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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

KVRE's Hot Springs Village Police Department Reports

March 13

A woman was stopped for running a stop sign at Fresno Road and Carmona Road. She was cited with Failing to Stop and given a Garland County Court date. She was further charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Minor because there was a two month old infant in a car seat in the backseat of the car. The woman refused to accept the citations until she calmed down.

A Ballobar Way man said it appeared someone had thrown eggs at his home. It was an easy clean up.

An officer offered a ride to a Sanchez Place man walking along DeSoto Boulevard near Ponce de Leon Drive.

March 14

A medium sized Golden Retriever on Romero Lane was standing in its yard barking at a passing couple when the Cortez Circle man came after the dog with a stick saying it almost attacked him and his wife.  Luckily, there was a witness that saw the incident confirming the dog was in its own yard and acting defensively against the man running at it with a stick. No citations were issued.

More noise complaints on Frontera Circle.

A Pizarro Drive woman got a call saying her computer needed to be fixed and it would cost her $150 for it to be done by a Deleware man. Her system was subsequently hacked. In a new twist she was told she would be reimbursed by Windows to the tune of $400. The woman has changed her contact information and banking information.

A Laguna Way man believes a passing car shot Bbs at his truck.

A car alarm went off on Frontera Circle.

Another Pizarro Drive woman reported an attempted computer scam by phone.

Officers stopped a car that just breezed through the red light at the west gate. The male driver said they were going to a viewing at Cedervale Cemetery. The viewing was the next night at Caruth Funeral Home. The couple was escorted out of the Village.

A Reddina Lane woman said there was an intoxicated man at her door and he wouldn’t go away. The man does not live in the Village and was gone when police arrived.

There was a loud music complaint on Malaga Way. The music was off when an officer arrived.

An officer was dispatched to Pyrenees in reference to a stolen car. The information was not clear but the officer made a stolen vehicle report.

March 15

There was a report of a loud noise on Frontera Circle.

There was a traffic complaint of drag racing in the area of Balearic Road and Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church. The area was monitored for a while but nothing out of the ordinary was noted.

March 16

A Hendaye Way man said there was an injured deer in his backyard.  The deer had a broken back and was euthanized.

A Village woman thought someone was taking her mail. There was no proof to indicate that was the case.

A Martos Place man said he got a scam call about winning a lottery.

Officers kept the peace while a Caceres Way couple separated their belongings.

A man said his car slipped in the sand near the Balboa gate causing the car to slide into the gate causing approximately $2,000 in damages to his car and making the gate inoperable.

March 17

Someone reported a large sinkhole at Segovia Drive and North Badalona. When officers checked, it was just a small depression not a large sinkhole.

There was a jewelry theft of over $1,000 reported on Emauel Drive. Officers are investigating.

A Fineza Way man said he hit a deer on Balearic Road just east of Murillo Way. His car sustained approximately $3,000 in damages.

An Alba Circle couple said their dog was stuck under their home. The dog was trapped in a closed wall space. Captain Fallon was able to reach up and retrieve the dog with was indeed trapped inside the wall.

March 18

An Alina Lane woman was afraid she might have a fire under here sink where it was leaking near her dishwasher and garbage disposal. An officer unplugged the appliances and the Fire Captain told her there would be no problem overnight.

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