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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Townhouse Association marking progress

Townhouse association general manager, Glenn Zarpaylic said "this year has started off very well," in his progress report to the townhouse association board at the working board meeting on Monday.
He added, "I am pleased with the crews." He said the crews are halfway through with the second application of weed control and will be completed by mid-month.
He reported the representatives of Reserve Advisors toured the THA courts on May 21 and will turn in their report by June 21. Heritage Engineering is currently drawing up plans to address the Guadalajara bridge. The plans should be in the THA office by June 8.
Crews are also pressure washing trash bins throughout the courts.
The newsletter made Valencia and Coronado Courts members aware of the sprinkler issues facing each court. It has been proposed that Valencia Court stop all watering efforts due to the continuing cost of repairing the antiquated system and the ineffectualness of watering dirt. Coronado Court is facing a broken system in half of its court, like Valencia, the system is only watering dirt.
There are two proposals facing Coronado Court, one to just stop the watering fiasco in half the court, the other is to divide the court into two courts, watering and non-watering.
The THA office received two letters from Valencia Court members regarding the watering, one said fix it, the other said stop wasting the money.
No one from Coronado has expressed an opinion other than the two court reps living in the side that is watered. They say split the courts and stop the watering on the other side.
There is no break down of the costs yet to get the DeSoto pool up and running this season. The pool was slated to open over the holiday weekend. Zarpaylic expects Tom Freeman’s bill regarding the pool repairs soon.
The website is up and running. It looks sharp. Webmaster Donna Bigg is still inputting information on the individual courts but forms and THA news are available at the site. To visit the website, go to Nearly 100 people visited the site on its first day of operation.
The next meeting of the THA board is scheduled for June 29 at 8:30 a.m. at the THA building on Perralena Lane.

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