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Friday, August 16, 2013

Benton Area Chamber of Commerce will publish new community guide and membership directory

We are pleased to announce that sales for our upcoming community guide and membership directory are now underway. The guides are on target to print next spring, and will be distributed in and around the Chamber service area.

The forthcoming Benton community guide and membership directory will act as an exceptional Chamber membership recruitment tool, ideal community reference guide and informational relocation publication. This customized publication will feature a refreshing writing style, coupled with eye-popping design and colorful pictures - grasping the distinct character of the community. The publication will also include a complete Chamber membership directory and/or comprehensive buyer's guide (categorical listing).

Advertising in the Benton community guide and membership directory has unrivaled advantages. The multi-platform advertising bundle goes beyond the traditional print publication to include: a community website and downloadable NewView eBook®, which converts the publication's editorial, pictures and design elements into a digital format; on-the-go wireless access via various web-enabled devices; and the searchable® Business Directory Portal, featuring the Chamber's entire membership directory, available wirelessly, 24/7. Since 1996, the Village Profile® website has seen over 250,000,000 hits from Internet locales around the world and from all manners of users, and the site totaled more than 8.4 million hits from 2011-2012. This considerable traffic will prove beneficial to the entire Benton Area Chamber of Commerce community.

In addition, the Chamber's Village Profile® iPhone and Android App provides the Chamber, our members and advertisers access to their community in one touch, anytime, anywhere, from their handheld Smartphone devices. Downloadable from respective iPhone stores and the Android marketplace, the Village Profile® App is comparable to navigating through, with features including the community publication cover graphic; links to editorial chapters; access to the advertiser directory complete with reciprocal links; one-click, GPS-driven directions to all Chamber advertisers' business locations; including direct dial and direct email capabilities.  

This leading-edge, technologically advanced, royalty-generating publishing program is made possible through a partnership between the Benton Area Chamber of Commerce and Chamber member Village Profile®, and is produced at NO COST to the Chamber.  

For publication and advertising information or to reserve ad space now, contact the Benton Area Chamber of Commerce at 501-860-7004 or the Sales Representative David  Harris at 630-973-9576.

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