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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It's been a long time and I am hoping to be a more faithful blogger. So much has happened since my last entry.

The vote for increasing assessments on homeowners in the Village will go forward on November 21. Ballots will go out in October. The POA is pushing education meetings between now and then to get Villagers on board with the increase.

Troon will become a part of our golfing lives here in the Village. The best hope is that Troon will bring golfers from around the world into the Village, they will golf, fall in love and invest. A big part of the three prong approach to setting the Village on a firm positive financial future.

East and west gate projects are near completion.

Andy Curry's last day as Jessieville School Superintendent is over this weekend. Interim Superintendent Ron Looper has already started. The school district is in very good shape unlike many of Looper's past assignments. Jessieville school board elections are coming up on September 16, early voting starts September 9.

The Hot Springs Village Area Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director Cindy Wagstaff have parted company. No interim has been named.

The trial of alleged murderer Kevin Duck has been re-set to November 4th through the 7th. Duck is accused of the murder of Hot Springs Village Police Dispatcher Dawna Natzke.

There was another murder in the Village. This one, William Scott Murry. His accused murderer, Brent Hile, has been charged with murder in the first degree but there is a gag order on his case and no trial date has been set.

Infrastructure in the Village has been showing its age. There have been several water outages due to water main breaks. Some outages have dragged on for nearly a week.

Former POA general manager Scott Randall got his due. He was fired from his job as town manager for Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation for a DUI and alleged domestic violence.

We survived last winter when polar vortex became a familiar catch phrase. Unfortunately, the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting similar weather patterns for the upcoming winter.

We also survived political primaries. Elections will be upon us again with the final votes this November.

A new musical group was born in the Village. I will be singing with Scherzo this Saturday at Village United Methodist Church at 7 p.m. There are 14 members of this singing group. We will be doing a variety of music including Broadway highlights. I might even be singing a solo. Hope to see you there.

On a personal note, I am still with KVRE, 92.9 FM. I stay busy covering the news. I hope to find the time to adapt my radio news to the blog. I was hoping we would have our KVRE website up by now but Polly's stroke this summer has put that on hold.  I have had some health issues as most of us have when aging.  I have a tumor about the size of a 3D quarter in my parotid gland. These tumors are usually benign, so I am not too worried. When cat-scanning the tumor the radiologist found a funky lymph node in my lower neck, that is of a little more concern. Biopsies are set for next week.

Thanks for continuing to check for updates on the blog. I promise to try to give you more substantive news in the future. Thanks again.


  1. Diane, Thanks for the update!! We've missed you. Best of luck with your medical issues.

  2. Same here. hope your medical problems resolve themselves easily and quickly and WELCOME BACK!!!