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Thursday, March 13, 2014

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police

February 7

A Sanchez Place woman reported a barking dog. No one was at home where the dogs were barking in a backyard. The officer told the woman he would check back throughout the day to talk to the dogs’ owner.

A care provider on Reddina Way met with resistance from her charge’s family. Officers talked to the charge and she wanted her care provider’s assistance. The family member acquiesced.

An Arias Way woman complained of hearing a stereo with the bass turned way up for over a month. A noisy heat pump on Alina Lane was discovered as the noise maker.

A Silver Toyota pickup hit a power pole on Highway 7 bringing down power lines. No one was in the truck when officers arrived in the area.

An officer assisted the Fire Department on El Espinar Circle. He made sure the residents were out of the home. There was a smell of smoke inside the house but no fire was found.

February 8

A Sarria Lane woman asked officers to come get a gun. The gun had belonged to her deceased husband and the woman had no use for it. She donated it to the HSV Police Department.

A Promesa Place man received notice that he had to make good on two hot checks or be arrested. He said it would not be easy but he would try to pay.

A Promesa Place man said he found a woman’s purse in his car. The purse is in the police lost and found.

An Alamito Lane woman said a car alarm was going off. The car owner said there was no problem with the car.

March 9

A dog nipped at another dog at the dog park. Neither dog was injured. No citations were issued.

An officer was sent to investigate a female panhandler at the west gate. The woman got in her truck and left the area when asked.

A Justa Via Lane woman asked officers to keep the peace when her ex-live-in-boyfriend arrived. The ex removed his personal belongings and tools without incidence.

A Marinero Lane man could not find his cell phone and called 911 for help.

A Sanchez Place man complained of a dog barking. The dogs stopped barking after he made the complaint.

There was a disabled car on ElCano Drive. The woman driver was late for a prayer meeting and did not realize she left her car in the roadway. She moved the car and apologized for the trouble.

A Santona Way man was served with a warrant for assault, first degree. He was transported to Garland County Detention Center. He had allegedly pointed a Walther P99 BB gun at another Villager.

March 10

A Cartaya Way woman said UAMS was billing her insurance company for services she did not receive. She was reporting the fraud.

A Sierra Drive man reported a telephone scam.

March 11

A Benton man was warned trout lines were not permitted in the Village.

A Lerida Circle man thinks his ex-wife was looking in his carport with a flashlight on a night he is usually not home.

An officer asked Animal Control to investigate a Sanchez Place couple for mal-nourishing their three dogs. One of the puppies appeared to have an injured leg.

March 12

There was a tree blocking the roadway at Carmona Road and Barcelona Road. The tree was moved.

A caller said she was talking to a Sanchez Place woman when Sanchez Place woman screamed and hung up the phone. Officers checked, the couple on Sanchez Place was fine.

There were three dogs running in the roadway at DeSoto Boulevard and Andorra Way. One dog was caught, the owner was identified and came to get his dog.

The Sanchez Place couple’s larger dog was loose and acting strangely. Animal Control picked up the one dog.

A Perralena Way woman asked officers to remove her boyfriend from her front yard.

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