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Friday, December 14, 2012

Nursing program news at NPCC

An important part of nursing is teaching patients how to improve their health and reduce the risk of developing health problems in the future. The National Park Community College senior nursing students were given a team teaching project to complete this semester with the final presentation in poster format. Each team was to choose a population that was in need of health promotion education and meet that need. This required them to develop, implement, and evaluate a teaching plan geared toward a chosen population which was related to the maternal-child content they were studying in class. They were then asked to develop a poster presentation that included: the assessment process, planning and implementation process, and finally the evaluation of their project. The following agencies participated in this educational process:

Charlie’s Angels Daycare
Ewing Seventh Day Adventist School
Holly Harshman Elementary
Hot Springs Seventh Day Adventist School
Wilson Elementary School in Little Rock
Highlands Maternity Home
Lakeside Pre-school
Linden Street Childcare
Lake Hamilton Primary School
Lake Hamilton School Health Fair
Magnet Cove Junior High School
Change Point
Little Lambs Pre-school
Hot Springs Play by Play
Potter’s Clay
Peake Elementary
Garland County Library
Malvern High School
First Baptist Church Preschool
Delight Elementary, Delight, Arkansas
Caddo Hills High School
Jessieville Pre-school

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