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Friday, March 28, 2014

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police Department

March 18

A car hit a deer on DeSoto Boulevard near Barcelona Road. The car sustained approximately $5,000 in damages. Officers were unable to find the deer.

There was a head-on collision at Mano Way near Hidalgo Drive. Both cars sustained approximately $10,000 in damages. One woman was cited with driving left of center and has a court date in April. The other woman was checked out by Lifenet with chest pains.

A politician was campaigning on Village property outside the east gate. She was asked to move off property.

A Sanchez Place man complained of barking dogs in the neighborhood.

March 19

A Caceres Way man wanted to report his wife for stealing his files. The officer advised the man the files belonged equally to his wife.

A visiting couple was having difficulty finding a parking space for their RV on Amable Lane.

An Almazon Way man said his identity was stolen when someone used his social security number to file annual Federal taxes.

A Sosegado Way man said his artificial flowers were missing from a clay flower pot in his yard.

There was a car/deer accident on Balearic Road near the Fuel Stop. Animal Control was notified to pick up the dead deer.

March 20

A Redinna Lane man was ticketed on DeSoto Boulevard for speeding and no driver's license. He was given an April court date.

Animal Control was notified to pick up a dead deer in the roadway on DeSoto Boulevard near Ensenada.

A Tarifa Lane man reported a possible scam. The caller told him he won a new car but needed to send a $250 money pack scratch card from Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart’s. It was a scam.

A Perralena Way woman said an old friend from California was stalking her on facebook and calling her. He said he was coming for her in the Village. Officers are providing extra patrols.

There was another barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

There was a barking dog complaint on Murcia Way.

An Adoracion Court man complained of a light shining in his windows from across the bay from a Sanchez Place home. Although the Sanchez Place man did not have to do anything he adjusted the light so it was not shining across the bay.

March 21

Animal Control was notified to pick up a dead deer in the ditch beside Clubhouse Drive and DeSoto Boulevard. 

March 22

There was a two car accident at Barcelona Road and Cortez Road. One man was issued a citation for failure to yield and given an April court date. His car was totaled. The other car sustained approximately $5,000 in damages. Neither man was hurt.

March 23

Village officers assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Office by detaining suspected felons near McCann’s Shell on Highway 7 after an officer observed the couple of suspected felons exit the Village at the west gate.

An Onda Lane man said his 14 foot green Rogue canoe was missing from his residence.

March 24

An Esplandor couple had difficulty getting a landscaper to work. The landscaper eventually returned the $500 deposit.

A drivers license was found and turned into lost and found at the police department.

There was a two car accident on DeSoto Boulevard at the Small Games Area. One car rear-ended another while the driver of the following car was watching a coyote to the side of the road instead of the traffic in front of her. The car in front sustained approximately $500 in damages. The following car was totaled.

A truck parked along the roadside on Barcelona and Malaga was blocking the stop sign view. Officers asked the truck to move so it wasn’t blocking the view from the stop sign.

An officer advised two fishermen fishing in Lake Lago was not allowed. They apologized and moved on.

A Cullerendo Way woman said she heard gunshots in the area.

Officers assisted when divorce papers were served on S. Badalona Drive.

Gunshots were heard in the area of Dulzura Way.

A Leno Circle women said she was getting harassing texts from her ex-boyfriend. The ex was warned to leave her alone.

An officer assisted a visitor in finding the Los Lagos timeshares.

March 25

A Joya Lane woman said she suffered a dog bite by a Hartura Way dog that came running out of its residence. She did not want to pursue charges.

A Pyrenees Way woman said her $100 planter was missing.

An officer picked up two runaway dogs and transported them to the Animal Shelter.

A car went into the ditch on Promesa Place. The driver said he doesn’t drive well at night and was unaware he wasn’t driving on the roadway. He was cited with careless or prohibited driving with a Saline County court date in May.

There were more harassing text messages on Leno Circle.

Animal Control will follow up on a complaint about dogs barking and not having food and water on Sanchez Place.

March 26

A buck that was hit by a car on DeSoto Boulevard near Ponce de Leon was euthanized.

There was a domestic disturbance on Cambre Circle.

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