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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Village POA board votes

The Village POA board met Wednesday to vote on several items.

The board threw its full support behind the Village PRO-10 proposal allowing property owners to donate $10 a month to the POA projects budget. The plan is expected to pass next month and the paperwork for the $10 option will be a part of Villager’s annual renewal package.

The Mt. Carmel agreement was passed allowing the 14 Alzheimer’s units to be counted as one assessment.

The All Saints Anglican Church Developer’s Agreement outlining various responsibilities of both the developer and the POA passed.

The creation of the Health Services Ad Hoc Committee passed.

The Jump Start Resolution passed with director Jeff Atkins dissenting. This measure allows the POA to apply for Jump Start money for a denser-housing neighborhood near the Ponce de Leon Center. There were 8 entities applying the same funding.

Villagers interested in acquiring the AT&T U-verse service will want to attend the October 2 board meeting. AT&T will give a presentation on expanding services in the Village including U-verse.

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