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Friday, March 7, 2014

KVRE's Hot Springs Village Police Reports

February 19

An officer advised a Jardin Lane woman that she should stay on the line when she dials 911 by mistake to tell the dispatcher it was a mistake, that way she would keep the police from unnecessarily coming to her door.

An officer warned a Halcon Place woman that it was very dangerous and against the law to drive on a flat tire. She promised she would have her husband fix the tire.

An Espectro Way man reported a scam where someone in England was attempting to rent out his house. He had no intention of renting his home.

A Villager lost his wallet and reported it at the dispatch window at the police department. The wallet was lost on a trip from Shreveport to the Village.

A man was cited with driving while intoxicated third, refusal to submit and driving on suspended after having a one car collision on DeSoto Boulevard.

An Esplendor Way family had a bat in one of the bedrooms. Several attempts were made to remove the bat without success. The bat had to be killed before removal. The bat has been sent for rabies testing. The family was advised to have a pest control expert check the house for more bats.

February 20

A POA maintenance worker reported a deer/truck collision. There was approximately $750 in damages to the truck.

There was a one car accident on West Villena Drive at del Camino Lane. The woman driver over-corrected her car after either entering the oncoming traffic lane or avoiding a car in her lane. Her car hit an embankment flipping the car. There was approximately $1,500 in damages to the car.

A runaway party barge was captured by a Hartura Way man. The boat belonged to a Tiburon Way woman. She made arrangements to retrieve her boat.

There was a one car accident on DeSoto Boulevard near Toledo Drive. No one was injured.

There was a car/deer accident on Fresno Road near DeSoto Boulevard. A car slowed for two deer to cross in front when a third deer ran into the side of the car.

February 21

A woman missed her turn into the Village at Highway 5, backed up, found herself in the ditch. There were no injuries.

Officers helped keep the peace while a San Sebastian Way couple parted company.

February 22

An Arias Way woman was advised to quit leaving bags of dog feces on the side of the road.

A Perralean Way woman was advised there was a burn ban in effect in Garland County. She extinguished her bonfire.

There was a small car fire on Guadalajara Lane. The fire was out before the fire department arrived.

A Zarpa Way man said a 300 and 35 pound rock appeared in his front yard that morning. Public works will remove the rock.

February 23

A woman found a baseball glove at the dog park. It is now at the police station.

A Panorama Drive woman reported a scam discovered when she attempted to file her tax return and discovered someone else filed with her social security number.

February 24

There was a disabled car on the side of DeSoto Boulevard near Seville Lane. The owner said the drive shaft was broken. He was asked to have the car towed away.

February 25

Eight mailboxes were knocked over in Valencia Courts. The base connecting the boxes was sheared off.

February 26

There was a 911 hang up on Soga Place. The resident was setting up his LifeLine alarm and it must have accidentally activated.

An officer requested Animal Control check on large dogs running around a property on Montoro Lane.

There was a break-in at a vacant Argomaniz Way residence.

Officers arrested a Loyola Place man on an outstanding Benton warrant.

February 27

There was a refrigerator missing from a Sur Way residence.

An officer returned a missing file to a Sur Way resident.

A La Vista Lane man was missing his tail pipe caps valued at approximately $150.

A Santona Way man said an Aldaya Lane man came to his house and pulled a handgun on him.

A Village woman appears to be the victim of a scam involving money wired in and out of bank accounts. Village officers will continue to investigate this matter.

Officers had a towing company pick up and abandoned car in the roadway on DeSoto Boulevard between Sonora Way and Emperado Way.

February 28

A Village woman reported a credit card used in a fraudulent manner.

A visiting couple were advised they could not sleep in a car in the Village.

March 1

A Gancho Lane woman was told to keep her children off of the DeSoto Golf Course.

A Durango Way woman was told to keep her children off of the DeSoto Golf Course.

March 2

An officer on patrol had to chip ice off of the Danville/Balearic gate so it would work.

A Gandesa Way woman accidentally locked her keys in her car.

March 2

A woman abandoned her car in the ice on Santa Maria and requested a ride home to Daganza Place.

March 3

A Palma Way woman said there was an ATV going up and down her street.

A car slid off the road and into a ditch on Salvatierra Way. The driver was not injured but the car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages.

March 4

A car went into the ditch on San Pablo Way.

Officers drove a stranded motorist to her home on Perraleana Way from Perralena Lane.

A man lost control of his car on the ice of Salvatierra Way and ended up in the ditch. The driver was uninjured but the car had approximately $10,000 in damages.

A Promesa Place man was having difficulty with his telephone service provider and was unable to contact the number he was dialing. All his calls went to 911.

March 5

An officers directed traffic at DeSoto Boulevard and Calella Road while work was performed on the over head stop light.

A Halcon Place visitor was so desperate to get rid of her mooching boyfriend that she paid for the cab to get him out of the Village.

There was a disabled car in the area of Cortez Road and Mariposa Way. The driver said his transmission stopped pulling. A tow truck was called.

March 6

A La Vega Lane woman reported a telephone scam with someone asking for her social security number.

There was a disabled car in the area of DeSoto Boulevard and Minorca Road. The car was out of gas. Officers stayed until someone brought the driver gas.

A Cambre Circle man was arrested for driving will intoxicated, driving on suspended for DWI and no proof of insurance.

A Jessieville man said someone is using his name to try and get work in the Village. The impersonator does sub-par work, only accepts cash and does not have a work pass.

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