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Friday, August 16, 2013

How low will thieves go

The Garland County Sheriffs Office received information from a local resident in reference to a new scam going around the area. The victim receives a call from company called Primary Solutions claiming to be a debt collector. During, the call the victim is threatened with jail time and fines for non payment. They will also tell you that you've received a cash advance from a company called Cash Call and that they are offering to settle for half the amount claimed as a waiver for all fees and fines. When asked who and where this company is located the victim was able to determine that they are using an alias for an actual company in Oklahoma. The victim called the actual company and was told that this was a scam. A few days later the victim was notified by another debt collector calling itself Consumer Financial Services, they typically will follow up by contacting a family member and telling them you have warrants for your arrest. They are stating they are a law enforcement officer calling on behalf of a different company attempting to collect a debt and stating the person they are attempting to contact has until 5 p.m. to call back with a payment to avoid jail time. When you call back they are asking for a debt or credit card number. This scare tactic can often make the victim wonder if they had accidentally signed up for something. The victims then become frightened into paying for something that they don't owe or ever borrowed.

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