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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fourth anniversary of Arkansas Lottery yesterday

Yesterday, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery marked its Fourth Anniversary since launching ticket sales. The Lottery’s most important accomplishment in 48 months has been the delivery of more than $375 Million in scholarships for Arkansas students. The scholarships are distributed by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

Many others have also benefited. Lottery players have won more than $1.15 Billion ($1,150,000,000) in prizes. Sales have totaled in excess of $1.8 Billon, generating over $103.7 million in commissions for about 1900 Arkansas businesses that are Lottery retailers located in all 75 counties. The Lottery currently offers for sale both instant and online tickets through these retailers, without whom not a ticket would be sold or a dollar earned for scholarships.

The history of the Arkansas Lottery began in November 2008 when 63 per cent of state voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing the creation of a lottery whose proceeds all go benefit citizens of our state who attend Arkansas colleges. The General Assembly in 2009 passed the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act, creating the agency and setting up the structure for a 9-member Commission appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. The legislation was signed by the Governor, becoming law, on March 26, 2009.

The Commission met in May 2009, and staffers began working in June 2009, resulting in the offering of the first four instant tickets in late September 2009. In October, Powerball rolled out and within months the Lottery was offering a full range of instant and draw tickets. The purpose of the ASL is to provide scholarships and grants to Arkansas residents enrolled in public and private nonprofit two-year and four-year colleges and universities within the state.

Exact figures through September 26 (unaudited)
Total Scholarships: $375,745,086, Total Sales: $1,847,300,376,
Total Commissions: $103,707,998, Prizes Awarded: $1,154,362,513

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