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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

KVRE's highlights from the Hot Springs Village police blotter

January 10

A Landlord of a Fresca Lane residence had questions concerning what to do with a former tenant’s belongings after an eviction. An officer advised the woman to try to contact the former tenant and if she was unable to do so to donate goods to charity and return mail to the post office.

January 11

A Village visitor was having trouble finding the check in for a Los Lagos rental. An officer assisted her in finding the Los Lagos Clubhouse then helped the woman find her cell phone.

The above mentioned landlord and her husband discovered approximately five grams of suspected marijuana while cleaning the Fresca Lane rental. Not being able to charge anyone with the possession of the suspected marijuana, a firefighter witnessed the officers destroy the contents of the bag.

A Heraldia Lane man asked for assistance removing a chipmunk from his master bedroom bath. When the officer opened the bathroom door the chipmunk ran out and across the bedroom out the door onto the back deck patio. Adventure over.

January 12

There was a roll over accident on South Barcelona Road. The car sustained approximately $15,000 in damages. The driver suffered a small cut under his chin.

A Malaga Way mother and daughter had a little altercation and needed time away from each other to cool down.

A Sierra Drive woman reported the theft of her sterling silver utensils. They went missing sometime in the last six months. Later that day she found the silver at home.

There was a downed pine tree blocking the roadway on Arnedo Lane. Public works was contacted to remove the tree.

January 13

A Rubi Circle man said his golf clubs and golf bag were stolen. The Coronado Golf Pro Shop called the man telling him his clubs were at the pro shop.

Two cars sustained minor damage when one backed into the other at the Cloaca Lane recycling center.

A Sierra Drive man said trees were cut down from his lot on Mesero Way without his permission. Officers left a card at a Mesero Way address because they had questions for the resident.

A Sanchez Place couple refused to pay a taxi that brought a man home from Hot Springs. The wife refused to open the home door and pay the taxi driver or let the rider into the house

There was a domestic dispute originating on Collado Way.

January 14

A worker in the Village was stopped in the area of DeSoto Boulevard and Emperado Way. He was issued citations for speeding, fictitious tags, and expired tags.

A paper carrier reported a tree branch blocking the roadway on Toledo Drive. It was cleared.

A La Vista Lane woman reported a theft of approximately $15,000 worth of jewelry.

A $300 I Pod was reported missing from an Almazon Way man.

January 15

A gun was found at a vacant vacation rental on Cabo Tinoso Place. The gun now resides in the armory at the HSV police station.

A woman’s car sustained approximately $7,000 in damages when she swerved to miss a deer.

January 16

A health care worker had to fire a long time employee. The employee’s boyfriend threatened to kill the health care worker. The fired employee and the boyfriend will not be allowed back in the Village.

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