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Friday, September 6, 2013

Need a permit?

Planning a landscaping project in Hot Springs Village over the next few months? Be sure to contact the Property Owners’ Association Permitting and Inspections Department to find out the requirements and permits needed for your landscaping project. 

According to Hot Springs Village Architectural Control Rules and Regulations, permits are required for all landscaping projects that include initial installation of trees, shrubs, mulch (stone, bark, gravel, etc…) and grass; and construction of retaining walls, planters and grade level concrete flat work.

Permits are not required after owner occupancy for the planting or removal of trees, planting or removal of shrubs, flowers, of initial landscape development or maintenance of existing bark, mulch, grasses or gravel.

Landscape permit requests are reviewed by the Architectural Control Committee. A detailed as-built plot is required showing the outline of the property lines; set-backs and easements.

Other rules and regulations pertaining to landscaping on common property, storage of landscaping materials, spraying chemicals on HSV lakes, drainage, erosion control measures and permeable membrane requirements are also available at | Services | Permitting and Inspections | Permit Forms and Information | Irrigation Systems, Landscaping & Seawall-Procedures.

For more information, call the Permitting and Inspections Department at 922-5562.

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