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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adam Trent Illusionist, best show I can remember

Would you like to have a good time?  No, I'm not going to talk about calling some 1-800 number, I'm going to tell you to get to the Woodlands Auditorium in Hot Springs Village over the next three nights to see Adam Trent Illusionist as one of the Hot Springs Village Concerts' Association series shows.  I haven't laughed so much in years.

Trent sings, dances, tells clever jokes and performs magic, creating a magical evening of side splitting laughs for everyone.  From moment one the audience is totally involved in Trent's world. If you sit toward the front of the audience you may find yourself invited on stage to become a part of the show.

Last night audience members made paper roses dance, performed hilarious card tricks, mastered floating objects and helped find a lost $100 bill. At one point Trent opened his trick of the month box and had the audience experience learning a bit of magic along with him.

The evening was filled with grins and giggles while Trent clone danced.  Be prepared to stay up for a while when you get home trying to figure out how one person can have such dexterity for slight of hand.  I loved every illusion and I am certain you will, too.

Trent has traveled the world perfecting his presentation and he is very smooth and extremely funny.  His patter is quick so make sure your hearing aids have fresh batteries, you won't want to miss a word.

Men in the audience will of course appreciate Trent's lovely assistant.  She doesn't have much stage time but is quite lovely and perfectly distracting at appropriate times.

I enjoyed the home movies showing Trent as a lifelong magic enthusiast. As a child Trent performed his magic in elder facilities and for boy scout troops. He started performing magic when he was nine. Now, in his 30's Trent has years ahead of him to share his wit, dexterity and love of illusion.

Adam Trent Illusionist will be on the Woodland stage nightly through Friday. If you are not a member of the Hot Springs Village Concerts' Association check out the website to buy tickets or call 922-4231.

Following Adam Trent Illusionist there is only one show left in the season, 100 Years of Broadway runs March 3 - 6.

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