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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Loved the show at the Five Star last night in Hot Springs

Annie and I had an opportunity to attend the George Dyer concert at the Five Star Dinner Theater last night and it was fun.  Both of us have extensive musical backgrounds and we enjoy hearing musicians new to us and kicking around what we thought of the performance.

We were both glowing with satisfaction as we left the Five Star last night. George Dyer, his wife Clarisse and his daughter Kassidy gave a high-energy, non-stop performance that we both thoroughly enjoyed. Dyer came to us from Branson. He regularly performs at the Dutton Theater there. A polished professional with a family first flair.

In Branson you get the five piece band experience. At Five Star it was canned music but after the first few strains of music and the forceful personality of Dyer you completely forget about the computer driven accompaniment. All of his accompaniment is perfect for Dyer, musical keys that enhance his full tenor voice verging on baritone. The repertoire matches his vocal range and keeps the show moving.

His show ran the gamut of big band tunes, Broadway, opera and patriotic. He got a breather when his wife and daughter took the stage.  One of my favorite female-Dyer pieces was the female duet from Lakme, The Flower duet. Clarisse’s soprano and Kassidy’s alto tones filled the air with pure beauty.

Dyer doesn’t shy from getting out in the audience and interacting with the crowd. Annie was mortified, but I thought it was a nice touch. He tends to sparkle when he sings and that’s not a bad thing. Dyer is just as at home with a contemporary love ballad as with a centuries old aria. His duets with his wife were a nice break from his solo deliveries. His breath control was stronger than hers but that didn’t present a problem.

Of course, I loved the opera part of the evening best of all. For you non-opera musical types, this was just one of several components of the show, a nice exposure to popular tenor arias without putting the neophyte to sleep. To me, it wasn’t until La donne e mobile that Dyer’s true voice began to soar and you could appreciate his top notes.

Dyer’s patriotic section of the show used modulation to kick up the excitement level in the theater.  He also did not hesitate to have the audience sing along and become invested in the show.

There were lots of women in the audience, a few men. After all, Dyer is a handsome man that doesn’t hesitate to show off his flirting skills. Everyone jumped to their feet in appreciation of Dyer’s opera section and his finale. Even the men had a good time. Overall it was a very good show.

If you take in the Dyer show in Branson, you may catch more of the Dyer family. His sons Mitchell and Garrett and his other daughter Kendra perform with the show when life allows.

Dyer will be back at the Five Star Dinner Theater in Hot Springs tonight. If you would like tickets, call 318-1600. I give the show my all out recommendation. There is something for everyone, good show.

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