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Friday, December 28, 2012

The animals at the Village Shelter are weathering the storms

We have been in contact with the Animal Control officers throughout this winter storm and the animals are being well cared for.  They were given extra portions and lots of water on Monday evening in anticipation of extreme weather.  The heating system is radiant propane, so even a loss of power would not effect the heat supply.  Liz was able to get to the Shelter yesterday.  Either she or Bo will be there again today.  We will resume Shelter adoption operations on 1/2/13.  Please do not attempt to go to the shelter as Cloaca has downed branches that make it an obstacle course.  

Please remember to take the time to thank Liz and Bo for their dedication to the animals.  They, like other POA employees, have given up a lot during this holiday time to keep our facilities and roadways functioning as well as they can.  

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