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Monday, July 22, 2013

Garland County man arrested with pipe bomb

At approximately 4:20 this morning, Garland County Sheriff's Deputy McConnell was dispatched to a one-vehicle accident at North Moore and Sunshine Roads in Garland County, involving 18 year old Tanner Root.

During the accident investigation a suspected explosive device, which appeared to be a pipe bomb, was located in the tool box of Mr. Roots vehicle. The device was transported to the Sheriff’s Office for safe disarming by the Little Rock Fire Department Bomb Squad, with the help of the Arkansas State Police. The device, which contained suspected shrapnel, propellant and a fuse, was rendered safe and the evidence collected by investigator’s.

At this point Mr. Root is charged with alleged Criminal Acts Involving Explosives, DWI, Failure to Submit to BAC, No Insurance and Careless/Prohibited Driving. Investigator’s will be working with the ATF later in the week to determine possible federal charges.

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