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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Taffeta's smooth as silk at the Five Star Dinner Theatre in Hot Springs

If you enjoyed girl singing groups in the 50's or currently enjoy listening to the music of that era, The Taffeta's are making their last two appearances at the Five Star Theatre in Hot Springs and you don't want to miss them.There is a show on Saturday at 7 p.m. and a matinee Sunday at 3.

This fun romp into the past is skillfully directed by the Village's Elaine Bankston. The concept of a one set musical adventure featuring a baby grand piano and five artful women singers with their male accompanist was created by Rick Lewis. The show features non-stop music.  I was amazed at how many hits from the 50's are included in whole or in part.

The cast is delightful. Doug Lackey is the accompanist and boy singer lending support to many of the songs is superb.  He was tireless and made me want to get up there and join in the fun.

The female cast included Janice Maddox, Ersella Hughes, Miranda Hood Brewer, Marcie Danae Acker, Sherry Rowlett.

Miranda Hood Brewer plays Taffeta sister Kaye, the one with the light brown hair.  She has an unusual contralto voice with lots of power.  It is a shock the first time this big voice booms out of this slender figure.  Miranda kept the show moving at a good pace as the most used moderator.

Marcie Danae Acker is the tall sister with lots of rock and roll attitude, Peggy. She's the sister with auburn hair. Marcie did a good job with her solos and added a little pizzazz with each of her featured numbers.

Sherry Rowlett plays the mom and is a delight.  Her voice is lush and warm and she doesn't hesitate to take the stage and show her four daughters how a song is sold.

Ersella Hughes is the youngest sister in the cast, the blonde, Cheryl. She plays the boy-crazy sister to perfection.  Her songs are giggly and over-dramatic. Ersella has loads of stage presence.

Janice Maddox plays the kookie sister with the brown hair and glasses, Donna. She has the best voice of the four sisters and I would have enjoyed hearing even more from her.

The costumes are just perfect, the music is stylized and the cast is a delight. This is a do-see show with a few opportunities this weekend.  Call 318-1600 for reservations at the Five Star Theatre.

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