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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mad about stupid story

I have known from the day the Dawna Natzke file landed on Steve Oliver's desk. Oliver is the Garland County prosecuting attorney. I was asked to keep it under my hat until an arrest warrant was issued because the Sheriff'e Department was afraid Kevin Duck would rabbit if he knew an arrest was coming soon. Kevin Duck is the alleged murderer of Natzke, Village Police dispatcher, at Christmastime two years ago.

The local newspaper has a splashy story across the front page saying Duck has been named a suspect in Natzke's murder. All I see are headlines saying run Duck run. He has run before. He walked away from probation in Hot Spring County and was arrested down in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

I find the news report irresponsible and I find the prosecuting attorney's behavior reprehensible. Quit poking the angry bear and charge him, catch him, arrest him and try him for Natzke's murder. What a sham.

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