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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KVRE's Village Police highlights

March 27

An officer assisted a man with finding an address on Sorpresa Way.

A Palisandro Drive man said his house was egged for the second time in weeks.

An officer gave a woman a lift to the Shell station when her car ran out of gas.

An Ola Way woman reported an attempted grandparent scam. She talked to her grandson and he reassured her that he was safe at home and not in a Vegas jail in need of $4,000.

A male Villager reported an attempted grandparent scam.  This time the caller wanted $2,300 to get out of jail.

A Campeon Way man said there was someone posing as a bill collector over the phone asking for his personal information.

March 28

A Herencia Circle woman said a car pulled in front of hers and stopped on DeSoto Boulevard and Nocazori. The male driver got out of his car and yelled at her The woman said she was from out of town and unfamiliar with the streets and was traveling under the speed limit.

There was a barking dog complaint on Alina Way. The dog owner did not appear to be at home. An officer called and left a message regarding the complaint.

March 29

There was a single car accident on Carmona Road. A car left the roadway, traveled 110 feet along a ravine, jumped an embankment and hit a tree. The woman driver was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated, blood alcohol .181 at the accident scene.

A West Villena Drive woman reported seeing someone in her carport wearing a ski mask.

A San Sebastian Drive man thinks his ex-girlfriend may have taken his meteorite like rock of unknown value. Later he found the rock and called the police station to let them know it was a false alarm.

March 30

There was a sizable sink hole on Segovia and Badalona. Public Works was notified.

A Village woman said her ex-boyfriend continues to send harassing text messages.

A Villager found a Dell laptop on the side of DeSoto Boulevard.

March 31

A Madrid Place woman was getting unwanted phone calls from a drunk.

A Reddina Lane man was issued a citation for driving left of center with a Garland County court date. He was told not to retrieve his car until his blood sugar levels became normal and he could operate his car safely.

A Village driver stopped by the police station to report a missing license plate.

There was a one car accident at West Villena Drive and Murcia Way. The male driver said he looked down and when he looked back up he couldn’t negotiate a curve. His car was towed out of the ditch.

A South Badalona Drive woman discovered an additional $1,000 in charges on her credit card. The charges were made in North Carolina and were not hers.

There was a complaint regarding a woman digging up trees in an empty lot. She was told she had to obtain permission from the lot owner before digging up anymore dogwoods.

April 1

A Village couple said they received a call from Citibank regarding a new credit card account. The account was closed before the couple received cards. Charges were already made on the account. Fraud protocol is being followed.

A Badalona Circle said someone stole the stereo from his car.

Leno Lane neighbors are worried about one of their neighbor’s mental health.

April 2

A Village man stopped by the Village police station to report the theft of gasoline from his pontoon board. The fuel was valued at $50.

A woman Village driver had difficulty keeping her car on the roadway near the West Gate ponds.

April 2

There was a growling dog complaint on Badalona Circle.

A Village driver was able to drive her car home once is was towed out of a ditch on DeSoto Boulevard between Fuego and Fresno Road.

A Village resident said someone filed for Arkansas taxes with her social security number.

April 3

Village officers assisted by providing traffic control for Arkansas State Troopers working a head on collision at the Health Mart at Highway 7.

There was a one car accident at the intersection of Piocha and Altiplano. The car had struck a tree. The car owner said he had backed the car out of his driveway and got out to attach the golf cart trailer. The car continued on until it hit a tree.

A Leno Lane man complained of leaves being dumped on an empty lot across from his home. The owner of the leaves arranged to pick them up.

There was a head on accident at Highway 7 and DeSoto Boulevard. One of the drivers admitted he failed to yield and the accident was his fault.

April 4

There was a dog barking complaint on Cambre Circle.

A Perralena Way woman is afraid of a stalker. HSV police are making increased patrols around her home.

There was a fallen tree on Andorra Lane.

There was a fallen tree on South Pego Way.

A retired police officer on Leno Lane asked officers to take his firearm that was malfunctioning. He said he did not feel safe with it in its current condition.

A Meals on Wheels driver said she was bit by a Carballo Lane dog. The driver offered to pay for any upcoming vet bills that would arise from her complaint.

A Village woman brought a lottery fraud letter to the police department.

An abandoned television was found in the woods near Romero Lane. Officers thought it might be part of a nearby burglary.

A tree was down in the roadway on La Mancha Way.

A woman’s wallet was found at the Balboa Pavilion. The owner came by to pick up the wallet at the police station.

A Lindura Way man said the sun awning on his back deck had been lowed two feet but nothing was missing.

April 5

There was a dog barking complaint on Sonora Way.

A Largo Drive man advised officers of a credit card fraud.

A Nabo Lane man dialed 911 in error and hung up before telling the dispatcher. Officers arrived at his home to see if he was alright.

April 6

There was a one car accident at DeSoto Boulevard and Castellon Drive. The woman said she was dodging potholes when she ended up off the roadway. Her car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages.

There was a disturbance at the Balboa Gate regarding delinquent borrowed funds.

There was a one car accident on DeSoto Boulevard outside the East Gate. The driver lost control of his car in the rain. His car sustained approximately $10,000 in damages when it hit a tree.

A Santistiban Way man felt he was being harassed.

A Perralena Way woman said a visitor to her door wanted cigarettes. Officers did not find anyone in the area matching the description the woman gave them.

April 7

There was a dog barking complaint on Sanchez Place.

A thief broke in to the East Gate Shell and stole several items.

A deer was euthanized after a car/deer accident on Santa Maria and Galiosa Lane.

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