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Thursday, October 3, 2013

U-Verse coming to the Village

Ted Nauman of AT&T made a special presentation regarding AT&T's new service package, U-Verse, at the Village POA board meeting. AT&T is bringing the new service to several neighborhoods in the east end of the Village including the following: Andora, Brilliante, Cartagena, Cielo, Diamante, Encantado, Guadalajara, Isabella, Ladera, Levantino, Magnifico, Marinero, Pacifica, Promesa, Sacedon, Santa Maria, Santiago, Sergio, Sopresa and Vereda. The U-Verse service will be available in these neighborhoods but not necessarily to every household in these neighborhoods. AT&T anticipates having the service available to about 1,300 existing homes by November 15 with the service available to 1,700 undeveloped lots.

AT&T has proposed an undefined exclusivity agreement with the POA board asking the board to grant AT&T exclusivity in marketing phone, internet and television services at POA events. In exchange for the exclusivity, AT&T proposes paying the POA a stipend for every phone, internet and elevision package upgraded to AT&T U-Verse.

POA general manager David Twiggs has yet to see the actual proposal and the board has not endorsed any such proposal.

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