming from Mandarena. She thinks someone opened the back gate.

December 18

A Balboa Cove woman was caught trying to eat her lunch while driving. She felt embarrassed.

A Turquesa Place man declined to bail a friend out of jail but did go to her house and leave food and water for her dog.

A Fineza Way man objected strongly to vehicles tailgating through unmanned gates.

An Arjona Way man had a bat behind his stove. Officers assisted as he sucked the bat out with a shop vac and then released it outside.

A Villager complained his wife did not get the car-detailing she paid for.

A Reddina Lane man said gas is missing from his golf cart. The chain securing his golf cart had been cut in order to get to the gas.

A South Pego Way woman called officers for assistance with a wayward brother. Her mother declined help from the police.

December 19

A Frontera Circle woman was concerned when a truck pulled in front of her house and the occupant walked around her property to the house behind. Officers told her the man from the truck lives in the house behind hers.

A DeSoto Boulevard man found a barbeque grill on the roadway at the east end of the Village.

A Villager thought his wife might be the victim of an internet scam but as it turned out, some items she ordered from the internet were just on back order.

December 20

A Perralena Way woman said someone entered her residence while she was sleeping. Her door was unlocked. The woman’s dog was in the room with her but did not bark when she thought she saw the intruder.

An officer spotted a tent off Amarillo Lane. Upon closer inspection it looked like a child’s fort or a hunting stand. Also, it was not a part of Village property.

A woman was caught speeding on DeSoto Boulevard near Brota Lane. She was ticketed for speeding and for fictitious tags. She was given a Saline County Court date. Her license plate was confiscated.

A Dulzura Lane woman reported shots fired near her backyard. Her backyard backs up to non-Village property. The pasture has a hunting blind facing away from her home.

A Loyola Drive woman reported the fraudulent use of her credit card.

A Princessa Lane man spotted a SUV nose down in a ditch on Ponce de Leon at Balearic. No damage was done to the vehicle. A wrecker had to tow is out of the ditch.

While talking to the gentleman involved in the one car accident above the officer witnessed another accident. A car came over the hill, slammed on its brakes and slid down the embankment. The wrecker pulled that car out as well. There were no injuries.

A Constantina Circle woman complained of a man driving a truck dumping leaves at the empty lot across from her home.

December 21

A Divino Lane man admitted to drinking alcohol before driving his pick up into a ditch on DeSoto Boulevard. He was charged with DWI first, refusal to submit, driving on a suspended drivers’ license and violation of a protection order. He was given a court date and transported to the Garland County detention center.

An El Espinar Circle man thought he heard five gun shots.

There was a tree down blocking the roadway at Alava Way. Officers with chain saws cleared the roadway.

There was a tree down in the area of Monterrey and Mazarron. Officers cleared the roadway.

A Golada Lane woman dialed 911 and hung up. It was an accident but officers went to the house to see if there was anything wrong. When you dial 911 by mistake, stay on the line and tell the operator it was a mistake and the police won't come to your home.

A Tomino Way couple had a domestic distrubance.

There was a tree down in the roadway at Delgado Way off Sur De Curso. The chainsaw was brought out and the roadway was cleared.

An officer removed a brush pile from Coronado Drive west of Minorca.

Officers provided traffic control while a Maderas Drive resident was unloading a moving truck.

Officers assisted a man whose car was in a ditch at DeSoto Boulevard and Castellon Way. He and the car were not hurt.

A car partially rolled out of a driveway on Alicante. Officers propped rocks behind the rear tires once the car was back in its driveway.

December 22

There was a tree in the roadway on Jardinero Drive. Officer removed the tree without incident.

An Arjona Way man said two dogs ran out from a Santistaban Way drive and barked at him in an aggressive manner. Officers asked the Santistaban Way resident to put the dogs on a leash or they must respond to voice commands.

A Palencia Lane man thought his car had been followed home.

December 23

There was a two car accident at DeSoto Boulevard and Highway 5. A minor without a drivers license borrowed the family car to buy a Christmas gift. He was cited with failure to yield right of way and no valid drivers license. The family in the other car drove themselves to the emergency room to get checked out.

An officer assisted at the PRO guard shack at the Highway 5 gate due to high volume calls and traffic.

A car hit a deer in the area of DeSoto Boulevard between Andorra Drive and Terlingua Drive.

A Sergio Drive woman said she heard a heavy truck or four wheeler driving around her front yard. There were tire treads in her front yard.

An Escosia Lane woman said she was the victim of a telephone scam offering to fix her firewall on her computer for $176. Approximately $1,200 was missing from her bank account. Never give your personal information to someone you don't know over the phone.

Someone without credentials tried to enter the East Gate.

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