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Friday, August 2, 2013

Town hall meeting

Thursday’s town hall meeting in the Village Coronado Center was standing room only. The new Village POA general manager David Twiggs painted a picture of the Village in the future with many more free or low-cost amenities to draw people into areas that are currently not in use. Some of the projects will be rolled out as early as next spring. A few of the projects Twiggs mentioned were simple and designed to bring neighbors together like courtyards for outdoor band performances. Another, was a garden area with an adjacent year-round farmer’s market. These ideas are designed to make use of some of the POA inventory of unused lots, ultimately increasing the value of the nearby properties and making the Village healthier overall.

Twiggs also suggested more aggressive marketing of unused golf tee times to non-Villagers. Especially times in the afternoon and on weekends when Villagers are not booking tee times. This does not require adding new golf courses, just a more strategic use of what we have. He is not advocating full capacity usage, just using more use of what we have that is currently going to waste.

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