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Friday, January 3, 2014

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village Police

December 24

A Good Sam’s employee was let go for allegedly throwing clothes around.

An Adoracion Way man was made aware he was incurring a policy violation by having his trailer in his driveway for two weeks.

A Badalona Circle man parks his car in vacant carports when bad weather is expected.

A Lago Way woman reclaimed her missing dog from a Certero Circle family.

December 25

A San Pable Way couple is having difficulty with diseases of aging.

A Palencia Lane home had been twined. Twine strung about a foot above the ground all around the yard.

A Sanchez Court South man complained of a dog barking constantly on Sanchez Place. The dog did not like being in the yard by himself.

December 26

An Adoracion Way man said there was a man driving a green pick-up going door to door.

An Alina Lane woman said she heard a loud noise and then saw someone shining a light in her bedroom window. Officers did not locate anything suspicious.

A Tenerife Way woman said someone was in the yard messing with vehicles.

December 27

There was report of smoke smell at an Almazan Way home.

There was a report of smoke smell at a Los Lagos unit.

A Diamante Place woman said the lawn maintenance personnel are not careful.

A Frontera Circle man was concerned for a little boy playing in traffic. Contact was made with a Golada Lane man to take care of the situation.

A Fachado Drive woman accidentally dialed 911 and hung up. Officers showed up at her door to make sure there was nothing wrong. She was fine. Don’t hang up when you dial 911 by mistake, let the operator know you made a mistake or officers will come to your door.

A Del Camino Lane woman got a police escort to her home when she had difficulty driving at night.

Officers stopped a car for running a stop sign and ticketed him for driving on suspended driver’s license.

An out of town Tomino Way man said his daughter back home might be in danger.

December 28

A woman’s car was blocking the roadway on San Fernando Road while she put gas in the car. An officer assisted with traffic control until she could get her car started again.

A Jornada Circle man driving on DeSoto Boulevard his a deer.

There was a minor domestic disturbance on Salvatierra Way.

December 29

A Saldana Way woman thought she was putting her car in park but put it in reverse. She thought she was hitting the brake but hit the gas. Her car sustained $900 in damages when it hit a 4by4 wood post.

A young man was caught fishing at a pond on Cortez Golf Course.

December 30

A Camello Lane woman thought she heard a noise outside. A neighbor was outside calling his dog.

December 31

An officer on patrol spotted a car off the roadway and in the trees in the area of Castano and South Barcelona Drive. The driver said a deer ran out in front of his car causing him to run off the roadway. The car sustained approximately $7,500 in damages. The Fresca Lane man driving the car was ticketed for failure to report an accident and given a Garland County court date.

A man was taking scrap metal throughout the Village. He did not have permission. When the police arrived the man stated that the scrap in his vehicle was his second load of the day and that he has hauled off 3 to 4 loads from the Village in recent weeks. The police tagged clubs and a bag.

A Llana Lane man said his pistol was missing.

January 1

Officers issued a no contact order on Emperado Way.

A Letrista Drive left his car at Cortez Golf Course while taking a bike ride. His car was locked in when he returned from his bike ride. An officer was able to fee his car.

A La Viejo Lane man reported hitting a deer on Highway 5.

There was a small fire in the area of Alicante and DeSoto Boulevard. Officers provided traffic control while the fire was extinguished.

January 2

An Alina Lane woman thought she heard what sounded like a persons body slamming against her front door.

A Divino Lane couple were having trouble with their adult son’s temper.

A Gaza Lane man found out another man was entering the gate using his name and visiting his daughter. His daughter was sent back to live with her mother but not before Crisis Intervention was contacted.

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