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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Voting at the POA board meeting

There were several items voted on in yesterday's Village POA board meeting.

The motion to extend charter for ad hoc committee on gates design put forward by director Harv Shelton passed.

The motion to amend article XII, section 1 of the bylaws put forth by John Cooney passed.

The motion to appoint Jerry Morgan to the golf committee put forward by John Cooney passed.

The motion to appoint James Patton to the public works committee put forth by Tom Bryant passed.

The motion to approve CPI increase in assessments put forward by Frank Leeming passed. Monthly assessments will rise to $36.68 in January.

The motion to approve Dam Mowing put forth by Tom Bryant on the recommendation of POA staff failed. Dam Mowing is half owned by director Jeff Atkins. The company worked for the POA before when Atkins was not on the board. Dam Mowing's bid was lower. Atkins abstained from voting, Frank Leeming voted for approval the rest of the board voted against the hiring after heated discussion. The contract was awarded to Millsaps Stone Co., Inc. for $25,800. Dam Mowing's bid had been $24,500.

The motion to approve ingress and egress policy revision put forward by John Cooney passed.

The board met in executive session following the open meeting.

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