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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Village man undergoing rabies treatment

Two more bats were collected last week and tested positive for rabies after submission to the state health department, raising the total number of Garland County rabies cases to 15.

A bat was captured in the Bender Point area on Wednesday after homeowners returned from fishing and noticed a bat flopping on the ground. There were no human or animal exposures. 

In a separate incident, an elderly resident in Hot Springs Village found a bat hiding in his hat.  As he reached to flick the offending creature away, it bit him on the finger. The man is now undergoing post-exposure preventive series.

Pet owners are reminded to vaccinate all dogs and cats at least four months old against rabies. To report any unusual daytime activity by nocturnal creatures such as skunks or bats, contact Animal Services at 262-2091.

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