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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

KVRE's HSV Police highlights

April 15

There was a dog barking complaint on Sanchez Place.

A Gancho Way woman requested a police escort home to help her feel safe.

There was a dog barking complaint on Madrid Way.

A boater was cited for not having his decal on his boat trailer for the current year.

April 16

An Arkansas ID card was found at the east gate.

An electrical tester was turned in at the east gate.

There was a minor fender bender, well a scratch, in the Good Sam’s parking lot. A car backed out and hit another car that was illegally parked.

A Good Sam’s residence reported a telephone scam with someone offering to fix her computer.

Some copper pipe was stolen and a house was broken into for the second time on Empinado Way.

Officers arrested a woman on Vaqueria Lane for an outstanding warrant from Texas for an alleged probation violation and a new warrant from Hot Springs for domestic battery for allegedly beating her grandfather.

The mother of the woman arrested above reported someone entered her home and damaged several items in the home. There were also several items in the house that did not belong there. Possibly part of her missing father’s coin collection.

April 17

An officer delivered police department paperwork to a Caceres Way man.

An officer stood by while a check was written to a man that is no longer allowed in the Coronado Center.

Officers followed up on a failure to vacate on Manresa Lane.

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

A puppy escaped through a cat door on Alina Lane, was rescued on Arias Way and was returned to the owner at the Animal Shelter.

April 18

There was a barking dog complaint on Dosceintos Lane.

A Villager found a pair of Craftsman vice grips in the intersection of Balearic and Balboa Roads. It now resides in lost and found.

A Village woman made a complaint regarding her friend’s wife making repeated harassing calls to her. The caller was in Texas. Officers called the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for assistance in this matter.

April 19

A car broke down on DeSoto Boulevard at Cortez Road.

An Esplendor Lane man said he was driving on DeSoto Boulevard near Minorca Road when a deer struck his car.

A paramedic dropped his wallet at a San Pablo Way residence. An officer returned the wallet to the rightful owner.

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

April 20

An officer on patrol found an ID badge at the west gate. The badge is now in the lost and found.

There was a two car accident at N. Barcelona Road and Durango Way. One car tried to pass another car that was turning. The passer was issued a citation for following too close. The turning car sustained approximately $2,000 in damages. The other car sustained approximately $3,000 in damages.

Animal control is investigating a further complaint regarding the escaped puppy on Alina Lane.

There was a barking dog complaint on Emanuel Circle.

A Village man said his truck was driven away from his mother’s house on Lado Place by a man he had picked up earlier on Little Blakeley Creek Road. It was unauthorized use of his truck.

A Promesa Way couple was advised to call a pest control company after hearing noises coming from their home vents.

A red igloo cooler filed with beer and alcohol was found off La Ramble Lane. It looked abandoned.

April 21

An Arias Way home in foreclosure was vandalized.

A Coronado Trace woman has requested her neighbor quit talking to her. She said he was harassing her.

A man trying to enter the Village with a dead person’s card was denied access and the card was taken to Chief Adams.

A housekeeper allegedly stole money from a Ponce de Leon Circle home.

April 22

There was a possible prowler in the area of the Coronado Fitness Center.

A real estate sign was blocking the road sign from some angles at a Galeaon Way/Lane home.

A Sosegado Way man and his son were warned that open burning was a violation of Village policy.

It looked like there had been a squatter in a foreclosed home on La Palabra Way.

A Village man was issued a warning citation for not having a current decal on his boat.

An officer removed a snake from an Oviedo Way woman’s window shutter.

April 23

A Teleno Lane woman was worried in advance of an estate sale on her street. She did not want anyone in her yard or driveway.

A lawn maintenance worker drove his truck into the closed garage door of a Jardinero Drive home.

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place. The couple with the three barking dogs will be cited.

There was a two car accident at the east gate. One car backed into another. There was approximately $1,000 damages to each car.

There was a two car accident at DeSoto Boulevard and Sonora Way. One driver was cited with following too close and it was discovered the woman was driving on a suspended driver’s license. Her license was confiscated.

A Manzanares Drive woman was found wandering around the Isabella golf course. She was escorted home and an officer waited with her until her husband returned home.

April 24

There was a loud music complaint on Arjona Way.

A Golada Lane woman said there was a partially dead, blind and rabid infested opossum on her back deck. An officer knocked the opossum off the deck. It landed about five feet off the deck, jumped up and ran off into the woods about 100 feet away.

There was a two car accident with injuries at North Barcelona Road and DeSoto Boulevard. Both cars were totaled. One driver was cited with failing to stop at a stop sign.

April 25

There was a noise complaint on Frontera Circle.

***** this is the complaint Gary already sent me on the new scam

April 26

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

There was a noise complaint on Sierra Lane.

A man tried to drive his truck down the trail at La Granja Circle.

There was a noise complaint on Papacio Circle.

There was a loud music complaint on Frontera Circle.

There was a theft of several items at the Diamante golf maintenance area.

There was a dog bite on Tomino Way. The victim did not want the dog put down just wanted it out of the area.

There was a noise disturbance on Sierra Lane.

April 27

There was a tree down partially blocking Gancho Circle.

April 28

There was a barking dog complaint on Sanchez Place.

There was a theft from an unlocked car on La Vista Lane. The total estimated value of the missing items was $3,630.00.

Two female Good Sam’s residents got into a fight. One slapped the other. The involved women were a 94 year old and an 89 year old.

An Arias Way woman reported a possible stalker harassing her daughter at DeSoto Park. Be on the look out for a young man looking like Harry Potter.

April 29

There was a bear sighting on Maderas Drive. A woman had been sitting out on her deck when she saw a large black bear. She was told not to let her pets and children out unsupervised and not to leave any food out that might attract the bear. Sightings this time of year are normal.

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