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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KVRE"s Hot Springs Village Police highlights

January 17

A Coronado Circle family was the victim of a computer scam.

A Zarpa Way family had a trap line on common property. They were advised to remove the trap line. Officers explained they could trap on their property only.

A South Pego family got a little too rough when playing basketball.

A Salvatierra Way family and a Brilliante Circle family, currently related by marriage had a misunderstanding.

January 18

Officers were called to keep the peace at a Salvatierra Way home.

There was a possible policy violation on Galeon Way. Someone was cutting up downed trees.

Officers removed a dead pine hanging over Ensenada Lane.

Officers attempted to serve a no contact order on Astorga Circle

January 19

A set of golf clubs and a bag were found on the trail near Calella Road and Santa Maria Road. The clubs had been seen on the trail since January 16.

Pavilion lights at Cortez Pavilion had been left on since January 18.

Someone was trying to take a sign from a Constantina Circle home in the wee hours of the morning.

A Vigoroso Lane man said he heard gunshots. Officers did not find the source of the noise.

January 20

A Frontera Circle woman said she heard music from next door, no one was home next door and the officer did not hear any music.

An Arias Way man called the police to move his neighbor’s trash can from in front of his mail box.

A Bargus Way man was asked to clean up the leaves he dumped on a cul-de-sac or be fined for littering. He agreed to clean up the area.

A young man was fouled out during a basketball game at the DeSoto Recreation Area. He fell hard and got mad.

A Cordero Lane couple became afraid of their house guests. The house guests are no longer welcome.

January 21

A man asked officers to escort him into the Village to Bolgado Circle to keep the peace while he removed some furniture.

January 22

Some mail boxes were damaged on Opalo Place.

The Cordero Lane couple had to change their locks to keep their unwanted house guests out.

There was a trailer stuck in the ditch on Ponce de Leon Drive when a driver tried to turn his semi truck around in the roadway.

January 23

There was a car with a flat tire blocking Brota Lane at DeSoto Boulevard. The husband was contacted to move the car once the tire was changed.

A Cabot man was driving around the Village looking for a hot spot to be transported to another place. Officers transported him to an ambulance for an evaluation and then arrested him for an outstanding warrant for failure to appear and cited him for driving on a suspended license. He was relased to the Cabot Police Department.

Some fiber board slipped out of the back of a pick-up on to the roadway of Silla Lane.

January 24

There was a two car accident on Vascondadas Way. One car backed out of a driveway into the path of another car.

There was a panhandler at the west gate interrupting traffic flow. The man was asked to leave private property. He agreed to return to Hot Springs where he was staying with friends.

A Magellan Drive woman was scammed out of $599.17 supposedly for taxes on Tennessee property.

Officers assisted a Los Lagos renter in finding her rental packet.

A large dog threatened two different Dulzura Lane residents. Officers did not catch the dog.

January 25

An officer stopped a speeding motorcycle on DeSoto Boulevard. He was warned to slow down.

Party on Placa Lane without the homeowners permission resulted in issuance of a citation for driving on a suspended license. The three carloads of partiers gained access into the Village with a work pass. They were escorted out of the Village.

An officer stopped a speeder on DeSoto Boulevard and ticketed him for speeding, 60 in a 45.

There was an anonymous noise complaint on Fronterra Circle. Officers did not find the source of a loud noise.

An Arias Way woman reported a mangy fox hanging out in her backyard. The fox diapered before officers arrived.

January 26

A Halcon Place woman is concerned by her ex-boyfriend’s calls and drivebys.

A Paterna Lane man lost his wallet.

January 27

Officers are looking for the residents of a Sanchez Place home. Two women and one man are missing. Adult Protective Services are involved and have placed some of the above in safe housing.

No one is allowed in the Pink Olive Restaurant. It is now closed.

January 28

Officers served a notice to quit on a South Pego Way residence.

Officers served a notice to quit on a Trevino Place residence.

January 29

An officer stopped a car for running a stop sign. The driver did not have a valid license. He was cited for running a stop sign, driving on a suspended license and no insurance. It was later found the driver had several outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest at a Santa Maria Lane home.

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