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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's news

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and 38 other attorneys general urged the Federal Communications Commission to review whether phone companies may legally use call-blocking technologies that would enable consumers to block unwanted, annoying telemarketing calls.

Some phone companies have said that the FCC's legal framework prohibits the carriers from determining which calls should be blocked. McDaniel and his counterparts formally asked the FCC for an opinion as to whether carriers can block telemarketing calls at a customer's request.

Telephone companies have resisted implementing the technologies to block calls because of their legal concerns.

A brown bat picked up a week ago from the 200 block of Market Street in Hot Springs was sent to the state health laboratory and has tested positive for rabies.

Pet owners are reminded to vaccinate all dogs and cats at least four months old against rabies. To report any unusual daytime activity by nocturnal creatures such as skunks or bats, contact Animal Services in Hot Springs at 262-2091 and Animal Control in Hot Springs Village at 922-6547.

My biopsy results came back as inconclusive, so I will have to have surgery before the end of this month. I will find out then if I will need to undergo cancer treatment.

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