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Thursday, October 17, 2013

HSV POA board meeting highlights

The Village public works director, Jason Temple reported at the Hot Springs Village POA board meeting yesterday that the water treatment plant expansion is 47% complete. Workers are in the process of transitioning to one clarifier allowing the replacement of the other.

Temple added, the department is upgrading a pressure reducing valve giving operators additional control to send water to outlying areas.

Voting matters before the board resulted in the following decisions:

The appeals committee was created with members Angelo Parker, Rob Ferriman, Bob Cunningham, Sue Mefford and Ralph Turpin.

Lifenet's contract was renewed for another five years.

Gun signage will be removed at the Village gates. It will now be up to individual businesses to post notices disallowing hand guns in businesses.

The west gate restoration project will proceed with a fiscal cap of $400,000.

The Pro-10 plan was narrowly defeated. Director Harv Shelton did not attend the meeting and had he been present the outcome might have been different.

The 2014 fee schedule was approved.

The 2014 budget passed.

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