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Sunday, January 12, 2014

KVRE's Hot Springs Village Police highlights

January 2

A Caceras Lane man has been acting oddly and his neighbors are afraid of him.

January 3

The POA has a problem with a broken down car parked in a no parking zone off County Club Drive since October.

A Burlandero Lane woman said someone took here 2014 HSV vehicle sticker off of her car. An officer advised her there would be damage to the two stickers underneath had she put it on her windshield. The officer suggested she go back through her paperwork to look for the sticker and if it was not there she should go to the POA administration building and buy a new sticker.

Two different households on Promesa Place had their mailboxes damaged and one of them also had fence damage made by a passing car belonging to another neighbor. The neighbor said he would pay for the damages, in all about $500.

A Sonora Lane woman got lost after attempting to visit a friend on Lonjeta Lane. An officer gave her a ride home.

January 4

A man’s car broke down on South Pego Way. A wrecker was called to get it out of the roadway.

There was a domestic disturbance on Letrista Drive.

The male party in the above domestic disturbance was found parked on Pamplona and Alentejo in the middle of the road. He was arrested for DWI and was turned over to the Saline County Detention Center.

Officers were called to a large brush fire on Sierra Drive. The fire was extinguished. The homeowner was told not to burn tree limbs.

Officers on patrol spotted illegal dumping on Gibraltar Way and Lomerio Way.

January 5

An Alina Lane woman said her stock certificate had been stolen.

A Village resident reported storage door damage.

January 6

A Tarifa Lane woman needed help getting her garage door open during the power outage.

A brown leather portfolio style case was found on Balearic Road. The owner was contacted through information on a pay stub.

A Sanchez Way woman said someone drove up and removed the contents of her mailbox.

A Hot Spring County woman requested the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office retrieve her kidnapped daughter from Isabella Way. The young woman was just visiting her boyfriend in the Village. There was no kidnapping.

Officers on patrol located two Entergy trucks blocking the east bound lane of DeSoto Boulevard and Alicante Road during the power outage. Officers helped with directing traffic around the trucks.

Officers were dispatched to the Balboa Gate in reference to a car that had left the scene of an accident. Officers caught up with the driver at a traffic stop on Pyrenees Way. The driver was arrested for DWI 3rd, for leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage and reckless driving. The driver was sent to the Garland County Detention Center. The car was towed away.

January 7

There was a domestic disturbance on DeSoto Boulevard near Sonora Way. The couple returned to Perralena Way.

A Hot Springs woman is seeking a restraining order against a Village visitor.

The owner of dogs on the loose at the Ponce center was located and the dogs were picked up and headed back home.

A Pontevedra Drive mother and son had a misunderstanding.

A Mazarron Drive man was issued a citation for illegal dumping with a Garland County court date.

An Isabella Way man was arrested for theft of property, arson and fraudulent use on warrants out of Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office in Texas.

January 8

There was a vehicle in the ditch on Maderas Drive.

A Malcontera Place man said he had a physical altercation with his roommate.

A Monroe, Louisiana woman filed a missing person report on her daughter living somewhere in the Village. Her daughter later assured Village police she was not missing and she just didn’t want her mother controlling her affairs and therefore had not made contact with her since Christmas Eve. Furthermore, she lived in Hot Springs, not the Village.

Two gentlemen were cutting down trees at the request of a Galeon Way woman. The trees may or may not have been on her property and the two did not have a work pass allowing them in the Village. They were asked to leave and not return without a work pass.

Icy roads may have caused a traffic accident in the area of East Villena Drive and Villena Circle. One car sustained approximately $6,000 in damages, the other sustained approximately $8,000 in damages.

Officers assisted a Caceres Circle woman with opening her garage door in the power outage.

There was a domestic disturbance on Hartura Way.

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