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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police

December 2

Officers were sent to Sabiote Way on a policy violation. The woman resident complained of a lawn company dumping branches on her adjacent vacant property.

Officers responded to a call of a hitchhiker at Santa Maria Lane and Calella Road. The hitchhiker was charged with public intoxication and given a court date.

December 3

There was a complaint of loud music on Fronterra Circle.

December 5

A Frontera Circle man said someone had taken his wallet out of his unlocked car.

Multiple unlocked cars on Frontera Circle had items missing.

A Delavega Circle woman said her debit card had been compromised to the tune of $1,700.

December 6

A Hot Springs woman reported a tree in the road way on DeSoto Boulevard near Monovar Lane.

December 7

Officers provided traffic control while a car was removed from the ditch on DeSoto Boulevard near Balearic.

Officers on patrol found a car stuck on Fresno Hill between Carmona Road and Alicante. Officers helped the man back down the road and turn around without incidence.

A Castano Way woman needed a ride to pick up her medication.

Children were discouraged from sledding on the 8th fairway of Ponce de Leon Golf Course. The course was closed.

December 8

Two Hot Springs men were extricated from a car on DeSoto Boulevard near Barcelona Road, the passenger was transported by Air Ambulance to an area hospital. The driver was transported by ambulance. The driver was unfamiliar with the terrain and ran a stop sign causing the accident with another car. The other driver was not hurt. Both cars were totaled in the accident. The passenger was in intensive care but expected to survive.

Icy roads resulted in a car in a ditch at Fresno Road east of Carmona Road.

There was a car in the ditch on DeSoto Boulevard near the DeSoto pool.

December 9

A Banda Place woman reported a fraud against her name. A collection agency was trying to collect on a Direct TV bill that was not hers in West Helena.

A Badalona Circle woman’s car broke down on DeSoto Boulevard near Fuego.

Upon arrival at a North Sanchez Court home officers observed heavy smoke coming from the area. Officers had difficulty making the male homeowner understand he needed to get out of the burning garage. The homeowner assaulted one of the officers and was taken to the ground and escorted away from the burning home. First Electric turned off the electricity once the fire was extinguished.

A Santa Maria Lane woman complained about her allegedly drunk son. Officers found him at El Jimador Restaurant and arrested him for public intoxication. His court date is December 19 in Garland County.

A car slipped off the road at DeSoto Boulevard and Calella Road.

A car slid off the roadway and into the trees at DeSoto Boulevard near Sierra Drive.

December 10

A Joya Lane woman’s car had a flat tire in the area of Camino Road and Alicante Way.

A car making a left turn was rear-ended by another car on DeSoto Boulevard and San Fernando Road.

A Cevico Trace woman’s wallet was found at a business on Highway 5.

A deer hit a car on DeSoto Boulevard near Poema Lane.

The driver of a white pick-up poached two doe in the Village off Cortez Road and Dark Corners Road.

A woman’s car slid off Fresno Road near Ponferrada. Someone had moved the barricades blocking the dangerously icy Fresno Hill.

A Loyola Way woman smelled smoke but there was no fire.

A Castano Drive man’s car got stuck on DeSoto Boulevard near Sierra Drive.

December 11

A Doscientos Way woman said she was missing jewelry from her jewelry cabinet with an estimated value of $3,060.

A Caceras Way man said his watch was missing.

Officers controlled traffic while a POA crew changed the traffic light at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Drive and Magellan Golf Course.

A Vereda Lane man found a brown wallet while raking leaves in his front yard.

An Alina Lane man reported a car with possible fictitious tags.

Officers were dispatched to a Palma Lane home where a bird had flown inside. A woman said she was letting her dog out when the bird flew in. An officer was able to catch the bird in the woman’s bedroom and release it outside.

A black Labrador retriever dog was reported for running loose in the area of Murcia Way and East Villena Drive. Officers never saw the dog.

December 12

A San Sebastian Way man doesn’t want his adult daughter in his house unsupervised.

A representative of Levi Hospital in Hot Springs reported a possible suicidal man in the Village.

A flat tire may have caused a one car accident at the intersection of DeSoto Boulevard and Promesa Drive.

An Alina Lane woman reported a possible intruder.

A check was found at the Village Shell.

December 13

A car on DeSoto Boulevard did not stop and the car hit another car waiting to turn onto Clubhouse Drive. The turning car had approximately $800 in damages. The non-stopping car had approximately $2,000 in damages.

A Charnela Lane woman said her car was missing several items. She then checked her husband’s car and it was also missing several items. Both cars had been left unlocked.

A Divino Lane woman needed a ride home after a little too much to drink at Patsy’s Bar and Grill.

A Frontera Circle woman complained of her neighbor’s loud music.

December 14

A Calanas Lane man said someone was entering a storage unit at the edge of his property. He was missing a few items valued at $600.

Officers served a summons on a Santona Way man for Garland County Circuit Court.

Someone found a wallet at the Cranford’s parking lot and dropped it at the West gate. The wallet owner was contacted and picked up his wallet.

An Arturo Lane woman reported a bird had flown into her utility room. Officers freed the bird.

December 15

A Gallacia Lane woman called 911 and then hung up. Officers went to her home to see if there was a problem. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

An Altiplano Circle man was involved in a one car accident on DeSoto Boulevard at Minorca Road.

December 16

Both bathrooms at Cortez Beach were vandalized.

Officers provided traffic control on Barcelona Lane to assist the Hot Springs Village Fire Department.

A Villager turned himself into the police on an outstanding warrant for a DWI first. He was transported to the Garland County Detention Center.

An officer cleared the roadway at the Danville Bridge on DeSoto Boulevard where a dead doe blocked the roadway. Animal Control was notified to pick up the deer off the side of the road.

An E. Novelda Way woman said her car hit the above doe. Her car sustained approximately $1,500 in damages.

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