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Friday, July 19, 2013

Imagine Central Arkansas

The Metropolitan planning organization, Imagine Central Arkansas invites Hot Springs Village residents to participate in the new online activity, “Are We There Yet?” This interactive tool allows central Arkansas residents to set goals for the region’s future, and then make decisions about major trends, policy options, and funding sources to meet those goals.

“Are We There Yet?” is designed to inform central Arkansans about conditions affecting the future of central Arkansas, and to obtain important feedback regarding emerging trends and policy directions that will predominate the region over the next three decades. Topics included in the online activity include transportation infrastructure, walkability, and revenue sources. The tool is available through mid-July at

For more information, contact Judy Watts at (501) 372-3300 or

Research compiled by Imagine Central Arkansas will culminate in a new metropolitan transportation and development plan by late 2013. Residents may learn more about Imagine Central Arkansas and participate at anytime by going to, or via twitter @Metroplan, #ImagineCentralAR.

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